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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by mnh1983 Well, we found out this week that he won't be deploying...but that is a whole long story I will tell you later, Jeni. We're both upset though because the extra money from the deployment was going to go to the wedding fund! Ugh! Oh crap! I mean YAY he will be with you but boo on the no extra income :/ I'm so excited his med board should be coming back next month, and keeping fingers crossed that he will get back on flying status! Then he can go on TDY more so we can get the extra income haha
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Scubadiva Im officially married and I am ready to hop on the baby wagon! I do have a 3yr old already and want to make her a brother or a sister. I have been late so I went and POAS and it was negative I have an IUD but I thought maybe something happened and it didnt hold up. We leave for our honeymoon early monday morning but when I get back I am making a docs appt. I will have my IUD removed and let nature take its course! The wedding stress is most likely what made you late. Hope it was a wonderful wedding enjoy your honeymoon and happy TTC wh
  3. Marisa, we worried about that alot too cuz his deployment was coming up, But hes squadron deployed 6 weeks after the wedding... and lucky for me sucky for him he is on a Med board so he did not deploy We did not do mess dress or blues cuz we thought it would look silly on the beach... though I have seen them that did not look silly but it was not for us at all
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by jmb0902 I know! I can't wait to start seeing some bumps! I just have what looks like a college girl beer gut at the end of the day We're leaving Monday for our "honeymoon" because our wedding afterward was spent with our families - of course we're going to Italy the country of WINE! Haha, but hey, the food is just as good so I'll be having plenty of that! So I'll be MIA for a few weeks - good luck to those of you TTC and I'll see the rest of you mommies when I get back OH so jealous! So looks like we are NTTP now... basicly only because I ran
  5. I love the pregnancy belly stickers! I'm bookmarking that site
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by jmb0902 Andrea - are you getting little onesies with each month on them for growth pics? Where do you find them? That is such a good idea! I've seen people use block and signs and things but I love the clothing idea! I found this site for you Personalized and Memorable Monthly Baby Onesies
  7. Last year me and My hubby went to New Orleans and for St Pattys day we went on a Vampire tour and to a haunted bar! The size of the drinks I was SOOO drunk halfway threw the tour! Hahaha We had a great time!
  8. Thanks, I cant wait until I have the hard copy!
  9. Margie wow! I cant believe the pain I'm glad you had a C-section then! Your baby is adorable! I love the picture of you and him together
  10. Congrats Mrs. Martin!!! Thats awesome news Babies so close!
  11. Just dont tell him that twins have nothing to do with him its all you girl hahaha And I'm so jealous I want twins so bad I can taste it... but I guess I have to start trying before I can have anything haha Double Congrats!!! You can do it, as soon as you get the hang of it things will be just fine, but it will be something to get use too
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by butterfly4kathy2 Hi ladies! I am a military bride as well. My FI has been in for 7 years are we are preparing for a 13 month deployment in August. I am not looking forward to it. This will be his first one. Luckily the wedding is distracting me.. but I know it is going to hit me harder when that is over. Ekkk Anyway, I just wanted to say hi to everyone and I look forward to talking more with you Hey there welcome Ick 13 months! I'm sorry... Yeah The wedding plans will distract you, are you guys planning a trip before he deploys... I've al
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by skadow How awsome. Did you get it framed? It would make cute gifts for the parents. Its not out on the stands just yet, But that is a great idea! Thanks! Thanks nbills511 I had an amazing photographer!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by Sloan LOL. We thought about doing it just for the u/s too! Just to have a quick peek at the little one! 18 weeks is going to feel like forever for that first u/s! 18 weeks! wow pregnancy is such a waiting game!! Wait to take a test, wait for your first doc visit, wait for the first u/s, wait for next u/s, wait for baby ahh its crazy! I'm not TTC or prego but some of this stuff is just scary for me to want to try But I just love love babies ! haha Good luck girls! And congrats all the new mommy's!! (jealous)
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