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  1. Ashley- If you have a guest attending the wedding who is a photographer, I think that it's ok. When I got married, I could have brought in a photographer only if the photographer was a guest staying at one of the palace resorts. I'm not sure if I sent you all 300 photos, but most of them were taken in the room! Very tacky, in my opinion! Things may have changed. It's great that you have a photographer as a guest. It's a guarantee that you will get some great photos! Prior to the wedding, I sent my onsite cordinator a list of photos that I wanted to have taken and all of them were disregar
  2. http://beachpalaceweddingphotos.shutterfly.com/# Â Here is the link to the website that I created with some photos of Beach Palace. Look for the photo book on the page and click on it to see the photos. Â
  3. I was married at Beach Palace April 23, 2009. I know that things have changed since then, but would be willing to send you a link to my wedding photos. If interested, send me an email to lauralking2@yahoo.com. I can send you an invite from shutterfly to view the "Palace resort photographer photos" and some other photos that our guests took. Â We stayed at Cancun Palace and was married at Beach Palace. Looking on back on things, we wished we would have stayed at Beach palace. It had a cool vibe and had a much younger crowd! When we were there, there was NO beach at all, so a beach we
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by shae Hi there! I'm new to this site and have been going nuts trying to find the pics you posted of your Beach Palace wedding. Where do I find them!?!? Thanks so much for your help Hi Shae If you do a search in the top right corner for Beach Palace Resort, you should find the thread for the forum with the photos. Have fun planning your wedding! Beach Palace was an awesome place to get married at! The roof top was perfect and there are not a lot of weddings like moon palace. If you can be patient with the wedding cords at palace resort, everything d
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by aileenk17 HI Laura, We just booked our wedding at the Beach Palace for April 2010. I was wondering how the dj thing worked....you don't reccomend doing it? Also, did you bring additional decorations? It seems strange the package only includes 2 flower arrangements- it can get expensive to decorate the tables, correct? I would not spend the money on the DJ!!! They only play music and don't talk in between songs. If I were you, I would bring an MP3 player and get that package. A person will still come and work the sound system. You can make your own play
  6. Hello- I got married at Beach Palace in April! Everything about the hotel was awesome. I have not been on this site in months but if you do a search for Beach Palace, you will see my review and photos. I think that Beebumble started the thread. If your guests are looking to save money at any of the Palace resorts, you should look into booking their trips through a Palace resort member. We did and saved almost $1000 per couple for the 7 days. Have lots of fun planning your wedding.
  7. I don't know about the weddings at El Dorado Maroma, but we stayed there for our honeymoon! We stayed in a swim up sutie, but really not use our swim up pool. There was also not much of a breeze on that side of the resort! I have to say that the food and food presentation was top notch!! You don't have to wear a plastic bracelt, and all of the food was served from a menu. No buffets! We loved this resort and are planning on going back to mexico to stay at another one of the El Dorado's. Let me know if you have any additional questions about this resort.
  8. I posted some photos on the Beach Palace thread.(If you want to see them)
  9. Hello Ladies- I finally posted my wedding review. If you want to read it, check out the "wedding review" section of this forum. Here are a few photos:
  10. Here's an update. I talked to my city courthouse and their is no need to file the document. If we want, we can file our marriage license as a misc document to have it on file. We paid to have the document translated, but there is no need for it! I went to the social security office and they wanted/needed the orginal spanish version of the marriage certificate. I also went to get my new license and they wanted the spanish version too. I think that we paid $45 for the resort to translate the document. I would say that it's up to you, but I have not needed it to date!
  11. We arrived in Mexico on Monday around noon. We had an appointment with our wedding planner at 3:00pm. During the appointment, we had our blood taken, selected a photo package, selected flowers/cake and completed the necessary forms that pertain to the marriage. At this meeting, you will need to provide your passports and tourist cards for the bride and groom and two witnesses. We were not made aware of this ahead of time, so we had to meet with the wedding planner the following day. Our package included the bride’s bouquet, grooms flower and two centerpiece arrangements. The flower se
  12. I LOVE Project Runway! I could not get into this show!! Tim Gunn is awesome and makes the show worth watching! Not sure if I'm going to watch this series.
  13. I bought my sand ceremony vases at home goods. The vase is actually a decanter with a glass top. I got a cork from hobby lobby and used the cork while we travelled. The sand did shift slightly while on the plane. It still looks great.
  14. We got married on April 23rd and I have been thinking about the future cancun brides. The "swine flu" talk did not start till after our wedding! We stayed in Cancun and the hotel occupancy was like 50% without the word of the "swine flu". We went downtown and it was a ghost town. I can only imagine what it's like now. I'm in the medical industry and I think that this has been spun out of control! No one in my group got gotten sick to date! Before we left Mexico, they closed all the tourist attractions. Not sure if they have been reopened. Make the best of your wedding day! I know
  15. Thank you for the information! I am going to start working on changing my name...
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