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  1. hi tori - i bought the sheer curtains at ikea which were about 90" h. i didn't sew anything...i just brought them as is. i bought these before the gazebo was remodeled so unfortunately they were shorter than i planned (but i think it looked fine). the gazebo is bigger than it looks! the tall posts are 5m (about 16.5').
  2. thanks for all the feedback ladies! here's a pic of the actual centerpiece at the wedding. will post the professional pic as soon as i get it. Quote: Originally Posted by honeyb73 I love your monogram... did you make yourself? hi! yes, i made my monogram my self Quote: Originally Posted by dcairns Did you buy everything at Micheals, i love the box. i bought the flowers and cardstock at michaels and wood box was from ikea. i already had most of the other stuff!
  3. hi! i got back from cancun last week and had the time of my life at dreams! and so did all of my guests! i was pretty nervous about the weather since the forecast showed thunderstorms and rain the whole week. shows how much weather.com knows because all i saw were blue skies and crystal clear waters (except for the 1 time that it drizzled for 5 min). cecilia was my coordinator and is super sweet and really professional. i was so impressed with how organized she is and she felt the same way about me. i made things really easy for her and organized all my decorations in big zip locks with simple directions and photo mockups of how i wanted everything. i hired dj mannia. i sent them my final list of songs and event schedule via email so i was surprised to hear that they didn't have it when i arrived at the reception. aside from that they did an excellent job. my advice is to bring a cd of your first dance, bouquet toss and cake cutting songs for back up. i'll hopefully post my detailed review soon. here are a few teaser pics: loved my makeup and hair which was done at the spa. i think my stylist's name was juana. they have a huge binder of samples but i came prepared and brought my own pic of how i wanted my hair and makeup. i even brought extensions to make my hair fuller and juana was able to use them. i spent soooo much time making flower garlands to hang from the top edges of the gazebo but it was so pointless since we couldn't use them. it was too windy and they would end up getting tangled. i got so many weird/negative reactions when i told people my bridesmaids were wearing off-white to match my dress but i love how it looks! my reception was on himitsu beach (i think someone posted a question about this earlier). my head table consisted of just me and my husband. our table is on the right and in front of the dance floor (our backs toward the beach). we were facing himitsu restaurant and people were watching our wedding but it didn't really matter to us. my diy centerpieces — i printed table #'s on vellum paper and just folded them into rectangles. i placed battery operated candles in them. just holler if you have any questions!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by SaraBenson I am a Mayan Riviera November 2010 bride. A few people have been making comments latley. Hope you bought cancellation insurance....Or I heard on the news that the oil has reached the Mayan already. Is anyone eles TRIPPING OUT about this ugh...i've had so many people say stuff like that to me but whatevs! if it's not one thing it's another: have you heard about the crime rates in cancun?, have you heard hurricane alex is going to hit there? have you heard..... what i noticed is that alot of these comments are from the people who can't make it to the wedding so maybe they're just a little bummed that they can't join in on the fun!
  5. hi! here are a few more pieces that i've done: CENTERPIECE i changed my centerpieces last minute! i designed these candleholders using vellum paper and folded into rectangles. just printed my logo on 2 sides and table # on the other 2 sides. i'm using electric votive and pillar candles for safety reasons since the holders are made of paper (wouldn't want my projects to burn at the reception from real flames!). plus i heard real candle flames are blown out by wind when you have a beach reception. hopefully it stops raining in cancun soon and i'll still get my beach wedding (i leave in 2 days!). the best thing about these is that it barely takes up any luggage space; i'm packing the candleholders unfolded so it all just fits in a folder and i'll unfold them when i get to mexico. another great thing about this is the price. i already had vellum paper and just printed these at work! wood box was about $5, pack of 12 electric votive candles $8, electric pillar candle $7, red flowers $15 (bought about 3 bunches at michaels and was able to use it for all 5 centerpieces). WELCOME CARD/FAVOR oot bags were not in my budget and i didn't want to add another suitcase just for these. so i created this card that includes a welcome note, matrix of all my guests arrival/departure dates and times, and reminder of wedding day festivities. sinamay bag is full of my fiances favorite gummy bears. ESCORT CARDS TABLE SETTING please ignore my dish rag that i used as a napkin for this photo! hopefully i'll have my photog take better shots of these. please pray for sunny skies in cancun next monday, july 12th, my wedding day! i refuse to have traveled to a different country to have my wedding in a ball room holler if you have questions
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Kimmysals I love all of your projects!! I just started putting together drink umbrellas myself for possible escort cards. Do you have any idea what size your circles are? I have a 3" hole puncher, but it seems a bit small. sorry for the late reply! i actually measured mine and it's just a little over 3" so your hole punch is perfect i have a few other ideas that i would love to post but i haven't had time and alot of the projects i've done have slightly changed. hope to post soon!
  7. so if someone booked through expedia/orbitz and is forced to check in at a hotel next door, does that mean they have to pay for staying at that hotel or does dreams comp them at all? because people who book through expedia/orbitz have already paid for their stay at dreams. that means they'd be paying for 2 hotels? does that make sense at all?!?!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by wilsoml2 I leave in 3 days! It looks like it might mess with our flights, but should be passed the area around Tuesday. It also looks like it's going more inland than the originally thought, so Cancun might not even be hit. Hopefully you'll be fine! On another note, it looks like Dreams has been having problems with overbooking again (according to posts on facebook). Hopefully this won't affect us, but some of our guests did book with Orbitz or Expedia. Figures all of this is happening again when I'm about to leave, as if I didn't have enough to worry about! You're absolutely right! Looks like the storm is headed inland Crossing my fingers for you that you arrive in Cancun without any hiccups. Argh! Dreams really needs to get a handle on their overbooking situation.
  9. hi ladies - i leave for cancun in 11 days and i'm getting worried because of the huge tropical storm that's in the gulf right now. i hope it passes soon
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by keng31 Everything looks so great, Shae! Have you completed more DIY's that you could share? yes! i do have more diy projects and will hopefully find time to post them soon
  11. hey ladies! i selected the mahi mahi for my dinner reception and just realized that the description says it's stuffed. anyone know what it's stuffed with is the salmon fillet (my 2nd choice) better? Mahi-Mahi Fillet Stuffed Fish wrapped with Potato and accompanied with Risotto, white wine scent and Juliana Vegetables. OR Salmon Fillet Served with corn tortilla and vegetables Risotto, duo of avocado-coriander and mango-orange sauces
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by m&d2011 Shae: great song selection...who's the guitarrist you chose? Thanks Hi! I didn't choose a specific guitarist. Just trusting that Dreams Cancun is providing me with a good one!
  13. i used my website as my invitation. it worked out perfectly and wow'd my guests!
  14. i'm getting a guitarist for the ceremony and here are my picks! - Prelude Song • Played prior to the beginning of the actual ceremony Breezin’ by George Benson YouTube - Breezin' - George Benson - acoustic guitar - Processional Song • Played as the wedding party walks down the aisle Love of My Life by Queen YouTube - "Love of my life" by Queen - Bride Entrance Song • Played as the bride walks down the aisle Samba Pa Ti by Santana Acoustic Guitar YouTube - Samba Pa Ti - Santana - acoustic guitar - Interlude Song • Sand ceremony (not sure if music is needed for this?) Girl from Ipanema YouTube - "Girl from Ipanema" - "Garota de Ipanema" on Guitar. - Recessional Song • Played as the couple and wedding party leaves the ceremony. Happy as the Sun by Tyrone Wells YouTube - Gelo - Happy as the sun YouTube - "Happy As The Sun" - Tyrone Wells Postlude Song • Played while guests leave, after the Recessional and while taking pictures at gazebo after actual ceremony Breezin’ by George Benson YouTube - Breezin' - George Benson - acoustic guitar
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