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    Wedding Coordinator Gifts?

    Hello everyone - I'm just curious if anyone purchased a gift for their resort wedding coordinator in Cuba or is planning on it? I'd like to get something for our coordinator at the Iberostar Varadero, but I'm not sure what would be appropriate. Any ideas? Thanks AngelaVaradero
  2. I love this thread - so helpful! I am on the verge of ordering, but I am completely torn about colors! Our wedding colours are watermelon pink and orange, and i love the Pure rich linen brown - a nice dark brown - which compliments the pink and orange well. But is this too dark? My FI will have the full suit, but the rest of the guys will just have the pants and white shirts. Has anyone else had a pink/orange wedding that they can share photos of with the linen suits? Or has anyone ordered the dark brown suits? I desperately need help visualizing it. Thanks! angelavaradero
  3. AngelaVaradero

    Photographer in melia las dunas Apriil 16 to April 30

    Hi Cassandra - I love her photos! I may be very interested in sharing, as I will be getting married at the Iberostar Varadero on April 25th (if that day is available) . I just PM'd you for more information. Â
  4. AngelaVaradero

    Including a non-bridesmaid but good friend

    Thanks everyone, this definitely helps - I suppose the key thing is to make her feel appreciated! Â
  5. AngelaVaradero

    Cuba Brides - When is your date!

    Oct 2010 HopelesslyBlissful - October 10 - Blau Costa Verde, Holguin Crystalballl - October 20 - Playa Pesquero, Holguin Stephanie & Travis - October 25 - Melia Varadero December 2010 Krishna69z - December 1 - Iberostar Laguna Azul AliciaM - December 2 - Iberostar Laguna Azul Richard and Mary (richardparent) - week of Nov 27th- Dec 3d- Melia las Dunas Lisa1981 - December 9 - Iberostar Laguna Azul Fireweed - December 20 - Blau Varadero Caroline & Eric (Cuba Destination Wedding) - Dec 1- Barcelo Cayo Santa Maria February 2011 Alexsbride- Feb.4 -Sirenis La Salina Weeks of Feb.1-14 Josee & Ghislain (jo2011) Feb. 11 @ 3h00 - Melia Las Dunas Lindslou - Feb 15 - Sirenis Playa Turquesa, Holguin March 2011 Bryan and Kelsey (islandbride_2011) - March 6-14th Iberostar Varadero  Albert and Suzanne (HazelsMelody) - March 25, 2011 - Iberostar Varadero Jannine and Eric (ChristmasInCuba) - March 31st 2011 - Iberostar Tainos April 2011 Cristina & Mark (cristina2011) - April 4 - Iberostar Laguna Azul Lyndsey & Jeremy (LRohr) - April 8 - Iberostar Laguna Azul Luna81 - April 14 - Iberostar Laguna Azul AngelaVaradero - April 25 - (changed resort!) Iberostar Varadero Cassandra & Brett - April 26 - Melia Las Dunas Santa Clara   May 2011 Ron and Mel - Iberostar Laguna Azul - week of April 30th to May 7th Janet and Larry JNL- Iberostar laguna Azul - week May 1 to May 8th  October 2011 Valentine_Baby - October 4 - Melia Las Dunas, Cayo Santa Clara
  6. AngelaVaradero

    Flowers in Cuba & Varadero

    Does anyone know what flowers are available on typical resorts in Varadero, and 'in season' in April (if they have seasonal ones there?) Do resorts typically have a good range of colors or types to choose from? Also, what are the costs of flowers there? We're trying to decide on decor and I'm debating just having flowers for centre pieces and deciding if i will have all of my bridesmaids carry a boquet (there are 7) - but I have no idea at all what costs are like - anyone know? Thanks!
  7. Hi Everyone! I have a good friend that I"m not including in our wedding party, but I'd like to include her in some way, aside from the typical readings as we won't be doing readings. Any suggestions??
  8. Hi everyone! What decorations should be brought down to Cuba for the wedding? We will be getting married at the Iberostar Varadero and I'm trying to decide what to get before hand, what may be available there, and what is not really worth bringing. For centerpieces, I'd love something simple that won't take up too much suitcase space! Related to this, how much are the flowers typically on site? I've read that lots of people get silk flowers, but is there a decent selection at the resort and are they affordable (say for bridesmaids and centerpieces?). The wedding will be in April so I'm not familiar with what type of flower options there are. Any insight from people who have already had their wedding there or what others are planning on doing would be greatly appreciated!
  9. I've been trying to think of some way to involve a close friend with our wedding since she is not a bridesmaid, and I can't think of anything! We aren't having readings, and I don't think she's overly comfortable speaking in front of people which rules out MC. Any ideas?
  10. AngelaVaradero

    Iberostar varadero brides...i need your help!!!

    Hi Everyone! I was torn about where to have our beach ceremony as we are expecting 60+ people, Belkis recommended the beach gazebo, seems like some chairs can fit in front of it, and the rest of the guests gather around. Anya - would you recommend against the gazebo for that many people?
  11. AngelaVaradero

    Is it ok NOT to do invitations?

    Thanks everyone for the responses! There's lot of helpful information here and things to consider. We just shared our quote with guests and already have 20 confirmed and its still a year away! I love reading the suggetions.
  12. I've been having a really hard time deciding between invitations/no invitations and getting mixed responses from destination brides, friends and family. Our wedding isn't for another year (April 25, 2011 - Iberostar Varadero!), and we are essentially opening up the wedding to all friends and family who want to come and everyone is welcome. A few weeks ago we provided everyone with Save the Dates so they have a full year to save and have all the information they need, and on the STD was our website with information being updated regularly. So the dilemma is that my family is ridiculously HUGE and his is big too. And we know that the large majority will definitely not be able to attend which we are ok with. We are also undecided what we will do for the party at home following the wedding and we are steering away from a traditional reception and more towards a casual, fun outdoor party. So my question is, is it ok if we skip the invitations given that we provided everyone with a save the date and asked that they let us know if they are planning on attending or not, and communicated group rates to everyone invited via phone or email? And instead we will provide guests with a formal guest package, and sort of 'confirmation invitation' once they confirm they are coming. I've been told the negative side of sending an invitation is that people feel more obligated to attend or guilty for not making the trip, or they get irritated/insulted when they receive one but have already clearly identified that they are not coming. Thoughts?
  13. AngelaVaradero

    Iberostar Varadero Brides - Need your help!!

    Hi Iberostar Varadero brides! I originally had Iberostar Laguna Azul booked for April 2011, but have recently changed it to Iberostar Varadero, largely because of Belkis' helpfulness and timeliness. I'm so excited! I recently got quotes from Toronto to Varadero which seem great, but I was wondering if anyone else could tell me what is reasonable and what they have been quoted? feel free to PM me if you like, or just respond to this thread. Thanks!
  14. AngelaVaradero

    ***Iberostar Laguna Azul Brides***

    Quote: Originally Posted by Mags I'm not really sure...my TA told me that she made a submission to, I think it's called «vendors» in English...I just know the name in French....and we are suppose to receive a contract. I just spoke with my TA and she just received a respond but only from Montreal and we have to wait for the next one (we are tow groups...one from Montreal and one from Moncton NB). I guess that I need to sign both contract to save my week and the price...but I'm not sure...I found that it's hard to understant...I don't know if it's just me!!! Can I ask you was is you quote? Mine is 1545 from Montreal on April 1st and 1324$ on April 28th. Oh ok, I see what you mean about contract. I am just waiting for a quote from my TA, she let me know that the quote will be higher than the actual price because the contracts haven't been signed for April 2011 yet, so she'll provide me with a rough estimate now and a more accurate quote in or around April this year. I'll let you know!
  15. AngelaVaradero

    ***Iberostar Laguna Azul Brides***

    Very exciting! It feels far away but will surely come fast. All we have booked is the wedding day and time (Apr. 25 @ 2pm), but that's it! I'm not sure either what steps are next, I had asked her but I didn't get any response about that. How did you get her to send the contract? Is this when you would decide on other details such as dinner and private space if needed?