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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by nicdeb928 Love your pictures! You look beautiful....im considering hiring Juan for my november wedding in riviera maya...his work looks beautiful, do you have anything else to say about him (I couldnt open up your review)...thanks, Nicole We decided to stick with Juan Navarro and upgraded our package. We just added 3 additional hours ($250/hour). He started at 3:45 in my and FI’s room for getting ready shots. I didn’t even know he was there. He was so professional and helpful and made us feel so comfortable! When we were all getting together for our
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by toriOary Wow your wedding looked beautiful congratulations. I love your dress, can I be cheeky as ask where your purchased / who the designer was please? You looked fab! Maggie Sottero (loved allll of her dresses--my top 3 picks were Maggie). Got it at RKBridal in NYC. Great selection, very helpful!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by celestial419 great review! I love how your centerpieces turned out.. can i ask where you got the starfishes? Congrats I got them on seashellco.com No issues, quick, starfish were real so they smelled like the sea (lol).
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Sheree10 Thanks for sharing... what a comprehensive review! Congrats Mrs. you looked gorgeous!! I love the purple color in the pics- very nice. By the way, i love your hair flower/feather- where did you get it from? My head piece is Erica Koessler style A-418. I first saw it at my dress store but it was $140 dollars. I found the exact same piece online at TJFormal.com for $70!! I don't think they carry it anymore.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by SheenaMcDonald Congratulations everything looked so beautiful!! I just have a few questions is Juan Navarro the resort photographer for weddings or did you hire him yourself? I was just wondering if he comes with our package or not and when I asked Claudia for the DJ does that mean I am going to get Mannia or is that someone who people book outside of the resort as an extra as well? Juan Navarro is included in the package--we just upgraded our package with him. However, you have the ability to select a different photographer and pay them for their package c
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by tiffanyan02 Thank you for the great review! I'm going to start needing to focus as my date gets closer I loved the purple and the flower's where very pretty. I stressed about decor a lot. I didn't want it looking "cheap". And I was THRILLED with what they put together. Everything was elegant and classy. the ceremony was elegantly decorated. DIY programs tucked into chair bows gazebo flowers DIY menu tucked into colored napkin, decorated with starfish sunset during reception created this amazing backdrop flowers
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by jas101080 Thank you so much for the review! I was getting so nervous at one point..i was considering changing the location. I am glad everything went well for you. You looked beautiful! don't worry AT ALL. even if you do the bare minimum from home, everything will be taken care of when you get there. you can make this as stress free as you want! I did all big planning approx 6 months in advance and then finished the details approx 1-2 months in advance. and then got there and selected flowers, napkins, chair bows, etc.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by jas101080 I forgot to ask...what flavor was the cake? I also wanted to know, how far were the clubs? My friends will want to go out after 1am. Thanks! Because we didn't change/upgrade the cake, we asked how much it would be to upgrade the flavor to vanilla and strawberry. She said the change is minor they wouldn't charge us for it. It was delicious!!!!! The clubs are approx 3 blocks away. 5-7 minute walk. We went out every night! The entertainment staff organizes club nights too--no wait in line, all you can drink for approx $50 p/person. However,
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by lilz125 Part 2 please let me know if you can't open the files here are some pro pics posted on Juan's blog today
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by mexicanbride10 Congratualtions!....Your pic's are lovely, and it sounded like you had a lovely day!..thank you for taking the time to write the review, it has helped a lot! I just have one question, you mentioned the DJ, did you organise this through the WC or direct with the DJ himself?! Thanks again! We asked Cecilia for the options and told her our dilemma and she gave me either DJ Mannia or another one (can't remember) and their email addresses. I reached out to Mannia directly worked through everything and then contacted Cecilia to confirm we
  11. REVIEW IS UP ON THE REVIEW FORUM. ENJOY http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...6/#post1281549
  12. Part 2 please let me know if you can't open the files wedding review PART 2.doc
  13. Hi All, Here it is: PART 1. Let me know if I missed any category or topic. I have all these thoughts in my head its hard to organize them and make sure I get them all. The full review won't fit in 1 post. So there will be 2 parts. Let me know if you have any questions. wedding review PART 1.doc
  14. rudebaga, although our ceremony was at 6, i walked by that gazebo every day and it didn't really matter what time of day it was but it was always windy. although it was windy, it was actually refreshing-by 6 it was a cooler breeze and it wasn't that windy to knock my veil or ruin my hair. i think an earlier ceremony might be really hot. we took pictures at 4 before our ceremony and we all thought we'd melt away. a few hours really made a difference.
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