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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by nicdeb928 Love your pictures! You look beautiful....im considering hiring Juan for my november wedding in riviera maya...his work looks beautiful, do you have anything else to say about him (I couldnt open up your review)...thanks, Nicole We decided to stick with Juan Navarro and upgraded our package. We just added 3 additional hours ($250/hour). He started at 3:45 in my and FI’s room for getting ready shots. I didn’t even know he was there. He was so professional and helpful and made us feel so comfortable! When we were all getting together for our photos (prior to the ceremony) he realized our videographer wasn’t there and called him to tell him he needed to come and where we would all be. He held my bouquet and shoes when needed-helped me climb the rocks. We had him stay until 9:00pm and made sure we did our cake cutting at 8:45 right before he left. He said he took about 2,000 pictures at the wedding and 1,000 at the TTD session. He said he can technically have everything ready before we left Cancun but thinks it would be worth our wait so he can work diligently on editing and touching up. We were happy to wait. TTD: MOST FUN WE’VE EVER HAD! Have pics from my mom and can’t wait to see pro pics. Absolutely recommend it for every DW.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by toriOary Wow your wedding looked beautiful congratulations. I love your dress, can I be cheeky as ask where your purchased / who the designer was please? You looked fab! Maggie Sottero (loved allll of her dresses--my top 3 picks were Maggie). Got it at RKBridal in NYC. Great selection, very helpful!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by celestial419 great review! I love how your centerpieces turned out.. can i ask where you got the starfishes? Congrats I got them on seashellco.com No issues, quick, starfish were real so they smelled like the sea (lol).
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Sheree10 Thanks for sharing... what a comprehensive review! Congrats Mrs. you looked gorgeous!! I love the purple color in the pics- very nice. By the way, i love your hair flower/feather- where did you get it from? My head piece is Erica Koessler style A-418. I first saw it at my dress store but it was $140 dollars. I found the exact same piece online at TJFormal.com for $70!! I don't think they carry it anymore.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by SheenaMcDonald Congratulations everything looked so beautiful!! I just have a few questions is Juan Navarro the resort photographer for weddings or did you hire him yourself? I was just wondering if he comes with our package or not and when I asked Claudia for the DJ does that mean I am going to get Mannia or is that someone who people book outside of the resort as an extra as well? Juan Navarro is included in the package--we just upgraded our package with him. However, you have the ability to select a different photographer and pay them for their package choice and a $100 outside vendor fee. There are 2 dj's to choose from--Mannia and another--she will give you the option of which one. She does not allow you to book a DJ outside of the resort's options.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by tiffanyan02 Thank you for the great review! I'm going to start needing to focus as my date gets closer I loved the purple and the flower's where very pretty. I stressed about decor a lot. I didn't want it looking "cheap". And I was THRILLED with what they put together. Everything was elegant and classy. the ceremony was elegantly decorated. DIY programs tucked into chair bows gazebo flowers DIY menu tucked into colored napkin, decorated with starfish sunset during reception created this amazing backdrop flowers from the gazebo were moved to the reception and placed on the ledge behind our table starfish and candle holders were from home. (regular candle will not stay lit). i got these on line for $2 a pop (google mini candle lanterns). you can also find in Michaels. me looking at the setup before the wedding candle holders again
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by jas101080 Thank you so much for the review! I was getting so nervous at one point..i was considering changing the location. I am glad everything went well for you. You looked beautiful! don't worry AT ALL. even if you do the bare minimum from home, everything will be taken care of when you get there. you can make this as stress free as you want! I did all big planning approx 6 months in advance and then finished the details approx 1-2 months in advance. and then got there and selected flowers, napkins, chair bows, etc.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by jas101080 I forgot to ask...what flavor was the cake? I also wanted to know, how far were the clubs? My friends will want to go out after 1am. Thanks! Because we didn't change/upgrade the cake, we asked how much it would be to upgrade the flavor to vanilla and strawberry. She said the change is minor they wouldn't charge us for it. It was delicious!!!!! The clubs are approx 3 blocks away. 5-7 minute walk. We went out every night! The entertainment staff organizes club nights too--no wait in line, all you can drink for approx $50 p/person. However, if you go onto the club strip you can find a promoter who you will need to bargain with and you can get $30-$35 for no open bar.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by lilz125 Part 2 please let me know if you can't open the files here are some pro pics posted on Juan's blog today
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by mexicanbride10 Congratualtions!....Your pic's are lovely, and it sounded like you had a lovely day!..thank you for taking the time to write the review, it has helped a lot! I just have one question, you mentioned the DJ, did you organise this through the WC or direct with the DJ himself?! Thanks again! We asked Cecilia for the options and told her our dilemma and she gave me either DJ Mannia or another one (can't remember) and their email addresses. I reached out to Mannia directly worked through everything and then contacted Cecilia to confirm we wanted him for 4 hours. Otherwise we worked directly with him for everything. Same with the photographer.
  11. REVIEW IS UP ON THE REVIEW FORUM. ENJOY http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...6/#post1281549
  12. Part 2 please let me know if you can't open the files wedding review PART 2.doc
  13. Hi All, Here it is: PART 1. Let me know if I missed any category or topic. I have all these thoughts in my head its hard to organize them and make sure I get them all. The full review won't fit in 1 post. So there will be 2 parts. Let me know if you have any questions. wedding review PART 1.doc
  14. rudebaga, although our ceremony was at 6, i walked by that gazebo every day and it didn't really matter what time of day it was but it was always windy. although it was windy, it was actually refreshing-by 6 it was a cooler breeze and it wasn't that windy to knock my veil or ruin my hair. i think an earlier ceremony might be really hot. we took pictures at 4 before our ceremony and we all thought we'd melt away. a few hours really made a difference.
  15. Just got back--yay we're married! I'm writing my review right now but I figured I'd reassure everyone that the gazebo is done. It was finished when we left on Friday-they were finishing putting some last paint touches on it. Good news is the 6 of us who had our weddings this past week weren't affected. Some of us got finished dome gazebos while the others had open air gazebos. I got the open air gazebo and absolutely loved it!.
  16. AverageJane, I get married the day after you and my heart dropped when I read your post about the gazebo. Apparently the terrace is under renovation too. I started a whole comment thread on facebook. Apparently the "temporary gazebo" is about 30 feet from the old one and the roof from the terrace has been removed. I'm planning to get a little bridezilla on them when we get there on Thursday. What were the options they gave you? Was your reception supposed to be on the terrace. If I don't like the temp gazebo, I'm making sure they pay for a beautiful canopy on the beach and for a dance floor in the garden area, or close one of their restuarants so we can have our reception there. I can't believe this is happening!! Bright side, the weather forecast looks beautiful for Saturday and I'm sure whatever location they give you will be amazing! See you there! I copied the Facebook thread if you're interested in reading what others are saying: Login | Facebook
  17. Hi All! Been planning this for quite some time will all your help from reading your posts and now that its 5 months away I'm getting so anxious. Getting married in Dreams Cancun in 4/25/2010. 60 people invited-12 people booked-expecting 40 people to attend. Just wanted to introduce myself!
  18. hey gals..I haven't really been participating on the forum much-just reading all you've said as I thought about having my wedding at Dreams. But now, it's official-just sent my deposit and contract. Wedding date is April 25, 2010. I was actually able to negotiate something about the menu options...I am including a menu card and a steak or salmon option on our RSVP cards and have to let Cecilia know 2 weeks prior to the wedding how many of each main course we need...not sure if that helps anyone? __________________________________________________ _____________________ Cecilia's exact response: Dear Lily: You can send the choices to your attendants and they can choose, I do not really use to do this, but we are going to make an exception, just please once you send me the elections, will be no changes, just at least if the number of people changes up or down.
  19. Hey, Great review!! So helpful!! I had a site inspection with Dreams the end of April while vacationing in Cancun and was very impressed with what they do. I started researching some prices with travel agents and am getting so many different rates. I am looking to get married 4/25/2010...very close to the same time as you---if you don't mind me asking, how much was your per person, per night rate (based on double occupancy) for your guests? I am getting $169 from the hotel and $180 from travel agents? Thanks for your help. Can't wait to see these amazing pics!!! -Lily
  20. Hi, I had the same issue as you. I contacted the Chabad of Cancun and they told me their is a rabbi in Tijuana that does weddings. Rabbi Polichanco from Tijuana is available to do weddings, he can be reached (619)726-4645 Chabad without Borders: Chula Vista & Tijuana Also, there is a rabbi in California that has a veryyy reasonable cost and accomodation request. This was his assistant's answer: "Flight, transfer and accommodation expenses. He doesn’t need 5 star accommodation (please avoid having him sleep on the beach) and he pays for his own food." And flight should be really cheap from San Diego. Pacific Synagogue - Jewish & Interfaith I definately got frustrated with this search and spoke to my family rabbi back home who whole heartedly told me we do not need a rabbi for a "kosher wedding". So we decided to have a civil ceremony in US and a chuppah in RM Mexico. We will still have all the jewish traditions, but a close family friend who attended yeshiva will officiate the ketubah signing and blessings and excahnge for rings. For a kosher chuppah all you need is proper witnesses, a kosher ketubah and exchange of rings. Good luck!
  21. Kashmira, Your dress was phenomenal!!!! Who is the designer?
  22. I've been doing my research for resorts in RM and Cancun and all I keep seeing everywhere are theses gigantic sand bags in the water that look like beached whales. I'm a little worried about how they make the resort look. Has anyone seen then in person? Are they as terrible as they seem in pictures? Did guests have any comments about them? Does anyone know if they're all year round or only during hurricane season?
  23. lilz125

    Hi Ladies!

    My name is Lily and my fiance and I are getting married 4/18/2010 in Riviera Maya. We're just starting our wedding planning and I'm here for help, advice, feedback, stories, pictures, and laughs. Anyone who got married in RV recently or will be soon pleasee contact me and let's chat for info exchange. Happy planning!
  24. This is a review of:

    Juan Navarro Photography

    Dreams Cancun wedding

    Pros: AMAZING pictures! Friendly! Professional!
    Cons: Some may not prefer his photojournalism style.
    We decided to stick with Juan Navarro and upgraded our package for 3 additional hours. Communication with him prior to arrival in Cancun was fabulous! He answered emails quickly, professionally, and with all the information you needed.   I requested to see my vendors (because I'm crazy) prior to the wedding and Juan was very happy to meet with us so we can talk about the details of the day. He was very helpful and made us feel very comfortable of the bat.   Wedding:   The day o
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