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  1. I agree! It seems the only one's making comments are the one's not coming. I have a lot of family members making a lot of excuses. I wish people would give me the benefit of the doubt....just tell me straight up your not coming. I am having a destination wedding for a reason. Maybe I don't want the family there lol!!!
  2. I am a Mayan Riviera November 2010 bride. A few people have been making comments latley. Hope you bought cancellation insurance....Or I heard on the news that the oil has reached the Mayan already. Is anyone eles TRIPPING OUT about this
  3. SaraBenson

    Tulum or Dominican Wedding???

    Tulum FOR SURE!!!! So much more off resort things to do!! BEAUTIFUL!!!
  4. SaraBenson

    Grand Oasis Riviera Maya

    Where did you get married??
  5. SaraBenson

    Grand Oasis Riviera Maya

    My name is Sara Benson. I am getting married on November 23, 2010 @ the Grand Oasis Riviera Maya, Mexico. Has anyone been married there??