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  1. I just got married on Dec 11, 2008 and we used the gazebo too! I thought it was amazing, I got married barefoot on the beach. I didn't notice anyone there that wasn't my girls/groomsman or husband. I didn't even hear the music! LOL I thought the back drop was amazing and I think it it a personal preference. I think you should get there and decide whether you can handle the wonky on lookers. I didn't mind at all. I infact didn't see any of them I was so caught up in the moment. I couldn't stop smiling!
  2. I just got married there on Dec 11, 2008. The wedding fee was 250.00 for the minister. You can use your credit card and I have seen my statement it came out to 580.00 Canadian dollars after the conversion (500.00 US) dollars originally. I also booked the disco which was 250.00 US as well. (DISCO well worth the 250.00 US) I had no troubles - I called my credit card company told them I was going, so they didn't decline the card, but the conversion cost was whatever it was the day of the purchase. I had no troubles. You can also pay your for excursions on your credit card as well. I would strongly recommend calling them letting them know your going so that they won't decline your card because it is not some place you normally are. Hope that helps!
  3. Oh, sorry I was kind of hoping to do one for my guests, but now that you said that I think I might try and do one for my hubby too!
  4. We are leaving Dec 6 and getting on married on the 11th Married at ROR to Honeymoon at R Negril exact same as you! We booked the transfer through Lees tours, her charge is 160.00 - she was the cheapest we found. We also tried Jamaica Tours | Jamaica-tour.com he was 175.00. The standard taxi charge we were told was 180.00. Sunqest who we are going with was $220.00. Hope that helps...I am not too sure where the 100.00 quote came from to be honest with you from Lees Tours, but they are great in the sense that they will give you a tour on the way as well.
  5. Whos got one? I would love to see everyone's!! Either post them here or email them please hart5830@hotmail.com
  6. Ok Music wise...Do we provide a CD for that if we would like something special? Do they already have music for that? What is the scoop? Is the steel drum band really 350.00 for an hour? Thanks
  7. We ordered our grooms and others clothes from Beach Wedding Attire & Dresses, Linen Wedding Pants, Shirts, Guayabera, Hawaiian, Havana, and Linen Suits and they were amazing. They were about 160.00 a guy and custom made to fit each guy. Your able to call them on the phone and talk to them so that you don't screw up the sizes or anything!! Perfect!
  8. How did you do them? We have the Steakhouse for dinner and I Have booked the disco for a private reception. When did you do speeches? if you have any? Thanks
  9. Hello All, Those who have done a DW any tips...We have about 35 people going on the trip and I was wondering if you did anything to help balance your time between your guests so you didn't forget/upset anyone? Let me know!
  10. I am getting married in December, when do you suggest that I send my documentation? Is this to Early? I just got my flight times so it is becomming more of a reality!
  11. Dianna (Destination0 - December 11, 2008
  12. Thank you all! And for the question asked before - I was able to secure the Disco already and my wedding isn't till December.
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