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  1. my photographer is joe cogliandro J. Cogliandro Photography Blog kind of showing off a little because our engagement photo is in the slide show on his main page of his blog:) joe is amazing, he does multiple days of shooting for one fee. Promovision is doing our video, I have heard nothing but great things about them. Good luck planning
  2. I am wearing a 4 inch wedge. I am only five foot one so I need all the lift I can get. And to be honest once you spend all that money on a dress it is a shame to wear it without a heel. walking is sand makes you look frumpy, and in a wedding dress it just isn't right. a wedge can make all the difference. best
  3. I love everything you did and the fact you didn't go overboard was great. Your guests are going to love it. Best
  4. Kristy this is what I was doing I was going SAt and rob was coming monday. it will be great, give me some time to just relax and focus on becoming a wife. cheers
  5. Kate OMG!!! My fiance and I have watched your slide show twice. Your wedding looked like a dream come true. You are lucky to have worked with Lindsay and Adam. I was wondering if you know where your mom got her dress? Also where did your bridesmaids get their shoes. I really loved your wedding. The photos made me want to be there. Congrats. Where did you honeymoon?
  6. Jamie Can I get your TA's info. My TA told me we had to have 30 rooms booked we currently have 28, but if it is true that you have to have 20 rooms I would love to double check. My FI and I really don't want to pay for our room since we have booked so may rooms. Thanks in advance
  7. All I can say is Wow.... I can't believe you did this all yourself. Where did you find the time.... OMG... You are going to have an amazing time. Congrats
  8. J&MWedding contact stewart at boca bento, he does an amazing all-inclusive brunch package which includes drinks. the price is amazing. you can contact him at stewart@bocabento.com , will you let him know i referred you. we are paying half the price some even more than that, by doing a brunch at boca bento. other places in town for a brunch or welcome party with just apps and drinks was seriously double or more. plus side to boca bento it also gives your guest a chance to see mismaloya which is beautiful and only a $7 cab ride for 4 people and it is like 7-10min ride
  9. soonergirl I know The Dreams allows outside coordinators I don't know about the other resorts though. I agree with you. I too wanted more than just what the hotel offers to every wedding. I really am not a packaged deal kind of person. You do pay more with an outside coordinator, but when I added up everything I wanted within the Dream price list and thought about what I would have to bring to make my decor meet my expecations plus the time, head ache, going crazy. Using an outside coordinator only ended up being 3K more. So i though hell that is so worth my time, headache an
  10. Okay- I just tried on my dress for the first time and while in the salon I was sweating and my salon assistant said "oh don't worry it is just because you are under these hot lights, it won't be that way on your wedding", she then told me that my dress fit so well I wouldn't need additional support under it. I looked at her like she was crazy I said "I will be standing under the Mexico sun at 5pm in the afternoon, I am going to sweat more" She told me to cake, she literally said "CAKE" on baby powder under my dress. All over, under my arms, around my waist, between my boobs,
  11. Heather it is BCBG runway resort 2009, they had a sale going if you buy a dress over $300 you get a $100 off right now. Here is the link. The one in the photo doesn't give it justice, really it is much pretty and sexy in person. It is a little more fit in the bottom and the back strapes flow they don't fit tight. I feel like Penelope Cruz in "Blow" in the dress. I'm home sick, yucky and Rob is in Germany.... How is your Valentine's Day? here is the link BCBGMAXAZRIA - <BR> RUNWAY COLLECTION: runway RESORT: RUNWAY RUFFLED CHIFFON GOWN what do you think about these shoes
  12. Jacilynda and Cancunbride- Thank you both. The dress is Alvina Valenta from her 2006 collection. I had a Tara Keely dress already, but after seeing this dress in a photo I was in love. So I am also a two dress bride. I am going to change after dinner into this. I do have to say it looks much different on me than on the model.] the best part one of my friends gave it to me as a bridal gift.
  13. Marisol-- Do you live here in NYC I can't believe you are getting married at The Dreams a month before me. I too am planning to do a Sunset Toast at the Barracuda Bar, tryign to keep additional cost down, at the hotel. Have you actually seen the bar area? I would love to talk to you about what you are planning to do. Best Kathy
  14. Congrats to me photography is so so so important. Yeah!!!!!!!!!
  15. Jenn I haven't been on much lately, but I am so excited for you. I can't wait to hear how it goes. REmember to enjoy this time, because it will go fast. You are going to be an amazing bride and have the time of your life. Congrats and Best Wishes Kathy
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