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  1. Thanks for the info Brittany! I only hope the dollar stays strong 'til June!
  2. Bill @ Barcelona quoted me $35 pp as of Jan. 1. I think Yari had her WD @ Los Arcos and got a killer deal-something like $10 pp but I think she made reservations face-to-face. We're still deciding on a WD location. Keep us posted on Los Burros!!!!!
  3. A birdcage veil would look fantastic and be suitable for your 40's era look! If you image google "birdcage veil," you can see tons of pics. Good luck! Christina
  4. I emailed William @ Barcelona Tapas on Monday about the closing. He said the restaurant closed for 3 days due to "personal issues" but they are open for business! Yay!
  5. I'm calling Barcelona Tapas tonight for a quote. We'll see if it's in the budget
  6. I wonder if $1000 for 40-ish people is realistic? We're trying to do a casual welcome party-tapas probably and drinks.
  7. Since it's the day after Thanksgiving, I wanted to tell you how THANKFUL I am that you posted your pics. I know this may sound silly, but my invitations have been an ongoing battle for months. I have discovered over the last few months that I don't like most wedding things-most decorations, most dresses, most invitation styles etc. I have changed my mind about invitations like 8 times and was about to lose it until I saw your pics. You did a fantastic job and have totally inspired me to make mib invitations. Supplies arrive next week, I'll make them over the weekend and will hand-deliver most of them when I return to Illinois for Christmas!!!! The madness is OVER! Yay! Happy Day-After-Thanksgiving!
  8. Nikki Beach was our first stop when we went for our site visit in June. Here's my review: We went around 5:00 p.m. so it wasn't dark yet and there were no other customers but us. The stereo outside was WAY loud. I love loud music but loud techno during the day with no one else around was kinda weird. Food: Not that great. I had crab ravioli (or something similar) and fi had sushi. A bit bland. We actually wanted some "Mexican" food but strangely, there was none on the menu. Sushi presentation was beautiful. Prices were high in my opinion. Two entrees and two beers...$40.00. Atmosphere: On the beach so it was nice except for the guy who wanted to sell us pot and wouldn't go away. The chuppas (not sure what they're called) were nice and the lounge area next to the dining seemed very comfortable. I would recommend Nikki Beach for "after dark" cocktails but not for the food. Hope this helps!
  9. Hi! I've heard great things about Barcelona Tapas and am considering having my welcome party there. What are the prices like? Thanks!
  10. Just curious as to what everyone's budget is for your welcome party/rehearsal dinner?
  11. Hi Ladies! FI and I are trying to decide where to have our welcome party and have narrowed it down to these: Epoca Barcelona Tapas River Cafe Daiquiri Dick's Does anyone have any input on these places? Has anyone had their parties at any of these? Prices, food, etc? Thanks!
  12. Congrats! Your pictures are beautiful! How were you able to contact Fajita Republic? I don't see a website or email address for them?
  13. Hey ladies, I just wanted to give you the head's up on a great mib supplies distributor...Sand Art Entertainment. Sand Blast Entertainment I just ordered 40 6.5" glass bottles w/ corks, 2 lbs. of sand and a bag of 750 mini shells for a total of $54.99 including shipping! I ordered this afternoon and received an email an hour later with a tracking number. The order will arrive next Wednesday!!! I was so impressed with the friendly customer service I received on the phone, too. Just had to share....
  14. Okay, just one more question (probably)... What size mailing tubes did you get, 2" or 2.5"? I don't think I've seen so many impressed brides-to-be! Way to go! You should be super proud of yourself!
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