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  1. I got married Nov 09 at the Mayan. We got married at the Jetty it was beautiful. Our guest were able to hear us cuz there wer microphones and speakers. Our reception was need the bar our party was only 30 people so we were able to use the top area. The food is good our family still talks about it.
  2. I worked with Vallarta Wedd Planners and they work a Pastor name Bryan Henderson. He was amazing. There were some hotel guest that watched our wedding, and they talked to my mom afterwards and wanted to know what church he serves at. My mom just directed them to our WC. We got so much compliments about him. And all our guest wanted to take pictures with him.
  3. Hi We didnt put snacks in the bags just drink mixes to put in water bottles. Our guest liked those. You won't have any problems finding what you need at Walmart. They have everything you need. If I had known that I would have saved some much instead of paying for extra luggage.
  4. Here are some templates for you ladies to use. welcomebrochure.ppt first aid box.ppt Pashminastickers.doc
  5. I was having the same problem so that why we ended making them. The cost each dress was probably only less them $10.
  6. Here is a condensed version of pictures on facebook Mary Sipin Gabuat | Facebook Here are all 750 somthing of our picture on snapfish Snapfish: Share:Registration (hope this works) It did ran after the fireworks for about 5 mins. I ran over to the table where the WCs were sitting and they could not believe it. Rain in November. They say that if it rains on your wedding day you will have a wonderful marriage. I heard one of the guest say that it was Paul's parent showering usl!! I am so glad that we did a BW! This was a Dream Wedding more than I could have ever imagined or wi
  7. The food was amazing and so was the service. Our family loved the food. I didn't eat much nor did Paul. But what I ate I loved. The Tres Leche cake was good. Here are some pictures sorry they are not that clear. We served Seafood Studel, Beef filet with Seafood and Tres Leche Cake. The head waiter was very attentive to Paul and I. May aunt told me that this was the best service she has ever gotten. She said their server was always checking on them and alway kept their glasses full. The Mayan Palace Marina is a beautiful location. I mean it was more than I imagined. Pictur
  8. Show time... Here is my dad walking me. I walked down to River Flow sIn You (from Twilight not really a fan but liked the song) It was a long walk and he does why did we go this way. The whole time we were walking we kept laughing cause my shoe kept getting stuck in the mats. So I started to walk fast cause if I walked faster my heel would not get stuck. The pictures say it all When I got to the jetty I noticed everyone was crying so I started to cry. I ended up crying most of the ceremony. It was so hard not to. Bryan was really good. Paul and I wrote our vows as well as our
  9. Here are some pictures before guest arrived my brother Then it was time to go downstairs MORE TO COME...
  10. Wedding Day at the Mayan Palace 11.28.09 5:30pm Paul and I had breakfast at the hotel buffet then we went our seperate ways. I went to our room took a shower then just watched TV for about an hour. My BMs started to come to my room at about 11:30 and I treated them to lunch at El Andariego. It was 2 for one drinks but since we ate there all the time. We go BOGO. And the waiter we always got tried to give me a shot of tequila but at this point I had to pass it one of the other BMs because I was getting to buzzed from the 2 drinks I had. We all went back to my room to get ready. My
  11. Rehearsal Day Thursday Nov 26th 11:30am. We decided to have the rehearsal early and have a lunch instead of a dinner. We didn’t want to keep people too long. It was a really hot hot day. Everyone was sweating poor kids. So we kept it short. We had our Welcome/Rehearsal Lunch 1:30 : River Cafe A+ I worked with Michael Boufford, Manager. Michael was very accomdating with my budget and was willing to work with me. We got a pretty good deal. The food was excellect. The resturant sat along side the river. The wait staff took care of our party. Our glasses were always filled. We
  12. Attractions We mainly took the taxi places. It was usually around 40-50 pesos. Make sure you ask first before you get in. Or else you will be paying double. We took the bus a few times. It was just easier to just hop in the taxis that were right in front of the hotel. Towards the end of our trip the taxi drivers knew our names. And were calling me Senora instead of Senorita because they knew I got married. We booked our group trips with Travel Connections. They were with AAA. We did Vallarta Adventures to Marietas. It was a boat tour and snorkel. Not everyone in our group swam. And
  13. Restaurants: We went to a lot of places and every place was great -El Andariego (across the street from hotel) They had a great breakfast menu. And the prices were cheap. You would get a freash donut, coffee, fresh OJ, fresh fruit then your meal. We went here about 4 times. Staff was very friendly. -El Barracuda (right next to hotel can walk there from the beach) This is more of a seafood place. Food was great and same with the prices. -Aye Caramba (Best view in PV) Went here with my best friend and little cousins. We went really late at about 9pm. We were gonna go some
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