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  1. We just visited St Martin for the first time and fell in love! I was near Sonesto... Very close to the airport... Like we walked from there to the airport. That being said the landing strip is right on the water and a huge attraction. I feel like it would be an easy place to host a wedding. English speaking, no need to exchange American $, awesome food, you can drink the water....
  2. Elfster Birthday Exchange 2012 ** 6 July Birthdays!
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    Claire's Chronicles

    Claire's Chronicles
  4. Tammy, I'll help out, but I've been married awhile. How recent do you want?
  5. Don't forget to bring pics of your hair for the lady... She is amazing but doesn't speak much English.
  6. Sarah, the food is all great. I think we had the mini sliders, some kind of quesadilla and pot sticker? I can't even remember but the food at PF is fantastic! Guest still talk about it. Your WC can give you hints as to what's popular... and you could prob try a few during your wrap session. Good luck!
  7. We booked through Lindsay... it was chartered but local guys that were great. PF does a good job of finding reliable/reasonable vendors! The guys went Wednesday morning... so second day. I think they wished it were the 3rd day but that was spa day. See if you can get it switched to that! Many of the guys were hung over from the welcome dinner festivities. Even the light drinkers- different climate, first day of vacay, etc. It happens:) You can easily do the poker tourney/spa day on the same day bc not everyone will play. I played cards for a little bit... but then decided I'd like to be in the sun more!
  8. Haha LOVE that pic of Penelope! And Gavin of coarse.
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