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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by FutureMrsLewis Wow, not many Newfies on here We're a rare breed it seems lol Yeah there's only a few of us here from the East coast. Guess it's getting harder and harder to get out of NF for a sunny holiday in the wintertime
  2. **UPDATE** It's now 2 months until the wedding, and my parents have agreed to pay for the flowers (which is awesome) and this is their big involvement in the wedding. This was totally unprovoked too, they came right out of the blue and agreed to take care of this for us. When we told FI's mom, she said she would have paid for the flowers if we had asked her. We're not going to ask for help, but we'll take it if it's offered to us. Nearly everything is taken care of but transportation. I have no idea how FI's family is getting to the venue, they're spread out all over the place and they are notoriously late. FI suggested I talk to his mom about this. FMIL has back problems and is off work for a few months until she's better, so she's got lots of time on her hands. I went over there with my laptop to show her all the things that I've done so far and what's left to do, and a list of limo companies. I told her I was concerned about how everyone was getting to the venue the day of, and all she kept doing was telling me about people FI knew like 20+ years ago from elementary school that might have classic cars for rent. She did not volunteer to call up people and ask around about prices! And then she told me not to worry about everyone getting there because someone will drive them. She totally missed the point, but I'm not going to tell her she needs to call around so we can all get a ride to the wedding. Ugh. Also, a coworker of FI's really wanted to come to our wedding down east but now has to back out because his son is getting married. He felt so bad about it, he's decided to throw us an AHR!! When FI told his mom, she said "oh yeah, I was thinking about doing something like that". Kind of a bit late now, dontcha think? This is also the same woman who offered to host a shower for me, then 2 wks later took that back because she said "she didn't know any of my friends here and wouldn't know who to invite". It didn't occur to her to ask me who should be invited, so she takes back her offer. HELP! How can we deal with a woman who claims she wants to help, but doesn't want to pay for anything and doesn't want to plan any of the "boring details" It's almost like she's waiting to surprise us with something, but I don't like surprises
  3. ooh there's still some time left in the sale - looks like my MOH is going to be busy shopping for me today!
  4. My dress is pretty slim (no poofy dress with pickups for me!!), so I can easily lay it out in the bag flat under my bed.
  5. I've heard a good place to store it is under your bed. Makes sense, it's flat and should be relatively undisturbed. And seriously, who's fella is going to look under the bed for anything! I agree with the pp about not looking at other dresses. It's hard, but would be harder if you had to make a decision between 2 (and then paying for 2!)
  6. Yeah you're married (and thanks for thinking of us girls here by posting all those pics first) Sorcha )
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by WindyCityGirl I don't know about the veil but I have to say I love your dress! Great choice-- you will look fabulous! Who is it made by if you don't mind me asking? It's from Bonny, style 831
  8. Ladies, I need your help because I can't make a decision on this and non-brides just don't understand... Here's my dress I'm short, 5' 1" and will only be wearing 2 inch heels. I will probably wear my hair with fingerwaves and pin curls, very 1940's like. I have a fake fur wrap to wear with my dress too. My dilema is, WHAT VEIL SHOULD I WEAR? I have no idea and I think I've tried on every kind out there. I don't know if I should get a super long one, a finger-length one or something shorter because I'm shorter. I don't know if I should get lace or beading or satin edge trim. The only things I do know is that I don't want it to be poofy and I do like the idea of sparkly beading on it to go with my gown. Ugh - ladies please give me some suggestions/advice on this. Thanks!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by FutureMrsLewis I'm not from Edmonton, but Sin Jawn's is still a part of Canada, well as long as you ask a Canadian, a lot of North American maps leave out Newfoundland Not the actual geographical maps, but like maps you see in the background of news shows and such Sin Jawn's - now that's EXACTLY how you pronouce it! LMAO And it's New-found-LAAAND, anyone else from da Rock find that mainlanders get this wrong most of the time?? Oh, I guess I should mention that I live in the flat, flat prairies, but as my name suggests, I'm from St. John's, NF. Here's a thread I started a few months ago to list all the Canadians on this site http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t27142 Sorcha
  10. Ok so who do you think is the mole in the agency? I think it's Jeannine Garfallo (sp?), the FBI analyst in the purple shirt. And Jack is convinced that Tony isn't bad, but after all Tony has been thru, I don't blame him for going rouge - I totally would too!
  11. I'm so excited that the new season of 24 is about to begin, I hope this long wait is worth it. Anyone else here watch 24?
  12. PrairieGirl, I'm not sure what part of the province you're in, but Something Blue in Saskatoon just had a big sale (sign up for their email and you'll get a head's up on sales), and I know there's a used wedding dress store in Regina if you're willing to look there. Hopefully you've got a new dress you love by now, if not send me a PM and I'll keep an eye out for you if I hear of anything.
  13. I don't know what your DH hands look like, but he might be telling the truth about the tightness. I know on my hands that it could slide over the knuckle and fits ok on the finger, but then after a few minutes when that finger starts to tingle and turn purple, I'm looking for the margarine tub to get that sucker off! At least you still have the ring. A friend's DH lost his wedding band a week after their wedding (that was 18 years ago) and they never did replace it. Maybe you could try selling the titanium band and get your DH another band, or even better, get something fancy for yourself!
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