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  1. Hello! I can't believe the time has FINALLY arrived! We leave tomorrow in the wee hours of the morning for our Jamaican wedding at the ROR! I am so excited!! I just wanted to post a message and say thank you to all of you for all the great ideas, excellent advice and incredible assistance in helping me plan our DW. I am so very thankful I found this forum and I appreciate every one of you. You helped me out tremendously and I couldn't have planned everything without you. So again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! I will be sure to post a review when we get back and upload a bunch of pics. Take care and have a great week! Mel
  2. Hello! Welcome to the Forum!
  3. melwru


    Congrats and Welcome!
  4. melwru


    Congrats and good luck with the planning!
  5. melwru


    Welcome to the forum!
  6. Congrats on your engagement and welcome to the forum! LOTS of really great info here!
  7. Congrats and welcome to the forum!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by heather007 I'm from Regina too!!!! ~~ Exciting! I LOVE finding "locals" on BDW!
  9. I am definitely changing my last name. My maiden surname is RIDICULOUSLY Polish with a silent W at the beginning!. No one can spell it or ever pronounce it. FI's last name is only 4 letters long! Its an easy decision for me. After 32 years of listening to people butcher my last name, I'm happy to let it go
  10. Ok, Good luck. Let me know if you need anymore details.
  11. You are from Saskatchewan? Regina? or close to? I got mine from the A-1 rental party store. They still have quite a few pairs and they are $9.99! If you are close to Regina and need the address to the party store, let me know!
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