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    Man, those men are funny!

    That is awesome!!
  2. Oh dear good luck please update us and let us know what happens.
  3. tata2

    My mom wants to be the photog...

    Good luck with that! I am worried enough about having to use the onsite photographer I can't imagine using my Mother!!Yikes!
  4. tata2

    I got a job!!!!

    Congrats!! Send some good luck my way!
  5. tata2


    We have received all ours back but my FI's brother. They are distant but thought for sure he would be there.Both parents are deceased and really they are the only family they have. My FI is really hurt and I want to do something but what I have only met him twice and the second time I was by myself at a drug store and all he could say was he is my family but we will never be close if he needs me he knows were I am at. Seriously..... wow!
  6. I got engaged in Jan. and planned our wedding in Mexico immediately. I was laided off in May and then lost my job in Aug. I was totally not expecting to lose my job as I thought once the auto plants went back to work so would I. lol well I guess my boss thought myself and a few others were paid too much and he could not afford us anymore so.... Anyway, in Ontario Canada we have a program called Second Career were the government will pay for you to go back to school and be retrained in another career. I have been waiting since Aug, to go back to school and was scheduled to start Nov. 9th but now they say the program may be broke. So now with 2 weeks until my wedding I do not know what I am gonna do when I return. Christmas will be right around the corner,will they even be companies looking for employees now?? Thank goodness I have unemployment until May. I am going crazy sitting at home and though I never thought I 'd say this I MISS WORKING!!!
  7. tata2

    Horrible people

    Okay need to vent about my cousin. To date she has already told me: 1) I was inconsiderate in scheduling my wedding in Nov. when most people work. 2) I was inconsiderate to schedule my wedding shower on the same date her father-in-law had his 90th birthday 3) I was inconsiderate in having my wedding in mexico when I knew she was afraid to fly. 4) Told me she is not going as I did not invite her children and if her children do not travel with her she does not go. Her kids are 24 and 21 and both out of the house! Today on my sister-in-laws face book my SIL wrote something exicting about the wedding and my cousin wrote "just make sure you bring your bullet proof vests" Seriously!!!! WTF is wrong with this woman? By the way I stood in her wedding 25 years ago and never remember ever saying anything nasty about the UGLY $300 dresses she made us buy and wear!!!
  8. tata2

    Wedding booked...resort closed!!!!!

    My thoughts are with you please keep us updated.
  9. tata2


    Oh dear I did not realize I would have to explain my confessions but here goes... Distrust issue - well at the very, very begininning of our dating relationship my FI did cheat on me. It was very upsetting we did a lot of talking and finally got to a place where we felt on solid ground and continued dating. I still am fearful of that happening again and have my antenna's up ALL the time which probably is a problem if you check out some of my other threads. My Father cheated on my Mother a lot before he finally left her and somehow I feel deep down it will happen again. The tied down to one person does not scare me as that is what I really want. BUT can it happen?? My period well... yes it is regular but I will be 43 in Dec. and I just can't see raising a child being this old. I know "43 is not that old" but for me I think I have passed my time. My Fi is 38 and I think he would want a child if I would but says he is happy either way. I am currently laid off and can't find a job(I am too over qualified) and my self esteem is 0. So the self doubt plays into that too. I also have gained probably 40 pounds since my FI and I started dating(he has too) which makes me feel like crap but can't seem to get motivated to lose it not even for my wedding in 29 days!!! My Fi is not the most talkative guy, he is good about everything but just says, I am perfect the way I am, don't worry about a job it will come etc... So my confessions I think were just a way of me admitting them out loud. I do need some therapy I think but no money to pay for it right now ;-) So thanks for listening and I am sure you are sorry you asked now,probably to much information for you.
  10. tata2

    Time of your Life?

    October 13 340pm waiting for my FI to get home to have "a serious talk" :-(
  11. tata2

    *Fill in the Blank Movie Quote Game*

    After all I am just a girl standing in front of a both asking him to love her? I think that is it from Notting Hill I say who, I say _____, I say ______ .
  12. tata2

    ~~Like or Dislike~~

    dislike house work?
  13. tata2

    Anyone done a taco bar?

    We did a taco bar for my shower and our caterer charged $6 a person we had a blast with it and all the women loved it! We also had a groom pinata and I was surprised at how many women got up take a shot at it. The older women had the most fun!! Good luck with your AHR we have to pass on one as I am laid off and this wedding is really the end of our funds. I will read these posts and live through all of you!! Have fun!!
  14. tata2

    Is anyone taking a limo to the airport?

    This is a cool idea but no we are driving ourselves :-(
  15. tata2

    Pops in your head

    laundry - pile