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  1. How's everyone doing? I'm in the middle of Week 7...something is wrong with one of my wrists and it hurts to put weight on them. I had to skip through a bunch of push-ups in chest, triceps, and shoulders because if it, so I'm pretty bummed. Hopefully my wrist will get better soon!
  2. Awesome planning thread Adrianne!! Congrats on your Legal Day You're one step closer to Mexico!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Mhabas I did legs and back today...well just legs really. I dont have a pullup bar or anything to hook my resistance bands so I just did bicep curls. So frustrating. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to hook it on that is high Im a physical therapist and I give my patients resistance bands all the time..I just never thought about how they attach them high! Im just picking and choosing what dvds I want to do. I love to run and go the gym and dont want to give either of those up. Im also training for the chicago half marathon. Do you have dumbbells? You could try doing some bent over rows instead...those are supposed to help work your back out.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by autjo I get foot cramps and sometimes think it is from having my shoes too tight. They go away after I walk it off. A couple of years ago I was getting really bad toe cramps and went to the doctor and he suggested a cortizone shot. I thought why not... but holy @#$ did that hurt. Never again, I'd rather deal with the cramps. He also recommended that I wear falts, so I try to stick to cute flats instead of heels nowadays. I hate getting old, but my feet don't cramp or hurt nearly as bad now that I have limited my heel wearing. Ow! I hear cortizone shots hurt. I ordered a pair of cute flats for myself last weekend. I hope they come in soon! I did back and biceps today my left arm is weaker than my right. I need to even out my strength.
  5. Hi ladies! I just got done doing plyo since I got home from work late. What a great way to let out some stress. I find that sometimes I experience these pretty painful toe cramps when I workout...mostly during yoga. I think part of it stems from walking around in heels all day at work. Does anyone else get these toe cramps at all?! It sounds silly but they hurt...I have to pause my workout to massage or walk them off until they go away. Grr
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by sjmacphe Yay I also finished the Mason twist section for the first time today, becuase of you ladies I decided to try to push it a little harder thanks for the encouragement Awesome job!! Keep up the great work everyone!
  7. Congrats Mrs!! I'm don't remember exactly how much mine costed me but it costed me less than $100. I think it was $90. My dress had lace on it...not sure if that made a difference in price or not.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Buckeyegirl8 HI! Has anyone used any of the hairstylists in the resort's spa? Yes and they are fabulous. Just take some inspiration pics with you.
  9. Adorable pictures Cassie!! You and your FI make a cute couple. Max is cute! I love westies
  10. I'm so happy! I made it through the entire mason twist exercise (I usually have to take a break) in ab ripper today. Yahoo!!!
  11. Oh Heidi. I agree she definitely looked better before. Show-biz definitely just changes people
  12. THANKS ladies! I'm definitely taking note of these!!
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