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  1. Ivan of Doremixx and the light up dance floor is TOTALLY worth it...not only is it fun, but it really makes your pictures spectacular
  2. I taped receipts to each of my different items with a message in spanish that said "items for a wedding" and it was fine
  3. oh I forgot Maya Diseno also made the bouts- so that was included in above price too!
  4. Thank you much! I believe I spent exactly 500 USD for the 4 centerpieces, bridal bouquet (which I ended up giving to MOH when other bridesmaid didn't show), bridesmaid bouquet, and two mother corsages. I did not pay a vendor fee as they just dropped off everything at the wedding center . The table overlays and sashes came from the following: http://weddingslinen.com/ Good luck and may you have a beautiful and blessed wedding
  5. Forgot to add to missbusybee! Yes, Vistaprint is a god send. Sign up asap and you will get periodic emails about free stuff. I got free: brochures, t-shirts, pens for oot bags, postcards and even used business cards as notices for my shutterfly room for guests to upload wedding pics .
  6. I had 2 entrees and used punches from Michael's to distinguish b/t the two: I wouldn't have traded my beach reception for the world. It's such a one of a kind experience to dance and have fun with family and friends under the stars and near the waves Aww girly, if you want a beach ceremony, do it!! The ladies who had ceremonies on the beach (friends on this forum) all had beautiful ceremonies. Granted, people are going to swarm your wedding, but you will be completely oblivious and only notice your FI . Some bone-headed people will also walk behind your
  7. I believe there is one by the pool area. I honestly never got to go to the pool (too many things to do lol), so I'm not sure exactly where it's located.
  8. That's great, it makes me happy! The linens were purchased here: http://weddingslinen.com/ What time is your wedding and reception? If I'm not mistaken, the beach by Pelicanos has the nearby pier where there will be an endless stream of people returning to their cruise liner. I opted for the beach in front of the Gazebo for a few reasons: my ceremony was at gazebo (and cocktail reception in garden area by Gazebo), so the flow was pretty good. It was also close to my room so it made it less of a hassle when my MOH and SIL had to go with me to pee lol. The beach there is also the most p
  9. No problem, I remember the same feeling and I have no regrets about having my wedding at The Royal . p.s if you can afford it, ask for the corner room of Ocean front if you are getting married at the gazebo. My review has pics also. I basically walked out of my room, down the elevator beside it, and was standing in the area just before turning the corner to walk down aisle. Not to mention, the room has side windows by the jacuzzi that was great in pics (getting ready) Oh, and it was fun sneaking pics of everyone and seeing my setup lol
  10. For those of you who are getting frustrated- I know how you feel. I went so far as to book at another location because of my frustrations. I went with my gut and initial attraction to the Royal, however, and I'm soooo glad I did. I know you have heard it a lot, but it really is all about you once you get there. I remember feeling stressed 30 days out when I never spoke to my on site wedding coordinator, but once I got there, she met with me and DH and went over EVERYTHING. She showed a picture with every selection to make sure we were on same page with each choice and was completely devoted to
  11. I just got back from there and loved it. I saw two weddings - one on the beach (people swarmed all around it, but it was beautiful), and 1 on the top floor ...here are some pics i took and this is where the 2nd wedding was (i didnt take pics of actual one for privacy)
  12. Hi kel! <3 I wish I would have had my photographer take pics of just me (i dont have any ). Delegate family members to carry different things in their suitcases so that you are not bogged down with all of your decorations and such. Definitely steal your new husband away during the reception to have a quiet moment together to take everything in (I pulled him away toward the water and we watched all of our loved ones laughing and dancing) If you can get an oceanfront room, I HIGHLY recommend-especially the 5th floor corner above gazebo (see my review in my sig for more on this) I
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