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  1. Thanks CC! I feel better now about my choice now. By the way, do you have any idea how much a day pass is for people coming to the Palace from the Santa Fe? I'm thinking of having my photographer stay there because it's cheaper... but if the cost of a day pass is high, I might as well have her in the Palace as well. (She's only staying 3 nights). Thanks!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by lgarner83 By the way Steph, we are in London, Ontario and my fiance is from Mississauga! Lisa, thanks SO much for the help. I was feeling so lost! I can breathe a little bit easier now. Are you fully booked now? My big day is coming in 6 months... too fast! I feel like it was just yesterday that I got engaged! Thanks again for the help... I'll update you once I get to speaking with Daniela (probably by February). PS- maybe I know your fiance? LOL
  3. Hi CCWinn, I have a question about your booking process with Riu Palace. I'm booked for April 30th at the Riu Palace Cabo, and for some strange reason Paola, the woman who books the weddings, didn't give me a confirmation code to enter into their website to confirm, she just sent ma a bunch of emails stating that I didn't need to have a confirmation # and I didn't need to put a down payment... is this strange? I find it weird, because I thought I had to have a down payment on my wedding date. She gave us a confirmation number at first, but when we changed our wedding date she didn't give
  4. Hi ladies, thanks so much for responding to my stresses, I feel a bit better now. Aeroo, I did take into consideration the Gran, but I don't want EVERYONE but me staying there, you know? I want to have people stay at the Royal with my fiance and I so we can hang out, have meals together, etc. And, if my fiance and I were the only ones at The Royal and we'd have to keep going over to the Gran to visit, then what's the point of staying at The Royal? You know what I mean? And I am NOT settling for anything BUT a 5 star for my wedding! Antonia, thanks for the suggestion with the wedding w
  5. Hey ladies, are any of you having issues with The Royal's price point? It seems that most of my guests feel that $1800-1900 CDN (all inclusive, 1 week) with a group rate is still too much... do any of you think that might be too much for some of your guests as well? I know my wedding party will pay regardless, since they are regular travelers, and they know what to expect at a 5 star all inclusive, but some of my extended family aren't so experienced with traveling all inclusive, and it sounds expensive to them. I keep trying to convince them that its DEFINITELY the cheaper route to traveli
  6. Oh Aeroo thats so great to know that the weddings are so customizable. Bu really, what wedding group DOESNT need customization?!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Shay2679 Hey Steph...I was wondering when you'd be back!! I haven't received anything yet! But...I'm trying to be patient. I've emailed all those people that need to be emailed, and trust that they are just swamped with May weddings right now, and will answer some of my questions and make first contact when they can. We'll see how I feel about that again tomorrow...It's day by day my patience!!! What made you change your wedding day? We're hoping for the first or second week of May next year as we're planning on have an ADR May long weekend in Edmont
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Shay2679 Hi again, I'm still just wondering about this...does anyone know about the packages listed on their site as being customizable (word?) or did you all just basically tell your coordinator what you wanted, and they put something together for you? When were you expected to pay for your wedding "package" (either off the site, or customized)? Thanks! Hi Shay! You don't have to pay for the package until you arrive at the Royal, but I believe it is entirely customizable. I've already asked questions about the dinner reception, and they've tol
  9. hi Caracolgin, I'm from Toronto Canada, and we have all inclusive 1 week trip packages that we'll be doing. Do you have that option coming from dallas as well? I'm getting married next June (changed the date recently) at The Royal, and I'm waiting a few more months before booking my 1 week stay at the Royal. I do have the option of booking right now, but I'm waiting for Micaela the wedding coordinator there to actually confirm my wedding date. Have you contacted a travel agent yet? I see you're not getting married until next April, so you've got some time!
  10. Rhonda, what other resorts are you looking at this week? I also wanted to know if you could double check the pricing per head for the dinner reception. I'm also curious to know what the ballroom looks like at the Royal, but I think I'd rather have the garden reception anyhow. Thanks so much for the offer! Have a great trip!
  11. Hi Athena and welcome to this thread! I'm for Toronto, and your pricing seems just about right for 2 weeks. I'm actually seeing my travel agent tonight, so I'll let you know if the prices are different... they might be cheaper for me since Toronto is closer to the yucatan peninsula than BC. I'm excited to hear about the new wedding packages! I'm going to ask Micaela about the free wedding as well. i have my wedding date tentatively booked on May 12, 2009, I still have to wait for the minister's confirmation as it is still very early on to book the date. Please let us know of any updates
  12. Oh my gosh Antonia, your wedding looked gorgeous! The weather was perfect, and you looked so lovely! I can't wait to get married there! I'm so happy to see that your reception on the beach looked private, and there weren't any onlookers or anything like that! I also loved your trip through the town. Congratulations! I can't wait to hear the entire review!
  13. Hi Shannon and Jen, are your guests even considering the 1 week all inclusive packages? Most of my guests will be doing that, because you get more "bang for your buck". But it does all depend on how many days off work they can take off.
  14. Hey Ladies, I recieved an email back from Micaele, the WC at The Royal. She is reserving May 12, 2009 for us, but we will not have a confirmation until the ministers reply to our request. I'm crossing my fingers that it happens soon, because I want to get going on my Save the Dates!
  15. Shannon, when Real resorts confirmed your wedding date, did they give you some kind of confirmation number? I know they don't require a deposit... which i find a little strange.
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