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  1. We had 32 people attend and we only had one questionable incident. My husbands best man took his wedding band off and when room service was delivered they put the tray on the coffee table right next to where he laid down his ring. As they guy was leaving, he noticed his ring was missing and questioned the guy and he said he had no idea what he was talking about. My husband's best man believes that the guy took it but there's no way to know for sure. That would be pretty risky on the guys part. It could have fallen of the table, been bumped by the tray but who knows. One of my bridesmaid had a coach clutch with ALL of her CCs, cash and passport in it and left on a stand near the stairs for not even five minutes and when she went back to grab it was gone. The maid closest to her saw her looking for it and went and gave it to her, she saw it laying there and picked it up but if she was trying to steal it she didn't have to run over there and immediately give it to her when she noticed she was looking. Overall, we all felt pretty safe. No ones safes were broken into or anything like that. The Riu isn't perfect but overall it is a pretty nice place.
  2. The dresses are from Nordstroms but we found them online at smartbargains.com for half the price!! I didn't use any outside vendors. Mango was who the hotel provided and we thought they did a great job.
  3. I just wanted to let everyone know if you are getting married at Riu Palace don't worry. We were married Oct 11 and it was wonderful!! We were there when Cabo was hit by hurricane Norbet. The hurricane hit at 5am and Daniela was amazing. She was very helpful and helped us with a back up plan. We didn't need it though by 4 the sky was clear and the weather was beautiful. My husband and I figure there was someone out there looking out for us. Anyway, I know we all feel a little helpless going into it to but everything went perfect. The hotel staff did everything they could to make sure everything went smoothly. Daniela is awesome. She's not the best communicator but on the day and night of our wedding she went above and beyond and just made everything gorgeous!! I would get there again in a heart beat!! We did the Caprice package, welcome dinner at the San Jose Terrace and reception at the Steak House. For all inclusive, I thought the food and drinks were great. My friends and family raved about the food. After 5 days though it did start to get old but over all it is pretty good. Here is a link with our pictures. I don't know how to cut and paste them into the thread. All pics were done by Mango. MobileMe Gallery
  4. Mine package comes with transportation but I had some other guest (girl friends of mine) that are traveling alone and we wanted to make sure they had a safe way from the airport to the hotel. The transcabo site is great though! It was just what they were looking for! Thanks!!
  5. Does anyone know the safest, most reliable way for guests to get from the airport to the hotel? Thanks!!
  6. Wow! You guys have great ideas!! Love the wine stopper and glass tag ideas! Thanks!
  7. I thought about that, but there's just no telling what will be available down there. I wonder if anyone has shipped stuff down there. I just worry if it gets there before I do if it will be safe in the hotel.
  8. I'm trying to figure out what to give away as favors at the end of our wedding but am having a hard time deciding on something since it has to be small and light since we have to take everything with us in our suitcases? Do you guys have any suggestions?? Thanks!!
  9. In order to get married in Cabo you have to have an apostille accompanying your birth certificates and then have them translated. Does anyone know how to translate the documents? Do I have to go through a legal translator or can I just translate them myself or have some I know who speaks spanish translate them? Thanks!!
  10. Mine is October 11th!! I'm ready for it to be here!
  11. When I had a tough time getting Daniela to respond I emailed and copied the coordinator that is over the weddings for all of the Riu's in Mexico. This is the email address I used: weddings01@riu.com I don't know that persons name is, I just sent an email addressed to Daniela (and copied the weddings01 email) saying that I sent her (Daniela) the same email 3 times and hadn't gotten an answer from and asked if I was sending it to the wrong person. When I copied the 01 email I received an email back from Daniela immediately. Hope this helps!!
  12. Wow!! Thanks for all the fantastic info!! I can't wait to show all of this to my fiance!!
  13. Hey guys! My fiance and I are going to Puerto Vallarta for our honeymoon in October and I wanted to see if you guys could recommend any hotels, restaurants or fun activities. I've told if you visit Puerto Vallarta to do the non-inclusive plans since there are so many tasty restaurants there. Any suggestions?!?! Thanks! Courtney
  14. That's exactly what I want to do to!! Besides the the $500 site fee you also have to pay for the extra cost of food right? I have 30 guests as well and after all is said and done it gets really expensive!! Let me know what you find out! Or if anyone else knows, please post!!
  15. Thanks for you review!! I can't wait to see the pictures! Where did you end up getting married? Did you have a a private reception? Sorry about some of the hiccups!
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