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  1. What are you doing with decorations? I think I'm going to go a DIY route since there won't be too many people at the wedding, and I'd rather spend money on things like photographers. Have you picked out where you want the ceremony and reception? Sorry for so many questions, I see that your wedding date is closer and probably have a lot more planned than me!!
  2. Not bad. Sent off save-the-dates finally about a month ago and am starting to think about photographers and decorations. Does anyone by chance know who the photographer the resort uses, and if there's a crazy fee they charge for another photographer like I've heard of from other brides?
  3. That so awesome that you made a spreadsheet! Can you (or anyone else who sees this) send it to me at stef104154@aol.com? Haven't figured out who the photographer is at our resort yet but it's always good to have options. Thanks!
  4. I would love if you sent me any info you have! I only have a few initial pics they sent me, haven't started bugging them for a lot of info yet but I'm getting kind of antsy. Has anyone picked out where they want the wedding and reception?
  5. Hey guys! I started a thread a little while ago, but I guess not as many people get married there as some of the other resorts so less traffic on the thread. I'm confirmed for 10-11-12, haven't started working with the coordinator yet since I was just confirmed recently, and my weddings still about 9 months away. Let me know any information anyone gets! Congratulations to you all! http://bestdestinationwedding.com/t/76337/secrets-royal-beach.. there are some pics on here if ya'll want to see.
  6. I'm really liking the gazebo overlooking the water setup and even the fountain at NOW Larimar next door. I received pictures from a wedding coordinator that look promising. And I am LOVING this night time beach setup! My problem now is that I was waiting for my travel agent I was working with who had originally suggested Secrets to get final pricing for flight and hotel before booking a date to make sure my fiances family can afford it, but now I think I'll have to find a new travel agent since she's not returning my e-mails. Any helpful tips??
  7. So Secrets Royal Beach, formerly NH Royal Beach, is currently at the top of my list for resorts to get married at in the DR, for the all-inclusive adults only experience. I like also that it's next door to NOW Larimar to have the option of a bunch more restaurants and activities but being able to still retreat back to an adults only atmosphere. The only thing is I have not been able to find pretty much any pictures of weddings there! I've seen pictures of the resort and such on tripadvisor, but I'm hesitant to book without seeing pictures or hearing more reviews of the wedding ceremony a
  8. Hey guys, I'm at the very beginning of wedding planning and am planning to get married late 2012/early 2013, and this forum so far has been so helpful! I originally wanted to get married in Costa Rica, but never had thought of the DR until reading through places and looking at pricing, then ultimately decided on the DR because of the beaches, great prices and variety of all-inclusive resorts to choose from! My question for all ya'll is this: how did you choose the resort you are getting married at? Friends visits? Travel agents? Tripadvisor? Or a site visit yourself? There's
  9. Everything looks gorgeous! I'm still in the beginning phases of planning and you have pretty much the same kind of set-up I want re. the trio, DJ, reception. Did you buy the sashes or rent them? I was trying to think of cost-saving type stuff such as bringing decorations and such, and that's a great idea! Why did you prefer the gazebo over the beach? And if it woulnd't be a bother, would you mind sending me the cost of everything, if you still have it? Thanks! Stefani stef104154@aol.com
  10. I have just begun looking for venues, thanks for the thorough review of this one! If you can, would you please send me how much the additional add-ons costed and maybe the total cost of your everything together, since many of the extras you have I would like to add to? Was the semi-private reception very private, and was the DJ set up near the dining area where ya'll ate? Your wedding looks beautiful, and your color-scheme is along the lines of what I'm looking for! Thanks for the advice on sending pictures of center pieces and such, I didn't really know you could do that. Thanks, Stefani
  11. I am in the very beginning stages of planning my destination wedding and looking for locations, primarily in Dominican Republic or Costa Rica. One problem I have ran in to is with a teenager niece and nephew. I have been leaning towards all-inclusive resorts just to be able to get more bang for your buck, but the two I have really liked so far are adults only! The wedding packages are perfect for me, at a great price point, beautiful properites and have a variety of rooms for those attending, at different price points. But I was wondering if it was in bad taste to pick a resort where my niec
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