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  1. Hi Future Dreams brides! I got married there in Nov 2010, and it was a beautiful experience. Just got a preview to my wedding "film" back (my videographer is amazing, but takes 6 months to deliver), and wanted to share it, video does the place more justice than pics. It's so gorgeous! See it here: http://vimeo.com/21451419 Good luck to all!
  2. Kids do count! Under 12 count as half a person. I don't know the lower limit (ie...does a 6mo old or 1yo count?) but I do know our 2 and 3year olds counted.
  3. Ouvrm, You did have beautiful centerpieces! I am so happy it worked out for you. Perhaps my mistake was using her for more than just flowers (though looking at just the flowers, she still did a horrific job for my wedding). I also had a meeting with her at my venue before the wedding, and she showed up with a man who she called her "setup engineer" who I understood was taking measurements to plan for the final execution. I was impressed...I mean, he seemed professional. Who knows where she found him, no engineer would have ever done such a crappy job...I mean, look through my pics! I'm just saying...be weary. I also got PMd from 3 other brides with similar experiences who didn't feel comfortable posting about them on a public forum. One bride had her BM bouquets done, half of which fell apart before even reaching the ceremony site. I know it takes a lot to put yourself out there and post your pics with your username, and if you're one of those brides that PM'd, I urge you to share your story for the benefit of others.
  4. Thanks! And I love the dress in your avatar pic, so I'm sure we do hehehe
  5. Robe and Tank are sold, everything else is still available
  6. I can prob fit both in a priority flat rate box for $5
  7. Have a few things I actually brought back with me to sell. All items used once for hours at a time: Victoria's Secret Robe (L): $35 (note: this is size large, I wear a size 6 and it was fine. The print is white rhinestones, though it looks kind of blue in my pic) Victoria's Secret Bride Hoodie (Size Medium): $35 Bride Tank from VS (Size M): $15 Hear Shaped Sunglasses $10 (used only for pics) I have a pair of white ones and a pair of baby pink ones
  8. I love Fernando! He did my wedding a few weeks ago, I felt like a princess. And he sprayed some thing on my face, my makeup looked like this ALLL night, and I sweat the night away dancing for 6hrs too He's funny and fantastic. I gave him zero direction, he knew just what would look good. Here are 2 pics with him in them.
  9. Hey Rachel, here are the answers: 1. Duration reception: We have a LOT of dancers in my group, and 3hrs even wasn't enough. In the end, my reception was 6-1 (7hrs) and it did NOT feel like enough! Nobody wanted to leave, and they kept dancing WITHOUT music and with the lights on, until 2am when they officially kicked us out. We then moved to the jacuzzi and didn't hit our bed until 5am. It FLEW by, I didn't have a chance to dance with everyone I wanted, and it was satisfying but still not long enough. That being said, I paid $$$. Initially I did not want to spend, I have no money to spend. Once I was there, it kind of just clicked that this was once in my life, and I was in Cancun with family and friends from all over the world that I hadn't seen in years (Guatemala, New Zealand, Ireland, UK, US, Mexico, etc). So maybe it was a unique situation to me, but I suddenly didn't care about going into debt for a few more months in turn for the best party ever. So I paid up. You are forced to either pay for open bar, which includes the space and waiters, for $15 per person, plus tax and tip (comes out to ~$17 per person). Or, you can rent the space, for the ballroom that's $500 an hour and includes the space, and waiters. It seemed fair per USA prices which all resorts happen to have. For my $85 guests, that came out to $1200 per hour or so for open bar, which I paid 2 hrs of, then the rest I just paid for the space. Note that all you get is water if that's the case, they take all plates and juices, etc. In the end, I spent about $9,000 with Dreams. Not including my DJ and live band which were separate, and cake which was also separate. In retrospect, this was the best money I ever spent. Also keep in mind, the only place you're allowed to go past 11pm is the ballroom. 2. The rules say only buffet after 40 guests, but Cecilia hooked me up with sit down for 85 guests! I think it was more formal this way and guests loved the food. Everyone posted facebook pics of their dishes, it was great. Think that was all that was asked of me. I love this forum and it helped me out so much, please feel free to gimme all your Q's, I had a ton before my wedding too!
  10. Wow....talk about speaking too soon! Julieta was my worst nightmare. Everything she promised fell through, all lies. Yes, she did have the best prices, but you get what you pay for. In my case, I paid for a whole lot of stuff I never even got, so maybe that's not even so true either. Click here for details:
  11. None of my guests knew I hadn't shelled out extra $ for cocktails. The new terrace and tower lobby are so beautiful that there are no additional decorations I could even think of putting up. The furniture is all new and classic style. By skipping out on the cocktail hour, I did get 10 more guests for dinner. You should just look at what hour you will be there, I think snacks get placed at 4pm, so it was perfect timing for us. The appetizers are warm and cold (we had egg rolls, empanadas, and shrimp with cheese, pastries, fruit) and they put a ton of them out. Also, what we did was tip the tower bartender $100 before the ceremony. If you pay for cocktail hour, there is 1 bartender for every 10 guests. So essentially, you are screwing over the poor 1 bartender that happens to be there that night. Ours was one man for 85 guests. The tip helped him feel like he was getting compensated for his hard work, and he did a fantastic job. Everyone tipped him on their own too, so he was happy to make $$$, I was happy to only spend $100, and everyone was happy in the end.
  12. Hi Jana, well it's still before your wedding so you have time! Did you pay with paypal? I would try to get a paypal refund, which they offer for fraudulent transactions which this is. If you decide to go with her, make sure you use credit cards instead of your checking account on paypal in case she doesn't pull through like she did to me, then at least you can try to get refunded through your credit card as well. She did such a crappy job at gazebo decor and charged me only like $50 then what dreams would have charged. Dreams did an amazing job at everything I contracted them to do. Cecilia and Claudia are really on it, and if it's not too late for you, I would go with them for everything. I still managed to have the most amazing wedding ever! But this Julieta lady really gave it her best shot to ruin it. Most of all, nobody seemed to care about the decorations and we still had a great time, but it's that feeling of feeling straight out robbed that bothers me the most. In the end, she's just a small detail in the big picture, there is no way I'm giving this woman more credit than that. Thanks everyone for your comments, your time at Dreams will be amazing! After visiting 3 other 5 star resorts in the area, I still feel that Dreams had the best service, beach, food, and definitely wedding gazebo hands down! Sure, the rooms do need updating, but I spent 8hrs there max and 99% of that time was fast asleep
  13. I had a horrible experience with Julieta. Here's a link to my post and pictures of her work, including my centerpieces and ceremony flowers. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/thread/66071/do-not-use-julieta-wedding-florist#post_1493630
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