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  1. jennster_04 your pics are stunning! i think the resort photog did a great job for you. Â as for the other ladies worried about bringing in a photographer...just don't tell anyone...and have them be your guest. we had a pro photographer (that i never told karla we were bringing) and about 3 or 4 guests who had professional cameras and 2 or 3 people taking video as well. they were our guests...and no one stopped them during the ceremony. Â we only ended up getting 12 photos from the resort photog...and it was mainly due to the fact that everyone was taking pics. i swear out of 42 guests the only people NOT taking photos/videos of us were the wedding party. only one comment was made from the resort photog about all the photos being taken and i said our family is really into photography. i honestly wasn't expecting so many cameras that day but it was fun to see everyone's perspective too. Â if you do use the resort photog i just suggest you meet with them before the actual day of your wedding. i think it's important to talk to them about what you would like and don't want in photos. Â they are a little pricey...but they are still cheaper than paying for a pro photog to come from home with travel expenses and fees for the day. Â i think if you were to try and use a local photog it would be harder as the resort is probably familiar with them already. Â and remember ladies...don't stress so much about the planning. enjoy the day and keep things simple. Â also...for anyone else who wants the welcome template i have can you please PM me for it and not post your request in the forum. i don't get a chance to come on here as often lately. i just emailed it to a bunch of people so check your junk mail just in case. Â Â
  2. I got the 10 photos included in our wedding package from them. Â We had another photographer & friends/family taking photos. There photos were ok...I just didn't enjoy the 'angle' they were shooting at. It gave us both double & triple chins. Â I would suggest meeting with them when you get to the resort and discuss what you would like..and don't before the ceremony. Â
  3. it's plenty of time to do research on ideas of what you like, what you don't. where you want it to be. it's too early to get 'group rate quotes' for most places...but you can still pick a resort, pick a date (as long as you don't change your mind) and let people know your plans. create a fun save the date, website and keep your potential guests informed. lots of time to try on a dress and order one. lots of time to think about colours, flowers, music, invites, photos. but most of all...a lot of time to save money to pay for everything!!! good luck and happy planning.
  4. also remember if you are having a destination wedding not everyone will give you a gift (cash or not) as some people feel a gift is not necessary since they are spending the money to travel to your wedding. you may not agree with that, but it's a reality.
  5. wow lots of great details... i love your black/white dress too! congrats!
  6. great pics...and review congrats! that resort really is such a beautiful location!
  7. wow now this is a planning thread. i always love when girls show the clothes they plan to wear during the week. so cute. i have to say i love those clutches you got made for your bridesmaids with the note inside. so thoughtful! congrats and thanks for sharing!
  8. congrats! you guys both look so happy. we got married at the gbp tulum...the wedding gazebo looks the same! what a great place, eh!
  9. wow congrats and that is a huge amount. it is possible. i went to a friends wedding at punta cana bavaro princess last year and they had 54 guests. check around to see what is available, prices, what needs to be done. i'm sure you will find something great! enjoy the planning the process.
  10. majority of our guests didn't book til the month before or even a couple weeks before. we ended up having 42 guests come. be patient, it will happen. just remember that even though you have been planning this day forever...not everyone else has. also remember that even if people don't come you are doing a DW for yourselves. enjoy your day and focus on the positive things.
  11. i didn't wear a bra and i wore lace beige panties. they were comfortable and you couldn't see them. i had padding sewn into the top. it was sooo hot i couldn't even imagine wearing more clothing underneath.
  12. ha i can relate sort of. we bought DH suit last may before i even got a dress. then when it got closer to the date he tried it on and it was too big...and then we were worried about the colour. we got it altered and the colour ended up working out...but i seriously thought we were going to have to buy another suit. oh and did i mention that was already the 2nd one. haha. most spring/summer stuff comes out late feb/early march so you could wing it and get it then. and get the groomsman stuff together. that was our other issue because we couldn't find pants for the groomsman in the same colour as DH suit. we got something close but i tell ya...that was not a fun shopping experience. if people say women can't make up their mind...they are wrong. men are just as bad!
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