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  1. In the Asian culture, gifts are not usually given for a wedding. Guests give a dowry (aka cash). Usually enough to cover for their own meals and then some for the couple to start their lives. That's why many Asian weddings are 300+ people, without breaking the bank because all the guests pretty much "pitch in" for the wedding. Many friends of mine actually "make money" by throwing a huge wedding. I also want my wedding paid for like that. My question is...should I register for gifts for my non-asian friends? The problem is I really don't need things since I already have my own place and own many of the things people usually register for. It just seems tacky to me to ask for money from them since they don't know how things work in my culture.
  2. I was thinking about doing this too, since every girl wants her dream dress but not be out a ton of money, right? A friend had done this and was completely happy with her dress. She was able to custom it, she had emailed the company with pictures of different dresses, putting together an idea of exactly what she wanted. A mock dress was made out of cheap material so she was able to tell them to adjust it. When the dress came, it looked and fit her perfectly.
  3. I agree with some of the other posts...maybe it's just wedding stress...
  4. I was thinking about doing something different and fun like this couple: YouTube - Wedding Dance First As A Couple FUNNY Baby Got Back baby got back!
  5. I haven't decided yet, but I'm thinking more tropical colors, like fushia, bright green, sky blue and the likes
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