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  1. Everything you mentioned Kendall I am for sure keeping A lot of stuff I had customized with our names on them so I have no choice but to keep which I should of thought of ahead of time :/
  2. Good advice ladys! I especially like yours Vcwedding2011!
  3. My opinion would be to make a select few VIP so to speak name tags for your parents and his parents so that they get good seats next to you guys and let everyone else go where they chose. I had 100 guests and I almost did that for myself til everyone convinced me last minute that it would be pure chaos! haha.
  4. So Im noticing myself having a really hard time letting go of anything thats related to my wedding. Its been over 2 months and my little house is beyond cluttered with this stuff, but I just cant part with most of it. I find myself making excuses to keep it when my husband tells me I need to get rid of it! I cant even have guests come stay over because my spare room is so packed with all this. The holidays are fastly approaching so that means lots of relatives to come visit so I guess this is the only thing thats gonna light a fire under me! I was just wondering what everyones mandatory must k
  5. Oh and to all that really loved my cake.. Everything on it was edible! Nothing you see couldnt be eaten! Not that I actually ate any of those crazy towers, but I seen some eat em! I just went thru and looked at the pictures I posted and it reminded me of the one oopsy my florist made She didnt deliver enough flower petals so my flower girl actually had to carry a cluster of flowers they ripped out of our arch decorations!! At first I was a little upset about it, but really if thats the worst that went wrong I should be exstatic!
  6. Roo66 My dogs name is Snow. We call her Nony because her name doesnt quite fit her Thanks again guys for all the compliments! It means SO much to me!!
  7. I say do what makes YOUUUU happy Best advice I can give! I went off of other peoples opinions with a lot of things and now looking back, I think.. Thats not what I wanted!
  8. I have 100 satin fushia chair sashes and 100 organza fushia chair sashes!! Some are used and some are brand new, but they were all taken out of their packaging so I'm not sure which is which! I Also have mini paper lanterns its like a string of them with lights in em. If you are interested please email me at Crewsy9@yahoo.com because I cant always get on to this website but I get emails directly to my phone. Thanks!
  9. Ever seen Monster in Law? haha. Im so sorry your in that predicament! I had the opposite.. NOONE gave me there input.. not even my husband! I did everything on my own so I cant relate
  10. WoW! I would have been so furious! They should offer you lifetime cleanings/repairs for free or something!!
  11. Wow! Thats one day you'll never forget! My FI got my ring 2 sizes too big!
  12. A puppy is a true way to my heart! Awesome proposal chickadee!
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