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  1. I didnt get the chance to thank you! Everything is perfect, LOVE the bracelet. THANK YOU!
  2. Im interested in the round corner cutter and the bracelet. Thank you
  3. Thank you thank you thank you sooo much! First I did do the mistake of putting the RSVP for July 23rd thinking that I wanted to be done with all the wedding stuff before August so I could enjoy the rest of my summer. Thanks for the advice about telling them I need a head count to finalize payments and things with the WC, I will send them everyone an email July 30th and let them know that I need them to book so the WC knows they're part of my wedding or something. I know at the end of the day it will only matter if its FI and I but even my best friend who's supposed to be my maid of honor and his brother in law who's his best man haven't booked and don't seem like they're booking any time soon. Since the people I've invited are people who we are very close to I think I might just ask them to tell me the truth and are they really going so I can continue with the rest of my planning. Again thank you so much, don't get me wrong I am still VERY excited to be having my wedding in Paradise, I just wish ppl would stop trying to feed me BS. I <3 BDW and being able to have so many wonderful ladies who know exactly what I'm going through
  4. We've payed everything with credit cards and have paid the credit cards off right away. We used credit so if for any reason something goes wrong we can always try to argue the charges, but everything has been great so far.
  5. I haven't been on here in a while and it's mainly because I've been feeling a little stressed. I am completely done with my wedding planning, just going to get a few more things for OOT bags but that's it! I have had my dress since April, booked flights and stay, decorations, EVERYTHING! And it's so annoying that everyone I sent the invite to tells me they're going ( I only invited a few since I really only want about 20 guests) and NO ONE has booked! NO ONE! My wedding is three months away and I keep giving everyone info on the prices, I check them everyday! And everyone just says oh I have to book it and that's it. At first I didn't care that people weren't booking and I kept saying that as long as FI and I are there I really don't care. But now that I've spent so much time and effort planning this for a group it's bothering me that it seems like only our parents will be going. Ladies please help me calm downnn.. you all always know what to say.......
  6. I'm actually done with everything. Just going to order a few more OOT Bag items and then Im ready to go. Im also going to email the WC and make some chances, I had requested the semi private dinner at the italian restaurant but now I think Im going to go with a small private dinner. We'll see what happens. And do you have any pictures of the gazebo? I know they have one but I wasnt sure how it looked. If I like it I may change the location as well lol. How about you? How's your planning going?
  7. Hey Natie good to know Im not the only one getting married here. Im so excited and can't wait!
  8. Aww don't feel like that, Ive felt that way many times but Ive learned that this is about FI and I and who ever really loves us will be there for us. Its your day, better yet your week in paradise, and those who aren't there to ruin it for you will only make your stay better. And about the dress I think we all feel that way about something in the wedding, something we're just not sure of but don't let it get you down and Im sure your pictures will look amazing either way. Enjoy your wedding and honeymoon, and when you come back you'll be the one who will have all the fun stories to share and everyone else will be upset they didnt make it.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by klarson Good morning everyone, I am new here and so glad I found this post. The dress I want is a Maggie but I did not want to pay the $1000 price tag. I am thinking of using gianinarbridal and am curious if you guys think she can recreate this. I know alot of you have experience using her so just wanted to hear what you think. Okay, I keep trying to upload photos but it is telling me that I have an invalid file so here is the link. Thanks for any input. RSM1038 - by Sottero & Midgley Im pretty sure it can be done exactly she did my Maggie dress and it came out looking just like the original. The only thing I would suggest is looking into some real touch flowers to add to the dress because Im not sure of the quality of the flowers they use. My dress is: Amara Royale - by Maggie Sottero
  10. FI is 5 years and 10 months older than I, but he looks so young that we look about the same age.
  11. I purchased an aisle runner and its about 2lbs but I just realized its 36 inches, i hope it fits in my luggage :/ I'll check tomorrow
  12. Lol best of all you can get on the forum while on the go
  13. Yes def get it. I'm using my curve right now while I type this. The internet is pretty good. Email is great and fast. Also blackberry messenger and texting are very addicting. I also have my aim, live and fb hooked to it. So I can stay in touch with everyone without having to turn on my laptop. My mom laughs at me cause my phone is always in my hand lol
  14. I don't think I would need it. I've been planning my wedding for a year now. And finally decided on a resort a few months ago. ( Around March). Ive emailed the WC many times and while I don't get a response right away I get a clear response in a week of so with all my questions answered. I still have 4 months to my wedding and I am not going to stress out about the little things. I have been able to plan everything on my own, while in school, working and looking for a house and job in another state. I can deal with even waiting for the day I meet with the WC to finish the finally details. The whole point I decided to do a Destination Wedding was so I wouldn't be stressed and that's exactly what I'm going to keep doing.
  15. Passport is def necessary when flying internationally.
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