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  1. aww! I just saw this post. well thats what I get for not lurking the site as much anymore.
  2. You can go to Nancy's Lashes off of Fondren & Richmond and she charges $30. Mines stayed on for 2weeks.
  3. DH first found BLC online. It was very difficult to find a great and AFFORDABLE photog in Riviera Maya. After reviewing their pics online and on facebook we really enjoyed their work. So we contacted them via email, asked a few questions, and they were all answered. The next step was to place a $250USD deposit via paypal. Unfortunately their paypal account was down for sometime so we contacted BLC again, and we were promised they would save the date until we were able to pay. Well we were getting anxious because paypal was still down and we hadn't been able to pay the deposit, I was afraid to lose them because the wedding was only a few months away. But they assured me our date was safe. We were about to wire transfer the money when it finally began to work. So now I felt safe. In Mexico, Dennis called our room and left a message for us to call him. DH called and confirmed what time to arrive. Since our wedding was at 4pm, we asked him to arrive at 3pm for getting ready pics. We contracted BLC for 3hrs and 72 photos. Pepe, our photographer for the day, arrived right on time! As soon as he said hello, he was very kind! So professional. and the best part about him... GAVE GREAT DIRECTION! "Look here; wait, do that again; turn that way; drop the shoulder; big smile; etc" we LOVED it! He would help place us so that he could take the best candid shots. Not posed. or, he would stay back and snap away while we hardley noticed he was there! I feel that those are some of the BEST shots. Then Pepe went ahead to the ceremony location to perpare for me (bride). He took photo's of the set up alone, which was so great because in the midst of it all, I never got a chance to stand back and embrace it. The photo, very moving. Just the canopy, chairs, and sashes or draping. I cant ever remember where Pepe was througout the ceremony but after viewing the photos, he was EVERYWHERE!!!! One of my favorite shots is him underneath everyone and captures the pouring of the sand with our family all around. Its magnificent! Pictures of the rings. Pictures of the two of us staring into eachothers eyes. The flower girl. Soo many!!! Afterwards we took photos with the family, friends, mothers, just His family, just Her family, etc. After about 1/2 an hour the now Husband & I left with Pepe down the beach to take more private photo's. Again, he gave Wonderful direction!!!! Which made it SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!! He gave us SO many options and a TON of ideas. He was SO professional because he would warn us about shades showing up. Or the sun darkening our faces. Or people in the background. Or the flowers (my bouquet) needing to be facing him. Or my viel falling off, lol! we LOVED Pepe and working with him! It was definitely a top 5 highlight of our entire wedding! After we got all the shots, he even offered to stay a bit longer to get the cake cutting scene. That was so kind, but we excused him because we had the resort photog coming ( he was included in the wedding pkg) Pepe advised us to meet Dennis in the lobby at 6pm on Monday. Dennis was right on time Dennis met us with this apple computer. He showed us a disc with all 250+ photos, untouched. Option 2 was 130+ photos Prof Edited. Option 3 was a dvd slide show. Dennis offered us a fantastic deal! Option #2 was going for an additional $400usd + the $250 deposit/credit we had. You see, we had originally chosen the 72 printed 6x8 photos for $650 ttl. So, instead, we got over 130 Edited photos for the same price!!! Thats practically DOUBLE! and trust us, we dont mind printing them out ourselves! its even better because we can print as many as we want for family and friends!!!! We paid the balance in cash. The three of us sat around and chatted for a minute. I brought up that we were SO pleased with the entire process and everyone we dealt with at his company, that we were already planning on writing reviews on BDW, FB, and anywhere we can find a place to!!! He was so thankful, that he says, if we promised to do so, he threw in 3 dvd slideshows free of charge! Each being $150 alone! We were in shock! We couldn't believe how generous Dennis was being. It wasnt a bribe, because we had already decided to write these reviews. We have gotten a million complaments on their work, we just can't stop looking at the pictures over and over. I am just so very glad that we hired them. We would have been IN TEARS if we just stayed with the horrible resort photog. ugh, dont get me started! Thats a whole other review. (soon to come) My hope for BLC and their crew, is that a bride or groom read this review, understand how wonderful they are, and book them. You will not regret it. It will be one of your best decisions, we promise! Needless to say, for our one year annv, when we return to the riviera maya, we are BOOKING THEM AGAIN FOR TTD!!!!!!!!!! can't wait! xoxo and thank you Diana, Pepe, & Dennis for everything! We will cherish your photos forever! much love and appreciation! God Bless
  4. hey everyone, DH & I just got back from our wedding on 7/31. I havent had a break yet to sit down and write a review but I will soon! There were bumps here and there but great for the most part. Dont stress, once you are there its pretty much smooth sailing
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Tisha316 okayyyy girls...drum roll please...i know i have been mia for months!?!!?? but the time is approaching and I want to thank you all for your ideas and helpful suggestions to make our wedding fabulous!! We are getting married in 9 days!!! yes...9 days!! and we leave next wednesday and, girls, I am soooooo excited!! We have 31 confirmed guests attending and if you girls have any suggestions please respond!! I READ everything!!! We want to plan a trip to the mayan ruins...any suggestions on how we should all get there? Time of DAy? How much the tour is? and who I can contact to confirm? Love you ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hey we're twins! our ceremony is at 4pm on the Southend by ssg. hope to see you there!!!
  6. they do but they charge extra. and I would rather buy it to ensure the color matches perfectly.
  7. just need to buy canopy/chuppa material, waiting for my parasols to arrive, stamp the oot bags with our monograms and was thinking to write lil personal cards for each one. have my bachelorette party. get groom to go buy his shirt for the ceremony. eyelashes, wax, thread, and nails/pedi. pack and go! (I thinks that be it) at least I hopes, lol
  8. does anyone know how much organza material I need to buy at the fabric store to decorate the canopy? I am thinking either one strand on each post or enough to go over the canopy so the sun is blocked. help pls! I am going either tonight or tomorrow because we leave next week. thx
  9. mine is this saturday!!!!!!! We are all dressing up for the pole/fitness class. most are wearing corsets, boy shorts, fishnets, or leg warmers. then we are playing drinking games and treasure hunts at the clubs/lounges. and we are all wearing these cute masks my sister made! Cant wait!!!! I will post pics!
  10. dang! thats rough when she doesnt understand to SHUT UP!!!! oooooh just reading you described her ANNOYSSSSS MEEEE!!!!!!!!! makes me want to slap dumb people like that! Im so sorry. Try turning the tables, "Say oh thats a wonderful idea! Why didnt I think of that?? Thank you so much!" and then the day of, she will see how all YOUR ideas and HARD work combined beautifully. Then if she asks why you didnt use her idea's, just say, "Oh dont be silly!" and laugh it off, heehee
  11. I would try to get a refund over the phone :-D and say because their tech has crummy hours. and go elsewhere. Im really sorry, brides are so very busy to be having to go back places. GL
  12. bsf&jpg


    Quote: Originally Posted by barbiegirl_27 lol, trust me it's crossed my mind! Double whammy, my other best friend, told me this morning that she can't commit b/c she's looking to get pregnant, and she's just changed jobs which meant taking a pay cut.....i know its selfish, but i'm seriously disappointed and considering not forking out the money to fly home to the other friends wedding. oh man! double wammy in deed! Well, like everyone says around here, all you need is him! When its just you looking into his eyes, and he into yours, that moment is all that matters! That little phrase is getting me through! It sparked that little fire that finally made me excited about our wedding again! Confession: I have been such a fatty this last month before the wedding! Pizza, soda's, ICE CREAM, carbs Carbs & CARBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no fair cause Ive been doing GREAT this whole year. Last year I dropped 30lbs. This year a car accident cause me to stop working out and even gain back a few pounds. Then I work to lose em, only to slowly eat them back on. boo! Next week, last week in town, I am eating only SUPER HEALTHY and cutting out most carbs! I CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5lbs is all I ask . But if I can push it to ten why not? LOL
  13. I think the baker should attempt to partice using fondant or white chocolate. but, I have to say, when I first saw this post, I thought it read.. "HELP!! Need to BUY edible UNDIES!" HAHAHAH!!!! and then I clicked on it and saw coral, LOL!
  14. Yesssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Two weeks from today is my Bachelorette partay!!! ohw ohwww!!! We are going to Pole La Teaz on Hillcroft then to Straits Lounge at City Centre and maybe RA Sushi too! IM SO FREAKIN EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And a day of beauty of course. getting my eye lashes done at Nancy's Lashes off of Fondren & Richmond. She charges $30 and they stay on for up to 2wks! And you can wear them in the water ladies!!! Then I am getting waxed over at Cleopatra's secret off Kirkwood and Memorial. Then the Gel OPI Axxium at Q Designer Nails off Westheimer and Fountain View... I am gonna be all over the place!
  15. bsf&jpg


    Quote: Originally Posted by barbiegirl_27 I have to confess that I finally came out and asked my best friend, who is also planning a wedding, if she was even thinking of coming to my wedding.....and although all along, since she hasn't expressed wanting to come, I had already thought the answer was no, I'm still super disappointed to find out that her answer is pretty much no. I totally get that she's planning a wedding, but for me to fly home for her wedding will cost almost the same as what it's going to cost for a week at an AI. *sigh* sorry to hear that. Thats just so not fair. This seems to happen A LOT around here. I would be a child and say "Fine! Im not going to make it to yours either! AND MY wedding will be much more awesome! hmph!" jk, lol.
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