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  1. I ADORE the overlap/criss-crossed band design....so pretty! Your FI did a fantastic job, mishele81!
  2. Va-va-va-Voom, Tessa! You and your FI make such a lovely couple, and I applaud you for thinking outside of the box, and doing something original!
  3. Fabulous rings, ladies....I could go through this thread over and over (but won't) for fear of going blind from all the bling!
  4. I agree with everyone else who said "tiara"...particularly since you showed us your gown! While I typically prefer hair flowers over tiaras for beach weddings (maybe I am a little biased to the flower since I wore one myself!), I think the tiara would coordinate PERFECTLY with the classic styling of your dress! And I'm with Jenn -- you can still wear the hair flower for the rehearsal (or even just for fun on your honeymoon!) GOOD LUCK!
  5. Whatta gown, Eliana! Fits you like a dream....you're gonna take everyone's breath away!
  6. While I agree that both gowns are gorgeous in their own respect, I think you should wear your DREAM dresson your wedding day, regarless of where it's taking place....otherwise, I think you might regret it in the end! ** (I had the same issue -- actually, I had originally purchased a perfectly beach-appropriate gown, and after having SERIOUS doubts and dress-regret, I went with my heart and decided to get my huge, HEAVY Sottero & Midgley princess gown -- best decision ever!) And yes, although it was somewhat cumbersome to move in and a little uncomfortable/hot in the Caribbean h
  7. Oh, Christine (sunmoonstars).....Odessa is absolutely, positively STUNNING! I adore that gown, and you MUST post picks of yourself in it as soon as possible if that what you decide to go with!! Good luck and continued success with the weight loss, too -- I know how hard it can be at times! And the 2011 Maggie Sottero runway show has already taken place in October I think, however I keep checking the website and nothing new is up....maybe the Maggie page on facebook might have something posted?
  8. Hi, Sara -- I guess I am in the minority, but I really love dress #2....and I think although it might be a bit heavier than the other two, it's structure will hold up well against the water! (Friendly FYI: I suppose your decision might depends on how much you want the dress to cling to you, because having done a TTD myself, I can tell you that #1 and #3 will be somewhat 'glued' to you after you get it wet/get out of the water, and also be careful what undergarments you wear, because the thinner the material, the more sheer/see-through it will become when it is wet!) Just a word t
  9. Oooh....such FABULOUS rings, girls!! (Your other fingers must be jealous....)
  10. FABULOUS!!! You look beautiful....and your dress already fits you so well! CONGRATS!
  11. I'm with everyone else -- hands down, for sure, DRESS #1!!! You look beautiful, and it is very flattering on your figure....plus, the playful ruffles are perfect for a DW and you may not be as hot, which let me tell you, will be more important on the day-of than you would believe!!
  12. Jaime, that dress is GORGEOUS and if you can already *SEE* yourself getting married in it.....then (IMO), it quite possibly could be THE ONE!! Â I made the mistake of being too excited a month after I got engaged, and rushed out to David's Bridal and bought a dress the first day out, after trying on only 5 dresses -- BAD IDEA! Â About a few months later (with the 1st dress and all the accessories for it already in my closet), I was having serious dress-doubts, and then I saw (and fell head-over-heels in love with) a Sottero & Midgley gown online that I could also SEE myself gett
  13. On our wedding day, while we were getting ready separately, I had my father take my husband a Citizen Eco-Drive watch I'd gotten him (which he loves!) and sent back to me a right-hand ring (a small, 3 stone ring set in a 'wave' type of band design, which he later said to was meant remind me of the waves in Jamaica on the day we got married). Super romantic, and we both wear our gifts everyday! And what's better is we put a $200 limit on what we could get each other before hand, so we found some really great bargains and have another daily reminder of the best day of our lives -- win-win!!!
  14. Such beautiful gowns, Rie2010!! Â When you get your gown in, please post pics of yourself in it because a real bride ALWAYS looks much more beautiful than the model, for sure! And kudos to you for being so brave and just going with your heart to get the gown you just KNEW was right for you -- the whole situation just worked out beautifully, and I'm so excited for you! Â And excellent choice on the bridemaid gowns, as well -- one shoulder strap is a huge trend right now, and so is floral, so you're on the money and your girls should be thankful you have such great taste!!
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