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  1. Our guests are flying down from all over Canada. The western group will get there on the 15th and the eastern group on the 16th. Everyone is going down for a week. I can't believe how soon it is! Do you guys know anything about the menu for weddings? Do they have a set menu or would everyone just order from the normal a la carte menu?
  2. We are getting married on the 18th so we'll be there at the same time! Mabiel actually just got back to me today. She said that the tables are usually set up for 4 people but they will group 2, 3 or 4 together. I'm bringing my own centerpieces down so I'm trying to figure out how many I'll need. That, and I need to figure out how I'm going to arrange seating for 4 sets of parents, the wedding party and guests. She said that they normally seat the bride and groom at a sweetheart table though so that helps with the planning. I asked a few more questions earlier on but she just told me not to worry about it, that we would meet the day we get there to sort out what we need. I'm trying to stay relaxed about it but it's so very soon. It's getting harder!
  3. We are getting married at the Blau in January 2012. We have 60 people coming with us. I'm trying to sort out what I need to bring down for decorations. The resort has been really good about getting back to me on everything with this one exception. Does anyone know how many people are at each table? Would they combine tables into larger tables? I would really appreciate any information I can get.
  4. I had been originally planning on booking Azul Sensatori until I learned that the beach is quite rocky and not ideal for swimming. I had a moment of panic and then threw myself into researching. After many hours FI and I have settled on Gran Caribe. We have a meeting with our TA this week to confirm group pricing then it's booking time! We are looking at the last week of November next year and can't wait!
  5. Thanks ladies! I was actually really surprised with my response to all of your feedback. I was convinced I was in love with dress 1 but found myself getting defensive about dress 2 far more so than dress 1. I think I'm going to go with #2! I am usually so decisive. I find I'm wavering a lot with my wedding decisions. I have to start making decisions and stop looking at other options. I just end up confusing myself!
  6. Hey All, I'm trying to decide between two dresses and I need help. I have been waivering back and forth for months and I need to make a decision and place my order. Please help! Dress 1 I feel very much like a bride in this dress. I adore it, however, it weighs about 30 lbs and I'm afraid the heat would ruin my day. I'm trying to decide if the suffering is worth it in the end. Dress 2 Very light, very comfortable, very beachy. It fits beatifully and I love it. My only concern is that I will regret not going for the over-the-top look.
  7. My BM's and I just decided on this dress from Bella Maids in turquoise. Very excited! They will be carrying bouquets of orange/coral/yellow.
  8. I agree with everyone. Definitely the tiara. I love that it's a side tiara. It would look gorgeous with the hair style you're planning!
  9. Here goes... my first shot at posting a picture in the thread. I don't have a wedding band yet. I'm going to have to have something custom made to fit the assymetry of the ring. I'm thinking a simple band of pave diamonds running along the underside of the band. I still want the diamond to appear to be floating.
  10. I was originally leaning towards magenta, and orange but FI and I had a chat about it last night and he's not thrilled with the lack of masculinity. He actually suggested this color combo. I was hesitant at first but I'm coming around very quickly. I found the site below very helpful in visualizing the various color palettes. I'm now leaning towards turquoise/tangerine/watermelon. http://theperfectpalette.blogspot.com/
  11. This is a great thread! I've already had my FI on the site. I've given him very few wedding related tasks thus far so the ones I have give him he takes very seriously. Attire for himself and his 4 GM is one of these tasks. He's thinking of the light grey. Have any of you ordered the grey? It's always tough to tell how light or dark it is on the computer monitor.
  12. I was at a bridal shop in Edmonton Alberta about a month ago and they had me put on a "hoop" under the gowns I was trying on. I had never heard of or seen one before but I will most definitely be wearing one! It is essentially a slip made of nice, lightweight material with a hoola hoop stitched into the bottom. It gives you the poof you want for your dress without the extra material (and subsequent heat). It actually keeps the dress away from your skin and acts a personal A/C. I recently moved to Halifax but will be ordering a "hoop" from Edmonton. They run about $40. I've added a link to their site below. http://www.bridaldebut.com/
  13. Thanks Skadow! This is super helpful. I'm also trying to decide on the resort.
  14. Hi all. I'm also from Halifax. FI is from Edmonton and our family and friends are spread all across the country. To be fair cost-wise, we wanted something central so we've opted for Riviera Maya in November 2011. We are leaning toward Azul Sensatori but haven't been able to nail down pricing this early. We just moved back here from Calgary where I had been working with a TA who I love. I'm torn between staying with her or going with someone local. Have you guys worked with any great local TA's specializing in destination weddings?
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