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  1. Hi there!!! I'm getting married April 17, 2011 at Moon Dance Villas !
  2. No problem at all!!! I'm glad I could help
  3. Planning is going really well. I'm working with Oneika at the Villas and she is as responsive as I would expect her to be this far away from our date but EXTREMELY helpful. The Villas only accommodate 40 guests so I really didn't have much of a choice but to book the Cliffs as an alternative just in case we fill the resort. Which is a strong possibility considering our guest list including +1's came out to about 350 people. Call me crazy, but I still think we'll end up with a average size group (Not too big, not too small). I really had my heart set on getting married on the beach. Are you as anxious as I am? 7 months to go!!!
  4. That is SOOO funny!!! Our overflow guests will be staying at MDC April 14th - April 18th. We're getting married on the 17th and my future hubby and I will be checking out of MDV on April 23rd. Maybe we'll catch you on the beach!!!
  5. Thanks again everyone!!! I recently contacted Sarah and we're scheduled to start on my invitations on October 3rd. I Can't Wait!!!
  6. Â Thanks so much mistibuard. Luckily, I was able to order my bridesmaids dresses from the same boutique that I ordered my wedding dress as they happened to be a local Bari Jay retailer. The bridesmaids dress is designed by Bari Jay and the style# is 102. Â Happy Planning!!! Â
  7. Hello Everyone!! Â I'm getting married on April 17, 2011 at Moon Dance Villas in Negril, Jamaica. Â 7 months to go and SUPER EXCITED.
  8. Hi wilsonj2,  I am getting married at Moon Dance Villas in April of 2011 and below is the information that I received from my wedding coordinator Oneika regarding all the wedding "add ons".  Ceremony Music Recorded Music – Out door Stereo, All you have to do is to provide a cd or an ipod Celloist - $300 per hr Violinist - $300 per hr Steel Band $250 per hr Flowers Complimentary to you is a Bridal Bouquet & Boutonniere within the cost of $100. You can visit our Florist website, www.floralfantasiesjamaica.com and chose the bouquet Style that you like. The name of our Florist is Rose- Marie and she can be contacted at floralfan@hotmail.com . Please feel free to send me your ideas too. She would be happy to replicate it. Cake 1).Margaret Myrie has a lovely website with lots of cakes. Click on the following link: www.snapfish.com http://www1.snapfish.com/thumbnailshare/AlbumID=264563267/a=15949624_15949624/ Password: power You can email Margaret at gritty56@yahoo.com 2). Noida Cooke Another popular Baker is called Noida Cooke. I have pictures of her cakes but she is still working on her websites.Picture #127 on the following website : http://www.scphotographyslideshows.com/Marc_Zuhairah/ is a cake done by her at my last wedding. Arch & Aisle You can refer to the florist website for Arches. Below are links to a few websites and past weddings with Arches done by Moon Dance. Moon Dance Arches cost $50 http://sungoldphoto.com/Leslie-Patrick/ picture #25 http://sungoldphoto.com/Candice-Melvin/ picture #32 Aisle Markers by Moon Dance Short Bamboo Posts with Flower Toppers. Cost; $50 Rental of Chairs White Wooden Chairs --- $3 per chair Chivari Chairs --- $12.50 per chair Metal Folded --- $ 2 per chair ( Generally used with Chair Covers & / or Tie Backs Rental of Tables Round Table – $10 per table ( Seats a maximum of 8 Persons) Rectangle Table $10 per table ( Seats a maximum of 6 persons) Rental of Chair Covers White Chair Covers - $ 3 per chair Cover Rental of Tie Backs Assorted colors - $3 per Tie Back Fire Dancer $300 per Act for the Fire Dancer. African Drummers  Lighting Options Moon Dance will provide tiki torches and spot lights. Other recommendations are as follows; · Luminaries for the pathways (will cost the exact costs for tee light candles) · Lighting Package ( refer to DJ – Sound Illusion, they offer lighting packages as well) Photographers Paula & Damian--- www.sungoldphoto.com Stacey Clarke -- www.staceyclarkephotography.com Diana Campbell-- www.digitalmemoriescollection.com Forrester Gayle--- www.fgphotosnegril.ning.com Brian Nededley - www.briandesign.com Michael Saab - www.saabweddings.com www.wpajamaica.com ( Sungold Associates) Videographer Roxroy Gough – Email: rgdweddings@gmail.com Stacey Clarke – www.dreamvideographer.com  DJ We use a DJ by the name of Paul Dilworth with Sound Illusion. – Excellent service! You can contact him by Email; soundillusionent@hotmail.com You can visit his website (he is still working on it) www.weddingdjnegriljamaica.com The rate that we have been using is $200 per hr. These prices are subjected to change.  Oneika has been so helpful and has gotten fantastic reviews on the forums so you really can't go wrong with the Villas.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by wilsonj2 Thanks! I'm exhausted from searching the threads...haha too long on the computer. I have found a lot of great info, but not the specific things I would like to know. Â I haven't gotten any information from the resort yet, but I'm wondering if there is anyone out there who has done a combination of the Cliffs/Villas for their wedding...is that allowed? I've read you can only have the same number of outside guests as you have staying at the Villas, but I'm wondering if this applies to people staying at the Cliffs? If they are connected, you would think the rules wouldn't apply? How would the reception work? What is included in the free wedding package? We would love to just rent out the villas, but I don't think some of my guests could afford that, and I want to offer them the price of the Cliffs. Â I'm a little lost right now and could really use some info! I appreciate any details! @wilsonj2: We are also getting married at Moon Dance Villas and utilizing the Cliffs for overflow guests. Â I am not sure about how the 50/50 rule applies pertaining to the Cliffs but I think it might depend a great deal on your numbers. If you were to only have 5 people staying at the villas and 50 staying at the Cliffs and had your wedding on the beach that would not allow Moon Dance to host another wedding that day at either resort due to the cliffs almost being nearly full to capacity and their one wedding a day policy (which I love!!!). I think they might also take into consideration how many other guests would be at the Villas and how a wedding of 50 off-site guests would impact the other potential 35 guests at the villas. Moon Dance is very accommodating so if you let them know your situation I am sure they would be able to find some way to work things out. You could also have your ceremony at the Cliffs which I hear is stunning. Â Included in the free wedding package is the complimentary services of a wedding coordinator, a wedding ceremony, marriage officer, license, paperwork, and bouquet (Up to $100) and boutonniere for the bride & groom. The florist they use is Floral Fantasies http://www.floralfantasiesjamaica.com/. You can get pricing information from them. If you choose the all-inclusive food option then there is no additional cost for the reception food or beverages but you will need to pay for tables ($10) and chairs ($2-$12.50 each depending on what you want). Â Sorry about the long response but I have been so excited about my wedding and I've been doing A LOT of research to make sure I cover everything. If there is anything else you need to know just ask.
  10. Hello Everyone, Â I have booked Roxroy Gough from RGWeddings and I LOVE his work that I've seen so far. He relaunched his new website at www.rgweddingsii.com. He is based out of Montego Bay but travels anywhere in Jamaica (I'm getting married in Negril) Â He sent me a link with some samples of his work. It is password protected so PM me and I'll forward you the information.
  11. Â I am so glad I could help JaimeLe318!!! The funny thing is that as much as I loved this dress I almost didn't choose it at first b/c when it first featured on the Bari Jay website it didn't come in the color that I wanted. Fortunately, this season they debuted their Hot Pink chiffon and I just couldn't see my ladies in anything else. Good luck dress shopping and make sure to let everyone know how things turns out. Â Â islandbrideshop thank you so much for that because my friends and family really were trying to convince me that I was CRAZY. I really wanted to avoid the whold dress shopping experience all together considering I am so picky. I would have been that bride who tried on 100+ dresses and none would have compared to the one that I wanted. I am really glad that things turned out the way they did though. Â
  12. You all sure know how to make a girl feel GREAT!!! Thank you so much. LanaM: My wedding dress was designed by Rina di Montella and the bridesmaids dresses are from Bari Jay.
  13. I'll be getting married April 2011 at Moon Dance Villas. I Can't Wait!!!
  14. Thanks so much everyone!!! I appreciate the kind words   DeAngelis2be: The designer of my bridesmaids dress is Bari Jay.  islandbride317: I was told that my dress would arrive in late November so I'll be sure to send an updated pic once it comes in. Quote: Originally Posted by HazelsMelody Oh my gosh that's so lucky for you!!  I'm in the same situation - I hope it turns out as well for me as it did for you! I found my dream dress online and after several weeks of deliberating, I just ordered it, except I ordered mine when I was about 6 months pregnant, based on my pre-pregnancy measurements (plus one size bigger). My dress has been in for about 2 weeks now and I'm a week overdue, so I still haven't even been able to try it on! And knowing the bridal boutique is only a short walk away from my house and my dress is there is killing me!! LOL I can't wait to lose enough baby weight to be able to try it on and at least see what it looks like!! )  So glad it all worked for you! They're both beautiful dresses! HazelsMelody: I'm sure you will look stunning in your dress and CONGRATULATIONS on the little one.
  15. Thanks so much everyone!!! I appreciate the kind words   DeAngelis2be: The designer of my bridesmaids dress is Bari Jay.  islandbride317: I was told that my dress would arrive in late November so I'll be sure to send an updated pic once it comes in.  HazelsMelody: I'm sure you will look stunning in your dress and CONGRATULATIONS on the little one. Â
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