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  1. As a wedding planner in Jamaica I can tell you that there are great bakers in Jamaica. There is a very good baker in Negril that all the hotels and alot of persons use alot. You can inbox for details or find out who your resort will be using. She is also mentioned here. You can also read the other older posts on cakes to see who other persons have been using.
  2. Hi, Of all the resorts I have worked with I love Iberostar. Their onsite planners are very responsive and the rooms are great. Then there would Jewel Resorts and then there would be RIU but I had a bad experience last week while staying at RIU Montego Bay as a guest and communication is sometimes slow and then there would be Grand Pall. But get your own linens for wedding receptions there.
  3. The hotel package decor is normally pretty standard and looks ok. You can ask the resort planner to send you pictures or samples. They will reply.
  4. He is very very good. A little pricey but worth every penny.
  5. December is pretty cool by Jamaican standards and its not a rainy month. September is during the hurricane season and its pretty hot that time of year. Not alot of rain unless we are expecting a storm or hurricane.
  6. Hi, I have worked with both Misha and Brian for my clients and both are really really good. Either way you cant go wrong. Happy planning and all the best.
  7. Yes at the hotels its different than when you do it yourself as the hotels just have the minister come in and do the ceremonies for that afternoon so its discounted. But if the minister has to travel to you alone whereever you are thats the usual rate.
  8. Hi, Most ministers usually charge between US$300 and US$350 to do everything and to send the marriage certificates to you after your wedding ceremony. Certificates usually take a max of 6 weeks to be prepared.
  9. August is extremely hot and also risky as its hurricane season but we have weddings year round and during hurricane season. You have to decide if you want to take that chance. October, November and December are cooler months but we do get some rain but not as much as Mayand early June, it usually doesnt last long but as you know we can't predict. Just have a back up plan in place if it rains. But in the summer months you get better rates at the hotels than during or closer to winter season.
  10. Hi, You have Iberostar, RIU Resorts (Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Negril) Beaches, Grand Pallidium are all good choices. If you are on a serious budget there is also Holiday Inn, the rooms aren't great but the food is good and its easy on the pocket and they have a nice beach gazebo which I have used for weddings before. Happy planning and all the best.
  11. Hi, Natalie is no longer there. The new coordinator there that I have been working with for the last few months for a clients wedding there next week is Glendon. If you have international call time call 876 -633-9900 and ask for the weddings office then him. Take care and all the best.
  12. For photographers you can also check out Michael Saab, Sungold, Misha Earle and Marcia Roberts they are always good choices.
  13. Hi, I wanted to say all the best to all the 2011 brides and thanks for choosing Jamaica as your wedding destination.
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