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  1. Hey ladies, i need some SERIOUS help!! I have been planning my DREAM destination wedding for over a year now, I have my dress, resort, flowers, std's, invitations, ATR venue, caterer, band, decorator... you name it! done, complete, just patiently waiting for the best day of my life. I noticed I was late for my period, so sure enough I did an at-home test and it confirmed... IM PREGNANT! the day I found out I was in tears, so many thoughts were going through my mind, can I still go to Jamaica? Can I wear my wedding dress? I cant celebrate and party with all my friends (Selfish I k
  2. Hey Everyone, Here are ten of my FAV engagement pictures, We wanted to do something a little different then laying in a field staring at eachother so we hoped in our sports car and motorcyle and off we went! I think they turned out amazing, thanks to my ever so talented photographer (PM me for details)
  3. Hello fellow brides! I am getting married on may 25, 2011. We will be at the ROR the week of May 23-20... I have been quoted and sealed the deal on the price of $1350 + $189.16 (tax) = $ 1539.16 departing from Toronto. This includes 1:11 free, price drop protection, $500 voucher for furture travel and $500 voucher for gift items. I thought this was an amazing deal so i jumped on it, my travel agents contact info is : Shelley MacMillan Vacation Travel Specialist LatitudesPlus Smart Travel shelley@latitudesplus.com (705) 876-9570 - phone (705) 876-9074 - fax
  4. Awesome pics and thanks for the detailed review!! im also an ROR bride getting married in may 2011
  5. Hello Jamaican Brides!! My name is Tessa and I will be getting married at the Riu Ocho Rios on May 25, 2011!!!
  6. Yeah it seems more simple, rather than sending out multiple invites and wasting money on stamps and what not
  7. Hey, AMAZING DIY passports, question.... where did you get the paper and envelopes? and where did you end up printing them?
  8. Im def doing an rsvp for mine... i already sent out save the dates and mentioned the ahr, i was thinkning when i send out the formal invitation to get guests to specify if they are attending to the dw, the ahr, or neither... get them to check which on they are attending too? do you think that is ok
  9. There are a lot of things to do if your doing an AHR and DW, heres where ive got so far: Made guest list, Started group trip for DW with travel agent Booked venue for ATR Sent out save the dates with information about DW AND ATR booked caterer cake band photographer silk flowers for DW ATR Dress flowers and centerpieces .... I am currently working on favours for ATR and OOT bags right now. formal invitations are next on my list My wedding is booked for may 25, 2011 and I stared planning about a year in advance... Im trying to break things up and pay for every
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