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  1. The Mandy in Chandy

    Concerns with Bringing Rings to Wedding?

    I have heard some people say they even scuba dive with them on-eep! but if it were me, I'd leave them at home. Too much can go wrong!
  2. Nice! thanks for the tip. They look really great- makes me want to start an Etsy account!
  3. The Mandy in Chandy

    DIY Shell Boutonniere! *PICS*

    very creative!! great job!
  4. The Mandy in Chandy

    buy house and plan wedding?

    Add me to this group! Not only are we thinking of buying- we might build! Oh lawd help me! I agree with everyone else though, you're gonna have to weigh it all out and decide together
  5. Looks great!! I can't wait to do mine- I wonder some of the inside jokes that will appear then!
  6. The Mandy in Chandy

    Our engagement story 7/6/2009

    I love it!! that is so sweet! It reminds me of my dad when he asked my mom to marry him. He asked my sisters (from her first marriage) for her hand! lol!
  7. The Mandy in Chandy

    Young bride hires hitman to kill husband

    She is only 26!! Today Show Video Player that could be a BDW member for all we know! lol ok not funny but...wow.
  8. The Mandy in Chandy

    Okay Ladies...Ceremony chair decor

    oooh! I love that, too!
  9. The Mandy in Chandy

    ~Scrabble-Special Edition~

    steamer : measley
  10. The Mandy in Chandy

    Pops in your head

    draw : portrait
  11. The Mandy in Chandy

    Newly engaged and ready to plan!

    Welcome! I don't know anything about Royal but I am sure someone here does. Good luck planning!
  12. The Mandy in Chandy

    Okay Ladies...Ceremony chair decor

    I am tying an organza bow around mine with a flower tucked neatly in the knot
  13. The Mandy in Chandy

    Getting married in a few days!

    Congrats! Please come back and do a review and show us pics once you get settled in!
  14. The Mandy in Chandy

    Topsail Island / Beach???

    I could recommend Sullivan's Island, SC. it's where I am getting married- it's very low key, yet 10 minutes from Charleston which has a ton of shopping and touring and GOOD food. The beaches are never super-crowded and there are no giant high-rises or hotels on the beach. Just a suggestion! ETA: downside might be that they don't allow alcohol on the beach