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  1. Yeah, I have every little thing listed, and I think I have it all together. At least we're driving to NY, so I don't have to worry about lost luggage on a flight. Â I'm sorry to hear that your BM bailed. You would think she would have known before now that she wouldn't be able to make it. Was her reasoning the price, or did something else come up? I'm guessing she has known for awhile but didn't want to say anything. Â $950 is WAAAAY too much to pay for an upgrade. I've never had an upgrade, but I know that it shouldn't cost that much to fly business class.
  2. So, I've been packing all morning since I leave middle of this week, and I'm sooo terrified that I am going to forget something! Plus, I'm so indecisive about what to take, so I have way more piled on the bed than I really need to take!
  3. Looks like you had a lot of fun!!!
  4. Welcome! I think if you browse around for awhile, you'll find discussions of some awesome spots for you. Good luck!
  5. mnh1983


    Congratulations! Hope you find all the info you need here.
  6. mnh1983

    I am new!

    Welcome! I'm sure after you talk to some of the girls on here, you will be able to make a decision as to a resort. There is so much great info here.
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    Welcome and congratulations!
  8. We leave two weeks from tomorrow! Only 18 days until the wedding.
  9. I haven't updated this in so long. Â 1.6 mile walk yesterday and today, plus 75 crunches each day, and arm exercises with my 5lb weights
  10. I only wanted to lose about 8-10 pounds, which I did, so now I'm just trying to maintain. I'm currently walking 1.5 miles every day and trying to watch what I eat. I ended up having to have my wedding dress taken in on the sides from the loss! I haven't really kept up with the blog lately.
  11. I've got to email the venue with our final head count today so that we can recalculate tables, chairs, and food costs. The head count is a little smaller than we anticipated, which on one hand is bad, but on the other means I save a little bit of money, haha! I've also got to send a packet to the band with the schedule for the reception and our preferred song list. Our florist put in the order for our flowers yesterday. I'm going to try on/pick up my dress from being altered on Friday. I really hope it fits and doesn't need anything else done to it. My dad will also have his tux fitting. I also need to finish the thank you cards from this past weekend and get them out. Busy, Busy, Busy!!!
  12. I had my shower this past weekend. Here are a couple of pictures. I had 11 people at the shower, but these are the non-family. We all went to college together. They prepared a nice brunch of quiche, muffins, fruit, and mimosas! Then we had these yummy little cakes for dessert. Mmmmm!
  13. Yeah, I'm totally freaking out.
  14. I understand how that could be really convenient for the family, but I just see disaster written all over it. What happens if you try to out-do each other? What if some of her guests invite themselves to your wedding and reception? What if you guys decide you don't like the same resort and start fighting over where to have the wedding? I can just see a lot of things that could potentially go wrong.
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