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    Where are my Edmonton, AB ladies at?

    Would you suggest calling ahead to places to see if you can purchase samples...or just go and wing it??
  2. I take mine off when I shower and put lotion on my hands, but not much other than that. Sometimes when doing the dishes or doing something rough and tough, but not often!
  3. lowkeybride

    Where are my Edmonton, AB ladies at?

    I hope I fall in love with one right away so I won't have to doubt my decision! Still haven't gone dress shopping since a few months back...eventually! We're even still thinking of a December wedding, so I better get moving eh? Any suggestions on where to find a dress off the rack?
  4. lowkeybride

    Double Wedding...sort of

    Update for everyone...we still haven't started planning our wedding (yes, we are procrastinators!! and really busy at work ) but we changed our minds and decided we might just go elope the two of us, or with a set of friends/family to be the witnesses. Or who knows, we could end up doing something completely different!
  5. lowkeybride

    Where are my Edmonton, AB ladies at?

    Quote: Originally Posted by sandylewis Hi - I am from Edmonton too...cool there are others on here too....I hope to keep reading tips from other members about Edmonton and area places, ideas, etc...Thanks, Sandy.... Welcome to the group, sandylewis!
  6. lowkeybride

    2011 Prices

    I still have to narrow down my choices...but I can't wait to find out prices. I noticed Air Canada Vacations has pricing up for December 2010 and they're not bad!
  7. great pictures!! I love the dolphin idea
  8. lowkeybride

    Somewhere in Mexico

    Welcome...I hope you find your dream location! I'm with the others when they say check out Mayan Riviera...there are some absolutely gorgeous resorts there.
  9. lowkeybride

    Engaged=6 months, Wedding planning=nothing

    Congrats and welcome...you sound like me! Engaged almost 11 months and not a thing confirmed...
  10. We still haven't decided if we are going to elope just the two of us or not...we keep weighing the pros and cons and we're leaning more towards the private one. Most people think of weddings as being a big party and celebration with close family and friends, but I see mine as being romantic and intimate, and no one else can share that with you. If you look at it that way, maybe you will feel better about it?
  11. lowkeybride

    Where are my Edmonton, AB ladies at?

    Thanks for the tips ladies! Has anyone gone dress shopping on their own? I went alone the first time, FI and I are seriously considering eloping and I want to keep it a secret from others until we return. Did you find you had a lot of opinions from others that helped you make the best decision?
  12. lowkeybride

    Planning a DW for December 2010

    Congrats and welcome! I'm hoping to be a December bride as well! I hope you can find a steal of a deal
  13. lowkeybride

    Where are my Edmonton, AB ladies at?

    I think I'm going to have to try Novelle Bridal! Has anyone found that a particular place is cheaper than others?
  14. lowkeybride

    Where are my Edmonton, AB ladies at?

    Thanks! I went today and definitely could not make a decision...there are too many to choose from! I narrowed it down to three, and I think I'm going to try Bridal House and the Sherwood Park Bridal Debut before I make a final decision...and of course with a different selection, I will no doubt want others as well! What dress did you pick?
  15. So I went shopping today...my favourites were all Maggie's: Shirley (without the cap sleeves), Cassia (again without the cap sleeves) and Melanie...it's going to be tough to decide!! All very different but so very beautiful.