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  1. Here's my cake. It was such a fun surprise! And it was delicious too!
  2. Hi girls - I haven't gotten around to posting a review or anything yet. We got married May 30th. Oceana beach ceremony and Las Palmas reception. We had 32 people total and the space was perfect. The whole wedding was perfect. I can't imagine getting married anywhere else. This thread was so helpful! Here's a pic of the reception and the ceremony. We used The Dazzling Details and they were amazing. Dreams was the perfect place.
  3. I'm having a bit of freak out time lately. I'm 40 and this is my second wedding. It started with the dress. I shortened the train but now wish I would've cut the whole thing off. I kept it to help sell the dress but I feel kinda silly with a train. Then the veil..... Do I really need to wear a veil? I didn't the first time and it's elegant and pretty but will I look stupid? Bottom line... Feeling a little old to wear a wedding dress, have a train and wear a veil. Be honest girls..... What do you think about 40 year old brides and these things?
  4. I used aroyalwedding. It was custom for me. They were inexpensive and really fast shipping. I would've preferred a less yellow ivory but for the price and customer service I am thrilled. Some weren't as prompt with communications. This seller was great!
  5. Yes. 5 inches is a lot. Too much. I say order bigger- maybe give each one inch. You can always have them taken in.
  6. I purchased mine from Etsy..a royal wedding. Its nice and was only $17. Pretty simple though. One layer sweep length. 72x72. The ivory is a little more yellow than I wanted to match my Maggie ivory which is pretty white but it still looks good. Comb is small but nicely finished.
  7. Kelandjay81- I bought by veil on etsy. It was custom made and I paid a whopping $18. It's great!
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