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  1. I ordered glow in the dark rubber bracelets (livestrong kinda style) from wristbands with a message, just wondering if anyone has ordered from there and how they turned out....now i am a little scared as i never got to see them before we ordered...we thought it would be a good idea for all of our wedding group to wear the same bracelet so we all know who's included as we have guests that have never met before...thanks for any feedback!
  2. i found pashimas at ardene's 3 for $15 and they have all different colors...i opted for the ivory (bridesmaids) and turquoise for myself as that is the color of my bridesmaid dresses...hope this helps...cheaper than shipping!
  3. these bags are great...i also cleared out dollarama here...it's even better because turquoise is my wedding color.......now i just need to fill them up with all the goodies...they are quite big so i gotta be good!! happy planning! at least the bride and groom get more weight allowance...thank god!
  4. Hey girls...I am getting married Jan 12/2011...i would appreciate some feedback as to where to go for alterations...I don't think i need too many things done...so the cheaper the better!! Thanks girls...
  5. shurbgatza

    2011 Prices

    we have booked for january 8th! we booked through selloffvacations.com...they also have a policy that if the price drops they can do a one time only adjustment...my goal was no more than 1500 per person and we achieved that! the quotes i received were even cheaper than on the website! Some of my wedding group couldn't make the full payment but they are guaranteed the price if they pay in full by september....my understanding the flights are supposly going to book up quicker this winter as that one tour operator went under last winter! Therefore they recommend at least puting down a deposit as that holds your seat on the airplane...it's only 150 per person! So glad we are done with deciding when and where now it's the fun stuff! Happy planning!!
  6. so we have decided on sandos caracol....u read good reviews and bad reviews...but the feeback i have received is good enough for me! The wedding co-ordinator is very good at responding back which makes me one happy girl!! The only thing i don't really understand is she asked me if i wanted a judge or minister to perform the ceremony?! we are getting married before we go therefore are having a symbolic ceremony...the only difference she said is the minister is more religious...i like the idea of a minister and don't mind a little religious does anyone know how religious it is? or should i just go with a judge? Help!!
  7. Thanks so much for the feeback.....greatly appreciated!! Soooo hard trying pick a resort....;(.....
  8. Help...I need feeback.... Sandos Caracol Resort in Mayan?? We are looking at beginning of January 2011...prices are within our price range? should we book or wait?? any reviews on the hotel? Thanks for any feedback
  9. shurbgatza

    2011 Prices

    wow...thanks for all the feedback..we are all in the same boat...i am looking for max 1500 per person...somewhere between the first 2 weeks in January 2011..and yep seems impossible... just curious how are all you ladies picking resorts when you don't know the prices?! should i be picking my resort to get that confirmed and then worry about the cost later?! do the resorts need to know that far in advance?! My travel agent told me hopefully by June we should know more....uugg June!!
  10. shurbgatza

    2011 Prices

    Thanks soo much for the feedback!! Can't wait till it all finally comes out!!
  11. shurbgatza

    2011 Prices

    planning destination wedding for jan 2011...mayan or cabo...does anyone know when the departure dates and prices come out for 2011? so hard to pick a place when u have no idea on what days of the week they leave on and how much it costs!! Thanks so much for the feedback!!!
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    [color="Magenta"]hello everyone!! Fellow Canadians I Need advice....Los Cabos or Mayan Riveria January 2011...any ideas of which hotels?? Also how far in advance do u recommend booking?? I thought this destination wedding would be easier but really need help in deciding where to go! I have never been to Mexico before only Cuba so this will be a big change for me!! Thanks so much for any feedback...[/color]