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  1. I know it is not Toronto but from Halifax we paid $1299 for palace and was quoted $1149 for Bavaro! We booked in June 2010 for April 27 2011! There was a huge price increase from the beginning of April to the end as well as other months when we were booking. We booked end of April because it was the cheapest!
  2. when i met with carolina...she asked me how many ppl I wanted at each table...the tables they used with square and could sit 4 but she just pushed them together to make the number I wanted per table. I used a head table of 10 then four other tables of 8.
  3. at the meeting carolina will show you a book with the pics of flowers i picked that bouqet out the book and it is included in the package! have a blast:)
  4. Im not sure of the format for the review but here it goes: CHeck In/Rooms: fast and we had a group of 43!...they put everyone with the same last names in the same building. in the palace section everyone is really close together anyways! and just about everyone got one bed or two beds if they requested it...as the bride and groom we got upgraded to the loft suite. not that much of a difference but it was nice for the wedding day to get ready...rooms were nice ..very basic...no one had any complaints about things not working...we had face cloths everyday! haha and fridge stocked everyday. the day of the wedding we asked the maid to clean the room first so it would be clean for getting ready and pics and she did! Meeting with Caroline: We met with Caroline the day after we got there...it took 22 minutes (I timed it!)..we gave her a cd for a song for me to walk down to (marry me by Train)...and she had other music to choose from for the bridesmaids to walk down to and ppl waiting etc.. for costs it cost us $1000 for private at el bohio and it was worth it for us for sure! then it was $12 per person to have vodka, rum, cocktails, and shots (she asked how many ppl would this be for we said 42 ppl (one guest was a baby) but we would have said a few less for older guests or guests who dont drink etc....beer and wine are included but we wanted all drinks..350 i think for DJ (might have been $250 really cant remember)...we got the basic wedding package $1450. altogether it was like $3300! One thing was she changes our wedding from 5pm to 330pm she said judge couldnt make it for 5 pm...so if your picky about your time be aware it can change! and i asked to have it at 5 without judge and she said no! 330 worked better for us anyways cus more time for pictures! Ceremony: went perfect! went really fast! we did a sand ceremony! ceremony was spanish and english... cocktail hour was pretty good too! we didnt pay extra we just had wine and beer for the guests...after group pics everyone went to lobby bar while wedding party got pictures. Supper: we had ceasear without anchoives, beef medallions ...we asked for a different sauce and different type of potatoe and brownie for dessert..we loved the supper and most guests agreed...they can only make the meat one way so we picked medium well...noone seemed to care! supper was at 645 everything was hot! ...we did our speeches during supper and without a microphone...the only way a microphone could be set up is if you get the dj to come to the supper...but no matter what time he comes he will only stay for 3 hours! he has to go to the disco at 1100 pm. the only thing about the supper was we requested chair covers and caroline said that it wouldnt be a problem but someone must have forgot because there were no covers on the chairs during the supper! Reception: DJ was awesome...I gave him the CDs he played them plus if ppl requested songs he would sneak them in and he spoke english well! The waiters from the reception danced at the recpetion which i thought was fun! A few guests forgot things at the reception and went back the next day and it was gone! There was a wedding card with $$, camera, shoes and something else! Noone knew where it went! Also, I gave Carolina wine glasses that I got as a gift that were engraved and when I got to the supper ..one of the glasses was broken and taped together. but the end of the supper the tape was holding the glass together anymore..If I had it over again I wouldnt bring something like that, that would break! Also they didnt have a cake knife..we used a butter knife to cut the cake ! haha but it didnt bother us! lol our dance started at 8 pm pretty much immediatly after the supper...we got my brother (the mc) to announce first song and father daughter song etc...the recpetion was over at 11 so everyone met a the sports bar/disco! they decorated the room nice for when we got back to the room that night...the breakfast in the morning isnt relaly good/cold but that didnt bother us! overall the entire week went by without any troubles! we loved the food and the japanesse and mexican we our favorite al le cartes. we also stayed a second week for our honeymoon! everything went well...our only complaint was we were in the same room for 2 weeks...we tried to move to ocean view or royal suites or the other resorts but they wouldnt let us at the front desk. so if you want to move/upgrade make sure you do it before you go! very hard to change rooms once you are there! any questions just ask!!! sorry this review is very rushed and tons of spelling mistakes we truly enjoyed everything about our wedding and wouldnt change a thing!
  5. Hey Ladies! I got married April 30 at 330! We had a group of 43; private reception at El Bohio. We all Stayed at the Grand Palladium Palace. Everything went great!!! Here are some pics of the wedding: http://www.davidmacvicar.com/blog/ There are three parts...trash the dress/wedding/and "engagement pics" (we did them the day before) lol I will post a long review in the next week or two! No worries/no problems with anything:)
  6. I am leaving april 27! cant wait! I know this was discussed before but where do you recommend for private dinners/ what are the options?
  7. That is so exciting!!! It seems like a lot of brides are getting upgraded ) congratsss on your wedding!! does anyone know where you get the paper that says the bride and groom can have an extra 10kg?
  8. She asked me this and then once I replied she asked me what resort they are staying at. I didnt email Caroline since I January, so maybe she just wanted to make sure I was still coming? Not sure! When I booked, I requested a private reception, maybe she was making sure I had enough guests... March 19: Dear Natalie: I hope you are well and having a good weekend, I would like to inform you that your wedding is coming, could you please send me a complete list with names from your wedding group. Regards from DR Carolina Barragán Beck Wedding Manager PALLADIUM HOTELS & RESORTS Then March 21: One last question, in which hotel you will stay. Regards from DR Carolina Barragán Beck Wedding Manager PALLADIUM HOTELS & RESORTS
  9. she emailed me two weeks ago and asked me my guests names that will be at the wedding my wedding date is april 30...maybe she does it by wedding month
  10. We paid for an upgrade so you can take up to 100lbs each instead of 50lbs...and you also get bigger seats and other perks...we asked our travel agent and she helped set it up...we only got the upgrade on the way down though!
  11. I was wondering how did past brides pay for the wedding? I don;t like the thought of bringing like $4000 cash...I was wondering if the Master Card exchange rate would be the same as if you paid for something in the US or do they up the exchange rate at the Resort?
  12. You can buy flower cake toppers too i think I saw pics of other brides cakes...i still didnt decide ..i keep looking at them in the stores and online but I do not like how the people dont look like me or fiance and its too late to get one personalized ...if i find one before we leave that I like I will get one though!!
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