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  1. We tipped the coordinator about 20% of her fee and the servers is 15%. Probably should have tipped the DJ some too but was too out of it when he left.
  2. Matt, Thanks for posting this. I completely agree with you about all the undiscovered places in Tulum. It really is a very magical place!! Brides who like embracing a secluded, pristine, less commercial hotel venue, I would definitely check all the amazing eco-hotels in Tulum. I finally did my review of La Luna on here and other brides who are interested should also check out the many wedding reviews on Trip advisor of La Luna as well as other eco-resorts in Tulum (La Zebra, Nueva Vida de Ramiro, Rancho San Eric, etc...). But my first choice for a wedding will always be La Luna because of what a great experience it was to take over the whole place for a few days with all my loved ones, getting married on the magical beach, and the absolutely wonderful staff they have there. Natalie
  3. We did it through email but we had our designer make a jpeg which we sent out. She is a friend and is just starting her business but I am sure you can find a designer to do one for you or better yet if you are creative, make it yourself.
  4. I know it's been almost a year since your wedding, but I did very much enjoy this review. I have been to Negril (non-AI) and know Negril Escape is very popular with Negril frequenters. I did my wedding somewhere small and off the beaten path too. Looks like yours turned out perfect and you will have memories with the most amazing sunset in the background for a lifetime.
  5. Chill Bride

    Hava Nagila/Hora

    I am having a very hard time finding a good traditional version of hava nagila that has singing (non-instrumental) to download. Does anyone with experience with this have any suggestions? Â Thanks in advace!
  6. Hey alissrose, Â I just saw this. I can't answer many of your questions but I can a few. Â I am not getting married at Ana y Jose but from what I have heard, Jackie handles everything and if you use vendors outside of what she recommends you pay a fee. But I have also heard that the people she recommends are good. This is all hearsay. Â Some of my guests are staying at Ana y Jose in the off season (Sept) and the cheapest room is $250/night. I think the range is $250-375. I have not stayed at Los Lirios, but have read really bad reviews on trip advisor of that hotel. Cabanas Tulum is adding a/c currently if you only want hotels with a/c. In March, you should be fine without though. I was there in Feb and it was even a little chilly at times. Myself and all my guests are staying at at a place with no A/c in 2 weeks and I will let you know how that goes. There is lots of hotel help on trip advisor. Â Hope this helps!
  7. Huge thanks for sharing...I love it!
  8. I don't know what the capacity is at your site, but from experience I can tell you that people indicate they are coming but don't count them in until they have booked a flight or hotel. Based on people who said they were coming, I was expecting 65 guests. We are actually having 48. Good luck with finding something that works!
  9. I recommend you do some research into diamonds. Diamond Prices: Diamond Jewelry Facts, Diamond Tools and Consumer Reports Forum is a great place to learn and post this same question to the experts there. Just fyi...the clarity (SI1, VS, etc...) does not affect whether the diamond is sparkly. Cut is the most important thing in a diamond to me so yes I would trade up after researching what makes a great cut diamond.
  10. Congratulations!!! I am glad you found somewhere you liked. Your wedding should be beautiful there. Finding a venue is the hardest part.
  11. Matt, That is super great news!!! It was nice chatting with you and thanks for contacting me to let me know. I have had my morning coffee now so I am a little more awake and have already been telling everyone how I am sooooooooooooo excited to have you as the photog. I was seriously sad I couldn't book you guys, but now I am uber happy. Like I said, if my pics are half as good as Christine's I will be sooooooo happy! Your work is seriously out of this world so I feel very very lucky.
  12. Hi I have a question for Christine or Matt.... I have Vincent booked for our wedding at small place in Tulum similiar to La Zebra. We hired him for 6 hours. Is that enough? I guess my question is how long did you have the Matt and Sol, Christine? They seemed to have captured the whole thing and all of your special events. I was just wondering what your thoughts were on how long to book them. Your wedding photos are so beautiful...if mine turn out half as nice, I will be a very happy camper!
  13. Wow...your pics almost made me cry...I love all of them, especially the fire dancing ones. Those are so unique. What an absolutely beautiful wedding and del sol did a great job.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by AKH2011 Hopefully you ladies are still checking this post! I'm looking into several places in the Tulum area for my winter 2011 wedding...Al Cielo, Ana Y Jose, Akiin, Beach Club, etc. Chill Bride - did you ever hear back from Akiin? Lisa K - I am sure your wedding was beautiful so any words of wisdom you can share after the fact would be great. Given that these places are a la carte weddings and that I am expecting a larger group of guests (70 or so), does anyone have a sense of relative pricing amongst those venues for the given things (like food, open bar, etc.)? Did any of you do site visits beforehand - and if you did - did you have a WC show you around the different venues or did you just coordinate on your own? I am trying to decide if its best to engage a wc at this point, but then I'm worried that I'll fall in love with one of the above places and that they will require me to use their wc services. And then I will be out the money for hiring an outside wc. Would love to hear anyone's guidance! Just saw this two months later. My experience is that you don't have to lock down a coordinator if you do site visits. Gwen from mytulumwedding.com is our coordinator and she spent a good 4-5 hours with us looking at locations and helping us before we ever signed a contract with her (no strings attached). Also, most places don't have one coordinator like they do at resorts. They will mostly work with you or whichever coordinator you choose. We decided on the coordinator after we returned from our scouting trip and she will work at any venue we like basically.
  15. Thanks for the advice. Can't wait to hear about your wedding. We are using the salsa teacher from La Zebra....I don't know his name...maybe Rommel. Everyone who has had a salsa teacher has loved it, so I am excited. I have no rhythm though.