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  1. You can bring them and they will set them up and not charge you for labor, it's all part of her job. They do all the setting at in the gazebo and such too. Not sure how they would hang them in the inlet though? I think that's why they use the stand up ones. Worth writing about and asking to see if/how past brides have done it though! There is an option for tiki torches, I *think* it was about $100 for a bundle of 10 or something like that.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Sita&Nate Having Del Sol capture our wedding was amongst the top 2 decisions we made in regards to the wedding-- comes right after deciding to get married in Mexico. I don't think I pictures of me always turn out that great, but Sol sure made me look photogenic on the day it counted!! Agree with every word of this...they are FANTASTIC!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by CristiandJamie Hello Girls! We got back from our destination wedding last weekend and now I'm finally getting caught up on errands so I decided to update all of you on how everything went. First of all if anyone has doubts about having a destination wedding you shouldn't! We had such an incredible time with all our guest and it was the most sentimental event of a lifetime! The Aventura Spa resort and the staff really go out of their way to make you feel at home and very accommodating. I had Dulce as my wedding coordinator and she really went above and beyond for our special day! The only downside of our whole wedding event was tropical storm Alex came in and we had to get married inside verses outside in the gazebo which that is out of the resorts control. We got married in the convention center (in the foyer in the middle). The wedding decorations for the wedding ceremony were wonderful and made up for the fact we had to get married inside. We did a cocktail hour and also a private reception in one of the event rooms near the Cove Terrace on the Cove side of the resort. The staff was VERY attentive and kept everything going smoothly throughout the night. After our wedding reception we all went over to the disco (we didnt stay long since I was already three sheets to the wind)! Overall the whole experience was AMAZING and I would do it all over again! We might renew our vows on our 5 year or 10 year anniversay just so that we can actually get married outside :-) I have set up a shutterfly account with all our pictures. I just used the resort photographer and they really did a great job! Also we got the DVD of the ceremony and it is SOOO worth the money to get! Here is the link to our shutterfly account (to view pictures click on the pictures & video tab): http://cristiandjamieswedding.shutterfly.com/ Let me know if you have any questions and happy planning! You looked GORGEOUS! So glad that everything turned out well and you were happy despite the weather. Plan and plan as we may...that's the one thing that is out of anyones control. Everything was beautiful, CONGRATULATIONS!
  4. Just out of curiosity....what is the meaning behind the tradition? And why wear if you aren't going to throw it?? Just to have it as a keep sake? I hope that doesn't offend anyone, I'm just not sure I get the point if nobody is going to see it.
  5. Hi Ladies, Since this is the July 2010 thread I thought some of you might be interested in this contest http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...-2010-a-61160/ Even if you have a photographer it is a great opportunity to get some amazing pictures! Just thought I would pass it along and get the word out. You all are so close, best wishes and CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  6. I have to agree with the majority of others. If you're going to spend $1000, I would do it on a photographer instead of cameras. While I see the creativity in your plan...you are also assuming your guests want to take on this role of make shift photographers and personally I wouldn't be so thrilled about it if I were a guest at someones wedding. Besides, I think most people will bring their own camera anyway...why not set up a page on a website like Shutterfly and pass out "upload cards" with username and password during the trip, then after everyone gets home they can all upload pics to one place and you will have them all. Personally, I think in the long run you would regret not having some great wedding memomries in the form of pictures more than you would spending a little extra on a photographer.
  7. We did all of it! I wore my garter all day and it didn't slip at all. My Wake Forest garter: Tossing the flowers (for those who don't want to ruin their bouqet, you can take a BM's since they are usually smaller or ask your WC to have a special "tossing" one made that is a mini version of your own bouqet or just a few flowers tied together): And the garter toss:
  8. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you picures. Brings back so many good memories You looked amazing and gorgeous and your pictures came out stunning. Del Sol rocks!! Congratulations Jackie!
  9. I don't think there is a right answer. You do what works for you. I was only engaged for 3 months before I got married and some people never get engaged...or married, they are just together. If you want to get married, get married...you can always go back and do the wedding when the timing is better.
  10. I can only speak for Fernando but I love, love, loved him. Would totally recommend many times over. I dunno if they would get upset if you hired one for one thing and another for something else but it could get expensive, and I would tell them before hand just so everyone is clear.
  11. I try to make sure my plate is filled with majority fresh food and lots of colors as a rule of thumb. So my favorite quick meal to make is Parmesan Chicken Salad: -skinless, boneless chicken breast pounded thin (for quick cooking) -mix flour with salt and pepper and coat the chicken -dip coated chicken in egg that has been beat -cover chicken with mix of 1/2 part bread crumbs 1/2 part shredded asiago or parmesan cheese -heat up a dash of olive oil on skillet and cook chicken until it is cooked through and outside is golden brown and crisp -plate it and put tomato, cucumbers and onion on top (other veggies if you like and capers are great on this dish if you like them) -then top with a large handful of arugala -top with a a bit of non-creamy dressing such as italian takes about 15-20 mintues to make and is delish!!! PS-If any Canadians eat at Cactus Club ever, this is my at home variation of the Rocket Salad.
  12. I would check with the resort if you can have outside vendors first. If so, I think this would be a great touch! Sorry, I don't have any recommendations but I think your guests would love the added flare. Good luck with your search!
  13. Di-your TTD are stunning!!!! So glad that is worked out and you got to do this with Del Sol. You look beautiful! Congrats!!!
  14. If you want a photojournalistic style...you won't find anyone better than Del Sol. They are so great at what they do! My slideshow is in my siggy but here is their website if you want to check out more of their work del Sol Photography Good luck!!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by skadow I am glad I asked this. I will probably reserve something on Monday now. For some reason I was under the assumption that they only booked 2 weddings a day. One for the cove side and one for the Spa. I have to be on the Cove because of my niece. Thanks for the feedback guys! I might get a little more aggressive with my planning now. I was going to do most of the stuff when I got down there. I want purple tablecloths too. They can only be purple! lol...(eggplant purple would be ideal) I might reserve those too. If i recall right, another bride was using the color Nam wanted? Correct. We wanted blue and I reserved them on the day of our meeting after I saw all the samples. Come to find out (the day of the wedding)...all the linens get delivered daily from Moon Palace and they were being used for an event there during the same time. So we had to come up with a back up and used green, which worked out great but I'm sure you see the dilema. If you are dead set on one color, style, texture, etc in particular..might be best to bring them yourself. Def suggest being more aggressive. Like I mentioned before, there were two additional weddings on the same day as mine and all on the Cove Side. In hindsight though no other locations were available for a wedding except cove or spa side gazebo last November. For the wind issue that was brought up earlier...depends on the night. Our rehearsal dinner was windy as anything. Everyones hair was flying, dresses, things getting knocked over....but the next night (night of the wedding) there wasn't so much as a breeze. We had candels in hurrican vases and they were fine. Don't think we could've had them in open air but I think luminar bags would've been fine. Best to be prepared for anything though cause you never can predict what the weather will be like even from day to day.
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