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  1. When we were there there was only one side. I mean its so big that there were two pools and everything but you couldnt really tell the difference with the two sides. Sorry that probably dosent help.
  2. We just told our wedding planner from the beggining. They really didnt have a problem with it at all. We copied all the emails she sent us incase there was a problem when we got there. We bought him a day pass. As for a honeymoon spot. It was perfect for us at the time. It is now half adults only and half kids allowed. So I dont know how that would be for a romantic honeymoon now.
  3. We gave everyone a list of the rooms our guests were staying in. It was a page in thier welcome book. That way everyone knew where to get a hold of people. The room phones call room to room. Also the front desk will connect you to any room if you tell them the name.
  4. You should get a free reservation for up to 30 people with your wedding package. It was in our package in Feb. We didnt use it because we thought our guests would get in too late and not be hungry the day they arrived. That did not end up being the case. When they arrived we called all the resturants and asked them if the could accomidate our group. We have 23 people. The italian restuarant was able to fit us in.
  5. We had our reception from 6-10:30. Then after that we went to the disco till like 3. The disco is a lot of fun if there are people there. Some days it was busy and some days it wasnt. The wedding day it was packed so it was a lot of fun.
  6. Ya Im happy that we made it there right before they changed it.
  7. Our colors where blue and orange as well. Our wedding coordinator told us it would probably be too windy for rose petals. She didnt think they would stay down. We thought about taking out the red runner but in the end we wanted something to make an aisle and the red one was the only choice.
  8. There is no extra cost to set up anything. The tiki torches came in sets of ten. We bought 20 to make a complete circle around the party. They have everything to you need to use your ipod. They even have someone to run the equipment. There are several inlets so im not sure which one you have. There are bathrooms everywhere so that shouldnt be an issue. It did get a little cold but really the only people who noticed where my grandma and her sisters. But I did get married in Feb. so it is alittle colder then too.
  9. Thats what I ended up doing. I was tired of looking for a real album. Thank you.
  10. Does anyone know where I can find a photo album that holds 6x8 photos? My photographer sent me 150 6x8 pictures but I cant find a photo album that will hold them. Thanks!!!!
  11. They set up everything for us. We only had a mosquito problem one night when we went to playa del carmen. There were absolutley no bugs at the reception.
  12. Jena0609: We had our reception by one of the coves on the north side. We chose not to do the mundaca rooftop becuase it was just way too big. I loved our location. We were right on the ocean and we were away from everything so it felt like it was just us. Below is a picture of the location during the day and at night. Its kind of hard to see at night.
  13. Jena0609: The hair and make up take 45 min each. I started at 1:30 and was done at 3:00 for a 4:00 ceremony. The manicure and pedicure were nice. I didnt get mine done before we left. I just waited for that one. I think that the colored napkins were $5 each and a colored table runner is $5 each as well. Im not sure about actual table cloths.
  14. I told my wedding coordinator from the beggining. We paid for the day pass. There was never an issue. I asked her several times and printed out her response each time just incase. She was really nice about it and didnt care at all. I hope that helps.
  15. soccergirl3: I will clean out my inbox if you need to ask me anything else. He cost 850 for 6 hours of time. He took about 400+ photos. He mailed us 150 6x8 photos. And he gave us a dvd with the remaining photos so we can make other copies. I just told our wedding planner from the beggining that we had an outside photographer. I printed out everytime she said it was ok. I asked her a couple times to make sure. He was great. I highly recommened him.
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