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  1. People love Jamaican rum cake--how about some cute little cake boxes that have rum cake in them??
  2. Hello, I also want a symbolic ceremony and look forward to the responses..what prices have some of you been quoted?
  3. Hello, I live in oronto canada and wish to marry in cuba. I am not a canadian citizen I am , my fiance is a citizen. After reading the complications of the documentation etc. we are now considering the symbolic ceremony there. I want to be able to dress in my wedding dress and take beautiful pictures in cuba but get married first in Canada before we go there. It will just be the 2 of us. what are some of the prices some of you are getting for this type of thing? including the all inclusive-food accomodation-air fare
  4. Thank you so much--I am going to check out their website now.
  5. any ideas on where in Jamaica is the most affordable place to get married? which resort, we are possibly doing a wedding with just the 2 of us...I want to get the best deal possible any tips ideas would be appreciated
  6. Oh ok I see what your saying so I am wondering what styles apart from the one shoulder constitutes that one should wear the hair up or down? I will be researching this fpr sure because I don't want to commit any fashion crimes on my wedding day...lol
  7. Is is true that most choclate brides wear their hair up instead of down? why is that? I would rather have my hair down but am I setting myself up for failure? is it because the curls don't hold or that it get frizzy? I plan on wearing virgin indian remy extentions.
  8. Thank you ladies for the replies. I think everyone is right and we are going to do what makes us happy. I also feel like just the 2 of us has taken a thousand punds off my shoulder.
  9. Hello, It has been months since I came back on here. The original plan was to have a wedding where we live @ a banquet hall etc. However due to financial strains we decided it would not be best to have a destination wedding with just the 2 of us. We realised that the wedding we dreamed of could dig us in a bigger hole..We also knew that not many would be able to attend our destination due to travel and it being alot to ask for so we said it best if its just the 2 of us and that way nobody feelings are hurt. we been together almost 8 years. We truly love each other, know each other well and want to make the big step. How do we go about announcing this? since everyone is not sure of our actual plans.How can we share our wedding bliss when we come back home? should we make little gifts or something?
  10. I would arrive 3 days b4 to be on the safe side!
  11. i went to the website and I like this one too strapless-pleated-rhinestone-formal BLK GOLD IVRY PURP TEAL WHT YELL - GoJane.com
  12. i agree with other wait until closer to the date and it safer to go darker than going too light as that will show up in pictures..
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