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  1. Hello, I have 8 meters of pinkish/purple chiffon fabric for sale that was never used. Intent was to decorate chuppah! $25+ shipping Pm me with postal/zip and I will check shipping rates Thank you! Julie
  2. All lanterns were never used. 8 Large green lanterns 8 Large purple lanterns 4 Small green lanterns 4 Small purple lanterns $40 for all + shipping PM me with postal/zip code and I can check shipping rates for you! Thanx!
  3. For my centerpieces we did 3 tiered vases (3 different heights) with flowers and floating candle for $75 each set - with 5 tables (remember they seat 4-8 people depending where u have your reception) - it really wasnt that expensive and I used Tai Flora. Refer to my planning thread or review for pictures!
  4. It will always show rain everyday! lol but I was there April 17-May 2nd and it was sun the whole time except rain one afternoon. It usually rains over night and sometimes in the late afternoon for about 30 mins max.
  5. Hi All, I have 26 straw program fans left for sale. No ribbon on them though so you can add your own wedding color to this. $25 for all + shipping Willing to ship to Canada or US. PM me with postal/zip code and I will checking shipping rates. Thank you!
  6. Hi All, I have 11 of each recipe cards for sale (exceptional mojito, caribbean rum cake, and jamaican rum punch) - $5 for set of 33 total + shipping. Willing to ship within Canada and US. PM with your postal code/ zip code and I will check shipping rates! Thank you!
  7. Hi, We booked through sears travel who uses air canada packages - fligiht and hotel were together in a package. Try contacting them! It might be a little earlier to book for next june though - I would say at least 6-7 months prior. Good luck!
  8. I just got them from a local bridal store in town and got my local seamstress to add the chiffon on top! thanx
  9. Hi! All I did was purchase vellum paper from staples and use my ink jet printer to print the design. Then I just found small round glasses and glued them around the glasses. I actually did this in the hotel and it only took about 30 mins to do all the tables. Then you just drop a tealight candle in them and vo-la! good luck!
  10. Hello Ladies! I am going to start the thread off by tradition and thanking those who created this site, those who have posted on this site and for all the brides on here for answering any question i needed answered!!! Thank you to this site for boarding pass invites, pocket fold invites, OOT Bags, Scavenger hunt cameras, keycard/tip money holders, and every DIY project I didnt even know about before meeting this website. This site truely made my wedding day what I was, and I couldnt be more thankful!!! the PROPOSAL My fiancee and I had been dating for about 7 years before he
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