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  1. If you google Barcelo Punta Cana wedding packages, you should get the website with the packages I
  2. Are you dealing with the right Barcelo resort? They have a email for all Barcelo s but they sent me an email directly for barcelo punta cana and I dealt with ARIANA. The names you mentioned as pkgs are not at all familiar. Thee are numerous barcelo s in punta cana.
  3. oh, and our package was called under the stars. We wanted the private reception thats why we wentwith that one. I was happy with it although it came with lots of extras which were lovely but not neccesary, but we will use the discount next year which will save us some money!
  4. Definitely do the beach party on beach! We did this for our wedding there in march, and it was amazing! We loved everything about our wedding day,ariana did amazing flowers were amazing, reception was so much fun, we had it at marlin. We used jorge allocco for photos, he was fabulous and reasonable. I have no regrets and you all will have magical weddings!!
  5. March is here ladies! Yahooo! Good luck to you all. 53 booked (including my guy and I). Amy
  6. Hi there, I am a March 2011 Bride to be - and this is my dress!
  7. amester1974

    Royal Decameron, Panama

    What about flying from Montreal Ottawa or Syracuse or from the States? Â I bet some seats will open up after deadlines for groups come due. It will out work out I am sure. Panama is a bit different from other destinations because it's only Mondays they fly in/out.
  8. Won't the bags either (never heard of them til this website) but will do insulated mugs (hand out prior). I know it's a lovely thought and but really, won't guests will bring their own sunblock, bugspray, etc right? And I don't have room to pack it (and from people who have been to DW, they never got them and never missed them and never heard of them. THose doign them, kudos to you... I am sure your guests will think it's quite special! Oh, and we will do up gift bags for the kids coming to the wedding though - something to keep them amused (11 kids).
  9. amester1974

    Royal Decameron, Panama

    Panama was very safe. One day we rented a car and hit a surf village about a half hour away - never was worried about my safety. You will love it there! Can't wait to go back - getting married in Punta Cana though next year so it will be a belated honeymoon in 2012!
  10. Planning is going pretty good - not much to do right now really. Gotta love a destination wedding! - my coordinator at the resort is great. trying to get the home town reception details down right now. 34 people have booked and I am impressed with that number. I know a few people will wait until later in the year. I suspect we will have 50 (11 being children). We have two boys so are wedding/resort is very kid friendly!! SOnyaR, you got a great deal! Mine is the 21st person free and $100 less than on line prices. I did an electronic STD and a website - I think it was a good idea as all the info is at peoples fingertips - I think it may have helped with getting people excited and getting them to book! I wasn't going to do formal invites although I am now tossing the idea around of sending something by mail to the people that booked - maybe in January. And to our grandmothers (who can't come). I am leaning toward doing an evite for the hometown reception - the feedback is that people really don't care if it's email or not and everyone has email (except grandmas). We'll see
  11. HI there! We are getting married on March 16 2011 - Barcelo Punta Cana. We arrive Sat as well. We are flying in from Montreal at the Sat prior. Very exciting indeed - in going to be a wonderful week
  12. ANy recent brides from Canada who went to DR - any problems if people do not have passports - I read it's recommended but not a requirement Forgot to ask my agent today and I want to post website tonight
  13. amester1974

    Waiting period

    Canadian brides, need this info quickly - want to be sure! Flying from Canada - Passport is not neccessary (but recommended) Forgot to ask my agent but want to post website tonight... thanks
  14. amester1974

    Waiting period

    thank you ladies! Much help!