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  1. So i just got my cd yesterday.... and here is one of my fave poses. The photographer i used was out of West Palm Beach (she will travel) and was really reasonable if anyone is interested. I will be making my own book for FH. Â Â
  2. I have not had any issues with a yest infection... I've been using grocery store kind since July just started using organic about 2 weeks ago still no issues.
  3. woooo hoooo congrats! U r just like me I had my baby 6 months ago getting married in 6 weeks.... I've been doing the vineger thing too (I just learned about the organic kind) I was using regular o'l grocery store kind. I take it twice a day trying to up that to three times a day. I've lost 26lbs and counting....
  4. Here is a link to getting 10% off flights that i found... u have to take the survey and sign up on the website as well as be a AA member but i've done both and you do really get the 10% off..... Just thought that i would share. Â https://www.centuryinthemaking.com/professional_moments.php
  5. yay this is good to hear that they are good! just got the info from my wedding coordinator and it appears that is who we are using....Has any1 used them before?
  6. I know here in the States most banks have a notary on site and if you are an account holder at the bank they will do it for free. My resort said they just needed copies and nothing needed to be notarized.... I think that i should double check with them.
  7. Through my research I learned that staying at an A.I did not mean that you got a private reception included in the cost of your wedding... I do agree that they should charge you a fee because they will have to do some extra preparations which they do not normal do for all of their A.I guest. Â For my wedding we opted not to have it at an A.I for this reason and because we are having guest from JA attend which will not be staying at the resort. If you are already booked at the hotel you can just ask for a discount the worst that they can do is object. Â Good Luck,
  8. The apple cider vinegar really works. As horrible as it taste at first it kind of grows on you.... I've mastered taking it twice a day and three times on the weekends. I really needed to buy a bottle for my office so i can take it at lunch too.
  9. I am SOOOO IN and so excited! I wish i wouldn't have already lost 22lbs but that's okay... i still wanna lose some more weight and this is going to help me stay motivated. Thanks for starting it!
  10. I think i like the idea of giving it to him on the morning when we are officially married. I really have no idea.... I also like the idea of having the MOH deliver it. I'll have to figure something out soon.
  11. I just had my session today and was thinking the same thing..... I like the idea of giving them before the trip.... still not sure.
  12. I hope everyone is doing great on the plan! Yes food is delicious... I LOVE IT...lol but I've managed to limit myself and I've lost 20lbs!!!! it's only been 2 months so I'm excited about that... now that I've seen the weight come off I'm not sure if i wanna stick to my original goal
  13. I'm working on getting photos of me in it... about two days ago was the first day i was actually able to fit in it because i bought it to small..but now that I've lost the weight i can fit it but I'm getting a bustle(sp) put on it so i dont have it... I got it from David's Bridal.
  14. sorry for the late response....I'm not to worried about it and not many of my guest are. I've had one person ask me why i didnt get AI ( and i think they will stay at another hotel that is AI) I think the price diffrence in the rooms makes up for it. I think a bit part of my choice to actually not go AI was the rate that i was going to be charged for people that are not staying at the hotel... Plus we are paying for about 10ppl so the only thing that they will have to do is cover there food. I get what your saying about AI because everyone will know up front what the cost of the trip will be.... But for us to pay AI prices for 10pple plus are self plus day pass for another 15 just wasent in our budget.
  15. Congrats and have fun planing the rest!
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