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  1. Hi everyone, I just wanted to get your opinions, see if anyone has ever heard of this. My husband and I got married in Varadero last March with 24 of our friends and family. We are headed to St. Lucia for our first anniversary this year. We arrive in St. Lucia in the afternoon of our anniversary day. As an afterthought, we just recently thought about doing a vow renewal and have since contacted the wedding coordinator at the resort, however, they can't do the ceremony on the day of our anniversary, but they could at 11am the very next day. So now we're hesitant, because we're not sure if we want to do it on a day that is not our anniversary, you know? We thought we could check and see if there's a place in the nearest town that would do a vow renewal for us on the day of... And then my husband thought, too bad we're in the air at the time that we got married - that is, 11am. But hey, I wonder if the airline would do it - a captain of a cruise ship can perform weddings, can an airline captain as well? And would this particular airline do it? Has anyone ever heard of this? Wouldn't it be sweet? And different. We are all about being unique. What do you think?
  2. My guests LOVED receiving them! They ALL used them, some people even requested some extra ones, as they had more than one suitcase. It was easy to identify all our bags at the airport - we all helped each other watching for our tags. And we still use them, as do a couple other family members. Others are keeping them as a memento. My original idea was to get bright lime green strips of fabric (my colours were dark teal and lime green) and send them instead to tie on the suitcases. I was solely thinking of the identifying of the bags at the airport. I then got the idea that my mom could machine embroider our monogram onto these strips of fabric. I told her of this idea and she took it upon herself to make actual luggage tags for me. I could have given or taken the luggage tags themselves... what I loved was the originality and ease of identifying the bags.
  3. The key card holders are gone, but I purchased them from securityimaging.com.
  4. Hi girls, The keycard holders and lanyards, aloe and hand sanitizer has all been spoken for. Wcook, I believe I bought them from securityimaging.com. They were really good quality and lots of our guests actually used them IN the pool and their stuff didn't get wet.
  5. "Now that we're back from our fun in the sun..." It's time to do something with all the extra OOT Bag stuff. I have on hand: 9 Aqua coloured mesh bags with handles and drawstring - $5 7 Fruit of the Earth Aloe Gel - $2 9 Pur hand sanitizers - $2 1 Fujifilm disposable waterproof camera (I threw the box away for travel in my suitcase, but it is still in the foil wrapper, unopened) - $15 Key card holders and lanyards - SOLD
  6. "Now that we're back from our fun in the sun..." It's time to do something with all the extra OOT Bag stuff. I have on hand: 27 Zippered key card holders and 27 Green lanyards - $8 7 Fruit of the Earth Aloe Gel - $2 9 Pur hand sanitizers - $2 1 Fujifilm disposable waterproof camera (I threw the box away for travel in my suitcase, but it is still in the foil wrapper, unopened) - $15
  7. My dress didn't turn out so bad after all. ) I felt like a tropical princess all day!
  8. I'm not entirely happy with mine either. I've had a nagging feeling every time I went in for a fitting. I just picked it up from the bridal salon today. And I tried it on and I probably shouldn't have because now I don't want it. Unfortunately, we leave for Cuba in two days and either returning it or finding another and selling this one is just not realistic. I'm stuck with it. I don't hate it, it's still pretty, but I don't feel as gorgeous as I expected to feel.
  9. I just picked my dress up! Don't mind the camera - I couldn't find the timer setting on my camera so I had to do it with the mirror. I am freaking out! I am having second thoughts with this dress, I almost feel like I don't like it anymore!! It makes me look very bottom heavy. Definitely looks better on the model than on me. But it's too late now. It's done and paid for. It's still pretty, I just don't feel as gorgeous as I thought I would.
  10. That's a good idea. Don't forget to mention though, whether or not YOUR resort will have a day pass for the day of the wedding and how much it will cost - if the guests are to pay for that themselves. We had a family of guests announce they weren't going to book with our travel agent and they were going to find their own less expensive resort. But in the long run, they ended up booking with our group after all because of the cost of their day passes and the added benefit of being able to spend the week with us (they don't live in the same city as us). So it worked out better for them to be with us.
  11. I just took a palm tree photo that I've used consistently with my DIY's and in my image software, wrote on it: To: Guest's names, Love: Our Names and had them printed up as regular 4x6 photos at Wal-Mart (for $0.19 ea) and tied them to the handles of my bags. Super cheap and yet, they still look cute!!
  12. Yes, we were just out last week looking for his attire and everything everywhere is still black, dark grey, dark browns... very little tan. Not that we were looking for suits, but he wanted light coloured tan pans and there was very little to choose from.
  13. Aww! I read the first post and thought, Cool! That's great!! And then I read the second post and thought, Well that just bites. We Canadians really get the short end of the stick sometimes. Þ Although, I think I'm coming up on my expiry date anyway, so it's not too big a deal for me.
  14. We didn't even do save the dates... the people whom we are closest to heard through word of mouth before invites went out. Everybody got invites (about 90 went out). And we didn't do RSVP cards either. We just assumed that if they were coming, they'd book and they'd let us know. Plus, my travel agent was great and whenever somebody new would book with her, she'd fire off an email to me to let me know.
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