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  1. Congrats to everyone on their weight loss'! Wait to go JennyPenny! I know i've been MIA the past couple of weeks. I'm finally planning on writing my review now and getting back on track with losing weight. The wedding was amazing but I have to say it's almost as if I went into post partum once it was over. You plan sooooo much for an entire year and then poof it's all done. Anyways, congrats again to everyone! Here's a link to some of my wedding pics. Review is coming soon! Wedding pictures by hdunster_2010 - Photobucket
  2. Hi Everyone! I'm back! Had a great time in the Dominican and our wedding was beautiful. I'm going to write a review very soon, so stay tuned. I'm happy to say I'm down from when I left on vacation but unfortunately its because I caught a bug just before we left and nothing stays in my system for very long lately. I'm feeling better though and looking forward to getting back to eating normally and working out.
  3. Wow! Camping, beer and a weight loss! Way to go lol. Congrats to Tifany and good luck to you Natasha!! Well I was bad this weekend but I didn't gain. My goal is to just maitain this week because my dress is fitting perfectly right now and the big day is next Wednesday!! Holy Crap!!!
  4. Hi Ladies, I've been dealing with wardes and she has been pretty good about getting back to me fairly quickly. My big day is next wednesday!! and I arrive on Saturday. I'm not too worried about the pricing right now because I have a feeling we'll be able to negotiate once we get there. I'll be sure to write a review when we're back! Don't worry, hang in there!
  5. Yay I'm down this week! I've been eating really well, although not exercising as much as I would like, and I think the stress of being only a week away from the wedding is keeping the scale down. So Yay for stress weight loss?? Can't to relax this long weekend! Happy May 2-4 fellow Canucks!
  6. Hey Ladies, I was up last friday and this weekend was a total drink fest for my bachelorette! I'm happy to say I'm back down a bit though and ready to get all OCD on what I'm doing and eating this week. I leave for my wedding in exactly 12 days!!! YES 12! I'm excited and freaking out at the same time! My goal is to really push myself this week and lose another 5 pounds before we leave. I think I can do it... But on top of it all comes the stress of organizing everythign and getting ourselves ready too. Wish me luck ladies!!
  7. Thanks Jannae! I might consider the whole monogram thing after the wedding. I'm also thinking about doing a 5K - I mean you have to start somewhere right? I have to submit my weigh in tomorrow morning - completely forgot this morning - and work through me a wedding shower this aft and how could I say no to my own congratulations cake!! eep. I also have my bachelorette party tomorrow night so this weekend is going to be a rough one!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Tifany Heather - I love the monogram. Who made it? Also, way to keep your spirits up for this week's weigh-in. You got this! This Saturday I start a vegan cleanse. Kind of scary and exciting all at the same time! Thanks Tifany! I actually made the monogram myself, I was thinking about becoming a vendor and offering to make them for other brides but I think I need more experience doing it first. If you need one, PM me, maybe I can come up with something for you. And good luck with the cleanse! I know I wouldn't be able to do that!
  9. Congrats on the weight loss everyone! I have to say I was definitely bad this weekend. 12 hours of driving in two days plus eating our and funeral food = bad weekend. Thankfully I only gained back a pound and I'm pretty confident i can lose that and hopefully another one by Friday's weigh in. 3 weeks til we leave for our wedding.... I'm exciting and freaking out at the same time!
  10. For those who are making a welcome brochure or who want to give a heads up to guests as to which tours they can do, I found this website: Prieto Tours It's a company that only does tours through the resorts and they offer quite a variety. At least this way your guests can get an idea of what's available to them.
  11. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers ladies. I'll keep you posted on what happens. Despite the bad news I've been pretty good with eating. Normally I would have eaten an entire tub of ice cream by now but I've held back!
  12. I'm finally back on track to and made up for my gain last week... congrats to all of you who doing so well! I've learned not to weight myself more than once a week because the fluctuations can be really depressing. Once a week only from now on! I have to say I'm really stressed though and I don't know how this is going to play out for me over the next few weeks. FI's uncle was killed in a work accident on Tuesday and we've just been told his grandma has a lump in her colon and their worried it could be cancer. Regardless if it is or not she'll have to have surgery and may not be able to
  13. Congratulations Eliana!! Now. off to spin class to turn that + into a - !!
  14. This week was nooot a good week for me. Cake and pizza seemed to be around 24/7! AND on top of that I was supposed to get my period this weeked... but I decided to skip it so I don't get it on our trip - which @(&$^! is in 4 weeks!! Ok so this is kinda off topic, but have any of you tried to skip using Alesse before?
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by Roxyjude Where did you find your graphics? They are great!! I can't find any anywhere I got all of my graphics through istockphoto.com. Some of the ones I really liked are called grunge graphics. You just search grunge tropical or grunge palm trees and you'll get lots of stuff. If you know how to use Illustrator, I would recomend getting vector based files because then you can really manipulate the original files any way you want.
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