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  1. I just got married in Key West this past August and the day before our ceremony all of our guests went on the Fury rum & reggae sunset cruise. I personally would not recommend this as a reception site because if you plan on having drinks your guests will have to be EXTRA careful when going to the bathroom. There is a ladder that you have to climb down backwards to get to it and if you are over 5'6" you basically have to bend backwards to maneuver around. Now the cruise, staff and drinks were fantastic....but for a reception site, not so much.
  2. CONGRATS to kwaits !!! I hope your wedding was wonderful . I will be leaving for Key West on the 18th...so 8 more days till we leave and 10 more day till "I DO".
  3. We leave 3 weeks from today...wow this went by fast. I am finally getting excited. I have washed my hands of my unfinished DIY projects and have committed myself to making sure that I dont forget the most important things (i.e. passport, birth certificate) LOL. I cant wait.
  4. I am doing a bottle of water, granola bar (everyone loves granola, LOL), and tic tacs.
  5. Congrats on you Key West wedding.... I chose Conch Republic Seafood as my reception site because the food is great and the sunsets on the marina are breath taking. They also have awesome mojitos ; ). Graff and Jennifer are great to work with and are very flexible.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by kwaits My trip was wonderful! Im so gald that I went because it made me a LOT more relaxed about everything. I haven't been stressed about anything so far which is wonderful. It turns out that Key west is even better than I imagined!! We decided to get married on Smather's beach (I think at entrance 10) and then have our reception dinner at Louie's Backyard. We will have the whole upstairs wine bar to ourselves. :-) My wedding planner is Cathy from THe HIp Tourist. I met with her while I was there and she is wonderful! Does everything you can possibly imagine. I am sending her all of my welcome bag items and she is going to put them together and deliver them to the hotel rooms before the guests arrive. So great! Im getting more and more excited by the day!! Are you getting your marriage license through the mail or just waiting until you get there?
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by kwaits Today is my 2 month mark! I just realized how much i have left to do. But I am SOOOO excited! I can't wait to be married to the most amazing man. So Kwaits....how was your trip in May? What venue did you decide on?
  8. The picture isn't the best but I love the asscher diamond and the split shank setting.
  9. I have 24 NEW fuschia linen napkins for sale for 1.25/ each plus shipping. Measures: 20'' x 20'' Make: Edges are hemmed. Material: Polyester Washing: Use warm water to wash, use low heat when drying. Bleach safe
  10. LOL...is it just me or are you all starting to get that feeling in your stomach like you're going up a roller coaster as each week passes.
  11. Whoo hoo...Congrats Ann. Welcome to the forum (family).
  12. There is an awesome website, dwlz.com, that provides the point value for most restaurant menus, which is great when you're in a hurry or the restaurant doesnt provide a nutritional facts sheet.
  13. I'm too much of a smart ass for people to say that to me. I would tell them to be rest assured that you are providing brass knuckles and a hand grenade in all of the oot bags for their comfort and security.
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