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  1. Just got back! I have one word... "AWESOME"! To all of the brides getting married at Dreams Tulum, you have made a great choice! It was the best week of my life. Do not worry about a thing, the WC will make sure everything runs smoothly. Do not pay extra for decorations and upgrades, it will be beautiful no matter what! I will write my review soon.
  2. Well, this is it! The waiting is over and now its my time! I'm leaving today at 4:30 am. Wish me luck, I'll post as soon as I get back. Thank you everyone for all your advice and for answering all my questions. I love this website, I'd be lost without it! xoxoxo
  3. your giving them over six months to save money! if they really want to go, they'll find a way. Don't stress, i was worried about the same thing- and i have 36 people comming! just remeber its your day so do what you want!
  4. Is your day so wear whatever makes you happy! I have some lace in my dress. Anything goes!
  5. thanks for the advise- I know it's going to be wonderful no matter what- all that really matters is that i get to marry the man of my dreams come rain or shine! I'm doing my best to stay positive.
  6. Please help, I'm starting to plain for option B becasue of the rain. Most likely everything will be moved to inside. Any suggestions of where to have the ceremony and coctail hour? I kinda dont want to use the wedding chapel, but i may not have another choice. I'm so upset, I can't believe this is happening
  7. rain, rain, rain!!! what am I going to do? I waited my whole life for my wedding day and its going to rain evey day I'm there. I can't believe I paid all this money to sit in a hotel room and watch the rain. Please God make it stop!!!!!
  8. maybe I just won't have a cocktail hour. I'm having my reseption in the ballroom, even if I paid, I don't know if they'd let me stay an extra hour, the wedding guide states the ballroom closes at 10:30. Hopeful, I can. I don't know what else to do- I want to have speeches, first dance, father/daughter, mother/son dances. We're never gonna have enough time for all that. I'm so made that I let the WC talk me into a 6:00 ceromony, I wanted the 4:00 time slot. Damn her!
  9. this is BS, I swear I read somewhere that the reception is 4 hours. I feel like everything is going to be rushed. My only other option is to bag the cocktail hour and just go to a bar for 1/2 hour and start the reception dinner at 7:00. It sucks cause because my package includes cocktail hour. Maybe I'll only have it for 1/2 hour and still take advantage of the food. I also might take my pictures before the wedding, so i'm not rushed. I really didnt want my soon to be hubby seeing me until I walked down, but pictures are super importent to me. Let me know some of your ideas to get around this.
  10. Another question... How long is the reception? I think its supposed to be 4 hours. My ceremoney is at 6:00-6:30. Cocktail hour is from 6:30-7:30. Reception is from 7:30- 10:30, but that only give me a 3 hour reception! I'm paying for a 4 hours (i think), I read that the ballroom closes at 10:30, are they going to keep the ballroom open the extra hour? Should i email her?
  11. I emailed the WC and she reserved tables for us on Wednesday night during the Enigma Show. That is the night of our rehearsal- so I thought we could have the rehearsal, go to dinner in the world cafe (free), and a finish the night at the show. What is Enigma Night and is it fun?
  12. sorry one more question- what time do the theme night parties take place? I am puting together a brochure for my gusts.
  13. violetvixen, Question for ya- did you get a free room upgrade? My package comes with it, but I was worried that the resort maybe 90% full. They said that if the resort was 90% filled, you wouldn't be able to get your free upgaded room. I really want a big room, do you think I should upgrade now and just pay for it? On my paperwork that I had to email two months prior- I wrote two dinner options. She emailed me back and didn't say anything about it. I was kinda being sneaky, lol. But, I have it in writing so they better give me the two options! Plus, I already had my dinner menus
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