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  1. I'm selling 6 never been opened spiral album scrapbooks I bought from Hobby Lobby. These are extras that I didn't need after creating welcome books for my guests. They retail for $4.99 each. Link: http://shop.hobbylobby.com/products/spiral-album/ I'll ship to anywhere in the US, included in the $20 I'm asking. I prefer Paypal for payment. Details: 12 white sheets/24 pages 5.5" x 7.5" sized pages PM me if interested.
  2. We stayed at Dreams PV as well. We were able to talk to the concierge people around Noon-ish on the day we wanted a group dinner and gave them a heads up we had 55 people going to X restaurant. It's best to go to the restaurant EXACTLY when they open so you have the easiest time getting seated together. We did run into an issue on 1 of the nights where the restaurant saved our seats and then they seated 2 parties at our reserved tables that were not part of our group. That was frustrating, so half of us ended up going to another restaurant. We all enjoyed hanging out at the lobby bar. It's connected to the lobby/entry way so the baby in our group was able to just hang out in the lobby area, which worked well because there was overflow in the bar and other guests went back and forth into the bar as well. Some guys in our group went fishing and caught a couple big tunas. The resort offered to prepare the fish and reserved us 55 spots in the buffet restaurant, which was a nice plus!
  3. I did 1 bag per person, but for the "welcome book," being I did them all by hand, i gave 1 per couple. For the people that came as singles and shared a room, they all got 1 item in their bag. It seemed to work really well and they all loved it.
  4. I did transportation through LC/Kelley. it worked out great. It's a little expensive based on taking taxis, but I felt it was important to have everyone arrive at the same time vs risking a cab not making it and having guests pay for their own transportation. I used another company for transportation to/from the airport to Dreams that was excellent - http://puertovallartatours.net/. You should look into them and their rate for transporting your guests. Being you have guests staying at 3 different resorts, you can either have all guests meet at 1 resort or do 3 separate group transportation.... I would not recommend having people take taxis from the Marina back to their resort. It's going to be late at night and you may not be able to easily find a lot of cabs near that area. It'd be easier to arrange transportation and have everyone easily and safely return to each resort.
  5. Jmikla - that 1 odd table isn't too far from the other tables. It's right next to 3 other tables that are close to the buffet as well.
  6. We brought our own DJ and we are very, very picky about the music being played and sound quality. They have very good JBL speakers and I wouldn't worry about it sounding bad. We basically had a rave on the beach and it all sounded great. Yes, drinks on the boat for guests coming over. It's included in the package so no cash exchange is required. Drinks are also included on the boat ride back to the marina. Highly highly recommend the extra hour. You are going to get to LC and not want to leave...you'll want to stay all night. For guests that don't partake in all the dancing, they can hang out on top where everyone eats or chill on the beach in the lounge chairs they set up. The majority of your guests will want to stay as long as possible including you and your husband!
  7. Thanks! Best. Day. Ever. You will soon find out. Sky Lanterns are becoming more popular these days - they have been in the move Hangover 2 and also on the Bachelorette. We did these right after the father/daughter & mother/son dances as it was dark at LC and that's the best time to do it. you can find out more information at theskylantern.com but they are AWESOME and I would highly recommend doing them at LC. I brought 2 packs of 12-colored lanterns with me (they take about 2 or 3 ppl per lantern) and don't forget to bring lighters.. I brought 15 cheap Bic lighters from Walmart. Kelley loves these and I think you should definitely do them! Here is a link to Amazon, which was the cheapest I found and qualify for free shipping if you buy 2 packs! http://www.amazon.com/12pc-Sky-Lantern-Colored-Mix/dp/B001T8G4T8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1314031422&sr=8-1
  8. Everything will be great laurin! And if there are surprises, i'm sure they will be good ones. I didn't visit LC before booking so I had no idea how it looked in real life and only knew by photos. It's definitely different than what I imagined but it was amazing. GOOD LUCK and can't wait to see pics!
  9. We haven't received our day of photos from Elizabeth Lloyd Photography yet but here are a few shots that Colson Griffith Photography took during our Day After / Trash the Dress shoot in downtown Puerto Vallarta. (Our favorite)
  10. Hi Ladies! I'm hoping my LC wedding pics will post this time. I've been having some issues with them posting to the messageboard. Enjoy! Welcome to LC: Newly redone bridal suite - very comfortable bed, outlets everywhere, nice bathroom Our simple table setup Program table (they were supposed to go on each ceremony chair but the rain prevented that from happening) My bridesmaids and I Ceremony with custom chuppah papel by Mishka Designs that sadly didn't survive the rain Sky Lanterns! (HIGHLY RECOMMEND doing these....they were the highlight of the night for everyone) Cake cutting! Fire Dancers - WOAH that was scary and awesome at the same time
  11. I've been trying to post some pictures but it doesn't seem like they are coming through. Can you see them? No issues with the rain, we had to mentally prepare for it in the case that we had some and we did...all fine. It was hot rain so in a way it was a nice and added another fun and unique element to our day! I haven't read many other LC brides have rain so I wonder if I just got a rare day or what....I'm pretty sure it rained at LC the 2 days after my wedding and I know where were wedding then. Sky Lanterns were AMAZING! I brought 24 for 55 of us and they definitely require minimum 2 people per lantern. We ruined our first one bc the fire hit it (we probably weren't following instructions). Kelley gave us another one and we got that one going fine. I think everyone got the hang of them pretty easily. Bring lighters if you are going to use them! We also used the surrounding tiki torches as it was a constant flame and easier to get the fire going on the lantern. I DEFINITELY recommend doing them if you can. A very fun activity to do. Quote: Originally Posted by AliMcBaal Here are some pics I took along with friends/family. I won't bored you with more Arriving at LC!
  12. Here are some pics I took along with friends/family. I won't bored you with more Arriving at LC!
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