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  1. I used four songs, but I didn't use any songs for the signing of the certificate. Mom's and Grandmother walking down- Mama's Song Carrie Underwood Bridesmaids- Instrumental to Adele Make you feel the way I do. Bride entrance- Chantal Kreviazuk Feels Like Home Recesional- Beautiful day U2
  2. Seeflower-Yes, I think his name was Roberto....well that is what the certificate said anyway. As far as tipping, no we did not tip. Just as Virginia said, the minster left directly after and never to be seen again. Also, the same thing with Nancy. I was going to tip at the end of the night, but I literally never saw her again after I walked down the aisle.....
  3. Oh, yes we used the resort photog and yes they take credit cards. However, you can wheel and deal better with cash. Also, for us in the United States you have to pay a foreign transaction fee for any credit card purchases so we would have had to pay 3% more with the credit card. I don't know if it will be the same for you??
  4. I just looked at my fake marriage certificate and it said his name was Roberto. No, there is no Wifi in the rooms, only in the lobby! Nic, your're planning thread is great! So excited for you!
  5. I had the same minster. Everyone said how great he was. I was so nervous being the center of attention that I didn't hear a word he said, but all my family said he said the nicest things.
  6. I haven't been on here in forever, but I just checked back in. Virginia-Congrats on being a Mrs. I'm so glad everything went well. I saw some pictures on facebook and you looked beautiful. Seeflowers-I second what Virginia said. It was supposed to rain everyday we were there and it only rained one morning before anyone was even up. We only knew because the sidewalks were wet. Keep in mind we were even there when the tropical storm was at sea and didn't get any rain.
  7. Mexico is about a 15 min slow walk, it really isn't long at all. You can catch a cab there for $5 and it takes about 1 minute to get there. We were running late for our meeting with Nancy and had to get a cab to make it on time.
  8. Jrb- I wish I could help you with the legal part, but we got married in the states at the courthouse about 2 weeks before we left so we didn't have to deal the with legal stuff. From what I know and the reason we decided to do this is b/c it would have cost us more money. You will receive an official marriage certificate, but it can take a really long time to come in the mail. Once it comes in the mail you have to get it translated into English in order to change your name. Also, I think you need to get your birth certificates translated into spanish. We didn't a private reception so we
  9. Virginia-At RPRM no they don't have a laundry area, but yes they will do it for you. I can't remember the prices, but I did look and don't remember thinking it was that bad. I also didn't have to get my dress steamed as it wasn't wrinkled, but there was a price for getting things pressed so I'm sure they can do it. As far as your hair, I don't think you need to have a trial done. As long as you bring a pic of what you want they are really talented and can pretty much recreate anything. I was a little nervous but they did a great job on myself and my two sisters air.
  10. I got the beach bags believe it or not at the Dollar Tree last spring. I'm not sure if they will have them again this year, but it was a great deal at $1.00/piece. The cups I got at discountmugs.com ....here is the link to them. http://www.discountmugs.com/nc/sports-bottles/2276/16-oz-double-wall-acrylic-tumbler-with-straw.htm My guest loved the cups, but fair warning make sure they hide them from the cleaning staff. They look so much like disposible plastic cups that 2 of my guests had theirs thrown away, luckily I had extra. I loved that they came with straws. Sebita-Thanks, I re
  11. Jrb- That is ridiculous! I think you need to see if there is someone above her you can talk to. I can pretty much guarentee you will not have anyone else at the restaurant b/c they only do dinner on one side of the restaurant anyway. However, you won't be allowed to have the DJ unless you confirm the private dinner. I really hate this about the RIU's b/c they change things all them time and there is no consistency. They know they have you b/c you already have all your guests book at this point. Do you still have the email that confirmed the 7-11 wedding reception??
  12. Virginia-Yes there is one in everyones room. There is so much alcohol throughout the resort to be honest we never even had any of ours. I don't think there is any specific refill policy. I know my cousin finished something and it was replaced the next time they came. Room service is all inclusive also and 24 hours/day.
  13. Virginia- No my dress didn't get ruined. I still have it, of course it would need to be dry cleaned which I still haven't done yet either. The Tulum Extreme we did I think was about a $100/person, but include all the activities and lunch. The half day trip I think was only about $40/person and only goes to Tulum. We had booked all our trips through apple vacations so we just booked the trips with our apple rep who is stationed in hotel. If you are booking so type of package they all have people in the lobby to book excurions. You can also go right into town and book excursions. Also, if you wa
  14. Virginia- We went to Tulum, it's very pretty. You can take a bus trip there and it is only about an hour away. We did the Tulum Extreme which includes going to Tulum, then you leave there and go zip lining and repelling. It was an all day excursion. They also have trips that only go to Tulum and that is a half day trip...a couple of our guests did that. I got a few pictures back from Ivan Luckie, he did our TTD the next day. Here's the link.... http://blog.luckiephotography.com/underwater-wedding-pictures-in-mexican-cenotes-by-ivan-luckie-and-anell-banos/
  15. Wow Jen your pics look great! I'm so glad you had a good time. Sorry to hear about your service at Chili's, I had the opposite experience. The constatnly walked around and gave out chamagne and wine. Yes, some people got served after we were done eating, but that is how it is at most weddings. I loved the open air feel too. Dreamingofsunshine-That's awesome that you go so much beer and chamagne! That is strange about the shorts at the buffet too, my husband wore shorts almost everynight. We asked the first night and they said as long as they were "nice" shorts.
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